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Khay’s Desserts and Cafe

My daughter and I decided to check out the newly opened, The District by Ayala Malls, in Imus Cavite yesterday. It is a fairly new place since it only had its soft opening first quarter of this year. While most of the stores and restaurants have already opened their doors to the general public, some are still under construction.

You can tell pretty much though that it has been gaining a steady following based on the huge number of shoppers trooping to this two level mall so early on a Saturday morning. By the time we arrived, the mall was already busy. First in our agenda was lunch of course. Tummy first before anything. We were looking for something we haven’t tried yet so we went for Khay’s Desserts and Cafe located at the ground floor of the The District.

khays 2

I must say my daughter and I fell in love with the interiors of this quaint little restaurant. Though it will remind you a little bit of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in ATC at first glance, the pretty little details, dainty table tops & setting, and adorable food presentations managed to set it apart from the cupcake salon. I particularly like the fact that it is not all about cupcakes, it has more to offer.

khays 4

I had the Parmesan crusted chicken in cheese and pesto. It die for! It was fried to perfection, tasty, flavorful and best of all, not too herby, I never did like herbs in my food. My daughter, on the other hand, had the breaded pork chops in mushroom sauce. It would have been perfect with the chops so crunchy except that it is a little bit lacking in taste and there’s nothing much special in the mushroom sauce. Best part though was of course the desserts and drinks entree’.

khays dessert

We had the best seller of the house, Strawberry Shortcake frappe and mango crepe’. The Strawberry Shortcake was love love love. Mine was perfectly sweet and sour. It was every sip heavenly. I like how it came in pretty mason jar complete with cute stirrer and magic dust errr candy star sprinkles on top. My daughter is a mango fanatic so she gobbled the crepe in a flash.  It was gone in two minutes never mind if the mango was a bit sour since well, mango is not in season. I hope they would add a little bit more of the chocolate syrup though to balance the taste.  Nevertheless, our tummies ended up happy.

khays 3

Service is Pay As You Order which makes placing orders fast and efficient though serving took a while. We had to wait for 20 minutes. It could be because there were only two staff present at that time and we went there just a few minutes after it opened.

Overall, we had a pleasurable dining experience at Khay’s Desserts and Cafe. My daughter and I enjoyed the food and cheery atmosphere of this pretty little cafe.  What would make me go back to this place are the cupcakes displayed gorgeously at the counter. I resisted the urge to try one as I promised myself that I will save it for my next visit.   If you are in the area, be sure to sample Khay’s Desserts and Cafe’s yummy cupcakes, pastas, and drinks with friends and loved ones.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the food and the place as much as we did.:)

Khay’s Desserts and Cafe is located at the The District Mall (Imus, Cavite), g/f Promenade.


Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ

I was saddened when I learned that Soderno packed its bag or should I say tents and left town. I had many fond memories of Soderno. It was my husband and I’s weekend hang out place as we both love eating. Call me a sentimental fool but there’s always that tiny pinch in my heart whenever I drive by Molito and look at the vacant space that used to be Soderno.

Anyway, one thing I miss most about the place is this super delicious smoked ribs from Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ. It is without a doubt one of the best smoked ribs that I’ve ever tasted. It is tasty, tender, and cooked to perfection. I super love the barbeque sauce that comes with it too, it has just the right amount of sweetness, saltiness, tanginess. I will always remember Soderno for this, it was love at first bite for me and my husband.

I was delighted when I got an email from Ada Cruz-Lopez of  Big Daddy Jay’s informing me that they have opened a small resturant at Cubao, Quezon City and they have new additions to their menu.  I will definitely be dropping by their resto one of this days to sample their food and to satisfy my craving.:)

BDJ Post 2

If you are near Cubao, lucky you! You can sample Big Daddy J’s menu anytime. For now they are open every Friday and Saturday 6 pm to 12 midnight.  Here’s the complete list  just in case you want to get your smoked ribs fix too.


To know more about Big Daddy Jay’s All American BBQ ribs or to get the latest updates on their food offerings you may connect  them through their facebook page HERE. See you there!

Goya Happiness

A couple of weeks ago, I received a packful of goodies from Goya to try. My daughter and I had a field day taste testing everything. I had fond memories of Goya from childhood. Whenever my mom had spare cash from the grocery money, she would buy my sister and I a bar of Goya chocolate which was then wrapped in tin foil and brown packaging.

With the advent of globalization, chocolate sweets that we’ve grown to love such as Goya and Chocnut took a back seat. The chocolate market was manopolized by imported brands like Hershey’s, Tobleron, and M&Ms. I am glad that Goya, which is proudly a homegrown brand, was able to reinvent itself and successfully made a comeback.

