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“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”
Just before Bianca fell asleep, she texted to remind me to think positive and never give up. She knows how frustrated I am the past few days and how disappointed I am that things aren’t working out the way I would’ve wanted it that she felt the need to offer words of encouragement. Her faith in my capacity to turn things around and her unconditional love for me are what’s giving me the push to become a better person everyday. She really is my inspiration. I will be forever grateful to the Lord for giving her to me.

Daddy's Girls

“Truly I say to you, the Son cannot do anything by himself, but only what he sees the Father do. And whatever he does, the son also does.”
I am a certified daddy’s girl. I love my daddy so much that without me realizing it, I chose a man for a husband someone who looked so much like him they were often mistaken as father and son. Kidding aside though, since I never really left my dad’s side even when I got married, I have acquired some of his significant habits especially the way he looked at things and the way he exercised His faith. I also noticed how Bianca has adapted Nan’s way of doing things and how she has acquired some of Nan’s good habits, positive attitude, and pleasing personality. Although my dad and Nan’s life were short lived, their strong influence on us will last forever. I guess in our prayers, we should always include all the daddies we know and pray that they will continue to be positive role models to their children. Lets ask the Lord to always make them see the importance of choosing to live a virtuous life for the sake of their children.


I was going through my pictures when I chanced on these few taken last January. It was during the time when my daughter, Bianca, was confined in the isolation unit at St.Luke’s in Global City after receiving the radioactive pill. My good friend who happens to be Bianca’s godparent also brought me to this quaint place off Burgos Circle for a breather and late lunch.

Super love the place for it’s homey ambiance, bright and cheery atmosphere, and cute little details. I remember feeling oh so good when we were there.







They served the best comfort food too. Tasty and flavorful. I can’t wait to bring my Bianca here one day.

Day 4 of Round 2

She’s on “house arrest” for another week or so. For the first time in days she slept soundly and ate her meals heartily. She’s been gaining back her strength and feels much more relaxed now.
day 4
Looking at her, you won’t see even the trace of discomfort she’s been feeling the past few days. She’s one tough cookie. She carries her cross well and with such grace that I am sure even the Lord is smiling at her right now with so much pride and affection. Tomorrow, she will do the body scan. This will give us an idea of the extent of the spread and would tell us if she needs to do another cycle of radioactive therapy. Whatever the outcome is though, looking at the way she handled things, I know all shall be well. I believe. I trust. I claim total and complete healing.

Day 3 of Round 2

Most of the time she amazes me with her strength and determination. I don’t know how it happened that Nan and I were able to raise a daughter whose gentle yet strong in spirit. Today she’s on the third day of the treatment, the only way to make the radiation level go down is for her to expel body fluids by drinking lots of water and taking a bath as often as she can. Despite feeling nauseous, weak, and vomitty yesterday, she managed to down about 6 mineral water bottles and bathe at least 8 times or more. On top of that she shared this morning that she’s been praying every hour since last night. That’s how badly she wanted to go home. Like her dad, home is really where her heart is. Safest radiation level for her to be discharged is below 25. First day reading was 158, second day reading was 93. Doctor predicted a 35-40 reading this morning. Doctor was hoping an early discharge tomorrow or at least a late discharge this afternoon if all goes well. But then you know all pains and discomfort never go unnotice by the Lord. We may sometimes not realize it at the start but these big and little sacrifces that we do are what will lead us to victory. Radiation level reading this morning was 16, doctors were amazed that a child like Bianca can manage to bring the radiation level down that fast. It definitely exceeded their expectations. She was given the walking papers this morning.
day 3
She is now happily sleeping soundly in her bed here at home. More than her strength and determination, it’s really all the prayers that were offered for her by our  friends, relatives, and even strangers that did it also. I am so so grateful to them for not leaving us during this difficult time. Each one of them and each one of you who offered a prayer for my Bianca without our knowledge will be in my prayers too. I believe. I trust. I claim. All shall be well.

Day 2 of Round 2

Day 2 of the radioactive treatment was a bit difficult for Bianca. As the radioactive pill works to eliminate the remaining microscopic cancer cells not otherwise removed by surgery, her body doubles over as she feels more strongly its after effects. Vomitting and nauseousness were more frequent today than yesterday. She wasn’t up for anything other than lying down and waiting to fall asleep. I felt so helpless not being able to be by her side.
day 2
Sometimes I think that I do suck at motherhood like I can’t cook her a decent meal coz when I do I only managed to burn the eggs or drop the hotdogs. I can’t teach her math coz when I do she fails her tests. I can’t help her sew buttons on her clothes coz when I do it doesn’t match the hole. But seeing her handle this thing beautifully, seeing her smile despite feeling bad after a bout of vomitting and nausea or hearing her voice over the phone reassuring me that she’s okay and can handle things on her own, it also makes me think that maybe I didn’t do so bad in this parenting thing afterall. The lack of domestic bone in my body to which I more than make up for by giving her peptalks on how to be kind and understanding to people with limited homemaking skills (*wink*wink) has produced this exceptionally independent, strongwilled, kindhearted, and happy spirited old soul who just simply amazes and humbles me whenever she calls me mommy. I am truly beyond blessed to be handpicked by God to be her mom. All shall be well. I believe. I trust. I claim.