Since my palate has grown used to the taste of imported chocolate brands, I was quite surprised and happy to note that the new Goya products taste as good if not better than their imported counterparts. Goya Quadros is at par with Loacker wafers in taste since it has the same perfect cocoa-wafer combination. Goya Bits actually do taste better than M&Ms as they are crunchier and perfect as an in between meals munch. Malt Crunch is less sweet than Malteseers making it a good snack as well. Delfi almond chocolate which has the same good quality as Cadbury almonds, taste good too. Goya milk and white chocolate are up in the league with Hershey’s chocolate,you would even mistake their taste for Van Houtten chocolates. And Pretzels Twists I must say taste better than the other choco pretzels in the market.

I am happy to learn also that Goya has diversified into baking, manufacturing products as well and has released choco syrups, cocoa drinks, and cocoa powder. My mom used the Goya cocoa powder in making champorado and it turned out so good!

Goya is definitely back in the chocolate scene. It made the smart move when it decided to innovate and reinvent itself. Since 1956 it has made our life sweeter through its different product offerings. It is proudly Filipino, a heritage brand indeed lke choc nut. Hopefully we can help make sure that Goya continues to live on and spread the same chocolate happiness in the next generation to come. Next time your chocolate cravings kick in, remember to patronize Filipino products, buy Goya!:)

J. Co is Love!

Although I have a sweet tooth, I have never really been a fan of donuts, I find them too sweet, they make me nauseous. Though I have fond memories of donuts from my chidhood (my uncle used to surprise us with a big box of dunkin donuts everytime he visited us), it is one sweet that I never really sought out myself.

But then, about two years ago while vacationing in Singapore, my friend surprised us with a box of J.Co Donuts. I fell in love with these little sugar soldiers instantly. They come in assorted flavors that are oh so delicious, flavors like Choco Caviar Chocolate, Cheese Me Up, Mango Blitz, Tiramisu etc. All of them are hands down, yumeee! I like how the donut bread manages to stay soft even after being refrigerated and I like how they’re not so overly sweet.

Two weeks ago, I learned that J.CO opened a store at SM MOA, and I must say, I really sought out the store this time as I wanted to have a taste of these sweet charmers again. I went home happy with my box of J. Co Donuts. They are affodable at 42/piece, 230/6 pieces, 350/1 dozen, and 550/2 dozens. Now I can’t wait for their store in ATC to open so I can get my sweet fix anytime I want to since it is much nearer my place of work.

What about you what’s your latest sweet fix?

Goya And Kim Chiu’s Radio Station Tour

If you are chocolate fanatic like me, your taste buds are probably trained to taste chocolates like a seasoned  connoisseur. I’m sure you can tell even on the first small bite if the chocolate is any good or not. Anyway, Have you tasted Goya chocolates lately, they’re absolutely divine!!! I am guilty of being biased when it comes to my chocolates, I usually want it swiss or belgian, but I have to say that after tasting the new Goya chocolates collection recently, I want it Goya now too.

Anyhow, Goya, the delicious chocolate brand much-loved by many Filipinos, made a lot of people happy when Goya brand ambassadress, popular actress and certified movie queen Kim Chiu, visited popular FM radio stations Love Radio 90.7 and Yes FM 101.

Kim visited Love Radio 90.7 during the program “True Love Confessions” to consult with the famous radio DJ Papa Jack, the host of the show himself, regarding concerns in her love life.  Kim also joined DJ Chico Loco at the Yes FM 101.1, sister station of Love Radio, during his program “YES! Diaries” to listen as he reads letters from the show’s followers as they share about their life experiences.

Both DJs gamely and happily welcomed Goya and Kim Chiu’s visit eventhough both programs seldom accept visitors. But for the love of Goya and Kim Chiu, they sure made an exception.

During her visit, Kim and Goya excited listeners through a call-in radio promo.  A security guard who related his fun experiences when he joined a training camp won a one-year supply of delightful Goya chocolates.

The young actress encouraged listeners to give the new Goya chocolates a try. She related that chocolates are not only perfect as a snack but also as an everyday treat or even as a gift to a loved one or special someone.

Kim also brought smiles to the staff of both stations when she and Goya gave away an assortment of Goya products like “Goya Everyday Chocolate Drink,” “Goya Bars” and “Goya Pretzel Twists” as their way of thanking the two stations for accommodating them during their visit.

For her parting words, the actress advised her fans to enjoy life and just relax, saying “Basta always have fun and enjoy life! Enjoy Goya!”

I say, let’s take Kim Chiu’s cue and munch on our Goya now!

Jack’s Loft at Festival Mall

My husband and I love to go on a food trip. You guessed it right, our favorite past time is eating. The other day, we were at Festival Supermall to try out Jack’s Loft. We were surprised to note that Jack’s Loft, My Thai and Phoa shared a common dining area. We opted to be seated at the My Thai/Phoa area since it has a more vibrant feel than the Jack’s Loft corner. I was immediately attracted to the pink and green chairs.

pink and green chairs

I just love how pretty the place looks like. One side of the wall is decorated with drawers and there are two fab white couches against it.