Day 1 of Round 2

Today we head off to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City for the second phase of the treatment which is the Radioactive Iodine Therapy. She was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma last October and had her surgery last November to remove the whole thyroid. Now we’re on Round  2.  Though I know that all shall be well, the mom in me still cannot help but worry. The only thing that’s keeping me in my place right now is the thought that although life has been tough on us the past two years, God has been more than kind to us in a lot of ways too. And so as we face this big challenge, I know that like always, His love will sustain our spirits and will strengthen us.
day 1.1
She is so funny, she doesn’t want to use the wheelchair but she wants to ride in this. She half won the battle already with her wit and humor. I hope and pray that her happy disposition stays with her till the end of her treatment. She’s a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy and stressful situation.
All shall be well. I trust. I pray. I believe. I claim. 🙂

Great Finds At L'Indochine

Last Saturday, my daughter and I spent some QT strolling along BGC. Since we’re from the South, we seldom go to this place so we really make the most of our day when we’re here. Of course trip to BGC will never be completely without checking some of our favorite shops in SM Aura. One of the novelty stores I’ve been meaning to go to here is L’Indochine since I’ve read and heard so much about this place. And what can I say, it’s definitely a shopper’s paradise if you happen to love art, fashion, and culture since the store is a beautiful fusion of the three.

L’ Indochine sells unique, handmade and handcrafted items from Indo China. The store owners travel around the Indo China region and other places to seek inspiration. They personally handpick the items that they would like to sell in their store and get them from the artisans themselves so you can say that, every piece really has its own story to tell.
Here are some of my top picks. These are perfect christmas gifts to friends and relatives who are into handmade and handcrafted items. They are unique, affordable, and made of excellent quality.




My daughter absolutely love the place too. She found a lot of artsy and crafty things she liked from the store.

Do check out L’Indochine when you happen to be in SM Aura, they have great finds that you will surely love.

Kids One Yoga

Who says only grown ups can do Yoga? Kids can too! Summer is the perfect time to engage your kids in Yoga as this is the time when most of them are rushing from one summer activity to another in our quest to make them busy and burned out too.
If you want your kids to enjoy the benefits of Yoga while still young, why not bring them to Kids One Yoga, they offer fun Yoga summer classes for kids aged 3-13 years. What’s good about it also is that they are implemeting the KidzYoga”-Australia Curriculum which is an educational-based yoga program that aims to develop life long interest in learning. It integrates creative lessons that are guranteed to turn your children into brilliant inquirers, as well as caring, committed, disciplined and empowered learners.
So if you want your kids to develop focus and concentration; improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination; experience increased calm and decreased stress and anxiety through relaxation techniques; improve impulse control; increase self awareness; develop understanding and empathy for others; learn natural conflict resolution skills; find skillful ways to respond to difficult emotions; and make healthy choices in the future, enroll them at Kids One Yoga now! Summer is the perfect time to get those matts ready for them. Plus, this is a great opportunity for you to make your kids aware that there’s more to summer than the great outdoors and the beach.
To know more about KIDS ONE YOGA SUMMER CLASSES, visit their website HERE.
Kids One Yoga is at Dainty Slippers Studio, Unit K, 7/F Westgate Tower, Alabang Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa City. Call/Text 09158965327 or 09178469443.

Happy Birthday Bianca

Happy 12th birthday baby, you’re my dream come true and I thank the Lord everyday for giving me YOU.
Here’s 12 Things I Love About You:
1. I love how you literally sparkle and how you just seem to dazzle everyone with your smile. People often tells me how pretty you are, I say they haven’t seen you at your “prettiest best ” because they haven’t witness yet how your eyes light up like the sun and how your lips widen into that beautiful smile as you slowly wake up from deep slumber.
2. I love how you always see the good in everyone and how nothing, not even daddy’s death, can steal away your sunshine.
3. I love how you were able balance daddy and me when he was still alive. You always seem to know the right words to say and the right thing to do when you catch us bickering like old love sick fools. Haha!
4. I love how you’re not afraid to try new things and how you are open to great possibilties. I have to admit, you are braver, smarter, and clever than me when I was your age.
5. I love how you can easily make friends and how you value the friendships you’ve made. For you, friends are for keeps no matter how annoying they can be.
6. I love (and hate) how gullible you are. It’s shows your trusting and humble personality. You never pass yourself up as more intelligent and beautiful than the rest of them even when at certain points you were.
7. I love how you always do what we say even when you would have wanted to do otherwise. You always have deep respect for us your parents.
8. I love how you never demand things from us and how you manage to be happy with whatever we can give you.
9. I love how sensitive you are to other people’s feelings and how you manage to adjust yourself to their needs.
10. I love how you became my pillar of strength during the time of daddy’s passing. It was because you understood that I had to cry, you understood that I had to go through a long period of depression, you understood that I had to go through grief that I was able to come out of it stronger and better than I was before the tragedy.
11. I love how you never expected me to take daddy’s place and how you never demanded that I’d be more than what I already am after daddy died. It is because you love me more and expect from me less that I strive everyday to give you the best.
12. I love how you always include me in your future and how you always promise me that when you grow up you will give me wealth beyond measure and how you will show me the world.

Bianca Angela, I am the wealthiest mommy alive right now because I have the most precious gem in the world, you. And I don’t really need to see the world, any place in the world as long as I’m with you will do.