Since we were not up for some Thai and Chinese food, we ordered two main dishes from Jack’s Loft as originally planned. My husband had the Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff. This is beef tenderloin sauteed in mushrooms and red pepper, and topped with stroganoff sauce. The beef is chewy and tasty. I love the stroganoff sauce, it taste heavenly. I am a sucker for creamy sauces on top so this dish definitely goes well with my palate. They had medium size serving for this one though so it is good for one person only, if you opt to share with someone, it will be bitin.

php 315

I had the HK Style Baked Pork Chops. This is fried rice topped with baked breaded pork chop, cheese and tomato sauce. The porkchop was crunchy and fried to perfection. I loved the tomato sauce and cheese combination. This can be shared by two persons as they have generous serving of this.

php 230

In the end, we were too full to order dessert but of course, dining here wouldn’t be complete without paying the dessert window a visit.

tempting dessert

We will definitely be back for a slice or two of these sinful desserts. Jack’s Loft/My Thai/Phoa’ is at the 3rd level of Filinvest Festival Mall, near the Madrigal entrance. Do check out their food offerings, they sure taste good.:)

The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak

Two Saturdays ago, my husband and I went malling at Trinoma. Since, we are from the South, it was sort of a big thing for us as we don’t normally go farther than Ortigas for gimmick days. Naturally, the first thing that we scouted was the best foodie place to have lunch. We wanted to eat in a place that we don’t usually frequent. One that doesn’t serve the usual fast food. We were looking for a casual restaurant that offers meals that fit our budget of 500 pesos.

The best choice was The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak. We noticed how the overhead lighting made the restaurant look cozy and laid back. There were enough cushioned seats at the sides and bench tables in the middle. The service staff were extra nice, accomodating and courteous.

There were a lot of sizzlin’ choices to choose from. Pepper Rice Meals Ala Carte starts from php 192 to php 355 while Pepper Rice Meals with single served iced tea starts from php 197 to php 377. You can choose from a lot of food offerings such as Pepper Rice Overload, Sizzlin Steaks, Soups, Hamburgs, Salads, Pasta Specials, Furai Specials and Desserts.

We ordered both their Pepper Rice best sellers. Mine was the Beef Pepper Rice (php 208). The meat is tasty and tender. The Teriyaki sauce that comes with it has the right amount of sweetness, it goes perfectly well with the beef seasoned with salt and pepper.

Beef Pepper Rice

My husband, on the other hand, ordered the Pork Barbeque Pepper Rice (php 197 with single served iced tea) with an egg on top (sorry I just had to say that. hehe). Just like the Beef Pepper Rice, it is tasty. The barbeque sauce was heavenly too. It juicier and more tender than the Beef Pepper Rice though. My husband and I ended up swapping orders.

Pork BBQ Pepper Rice

As an extra treat, my husband ordered for me the New York Cheesecake because she knows how much I love cheesecake. It was super delish.


The meals fit our 500 budget if not for the cheesecake. We will definitely be back for more of its affordable gastronomical treats.:)

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Soderno Night Market at Molito Lifestyle Center

Usually when my family and I want to eat out during Friday or Saturday nights but can’t decide where to go, we head to Soderno Night Market at Molito Lifestyle Center since there’s lots of food to choose from here.

Soderno at Molito Lifestyle Center is the South version of Mercato Centrale at BCG. It was created as the newest food and lifestyle center in the South by the same people behind Mercato. It is currently a haven of emerging talents in fashion and arts, and the place to be if you are looking for new and unique food finds.

Here are some of its delicious food offerings:

Soderno runs on a very limited space so it can get a little bit crowded once people start coming. Despite the crowd though we usually end up with a seat right away since people just come and go till 3 AM. They don’t linger or stay, they are clearly there for the food and food alone. Enough tables and chairs for eating are arranged at the events hall where you can enjoy your food in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. This is also where some stalls selling assorted stuffs like RTWs, accesories and kiddie stuffs can be found. The food hall, where most of the food concessionaires can be found, is a big makeshift tent at the back of the events hall. There are also a few tables and chairs strewn all over this place as well at the back of it that patrons can use for eating. Most of the food prices here are quite reasonable, but then it is best to check out all the stalls firs before buying to get the best deal on your choice of food. Most of the food stalls offer a free taste too so you can check first how their food taste like before you decide to buy them.

Overall, Soderno’s A-okay for food binging since it offers a wide variety of great tasting food, plus there’s free wi-fi. But if you’re looking for a cozy place to linger, enjoy and savor your meal in the company of your friends/family, this is not the place for you. You will definitely get hyped up with all the food around you, your tendency would be to check out the rest of the food populace and eat, eat, and eat. So if you’re on a diet also, you better stay away from Soderno Night Market and instead go there on Sundays for their organic and natural produce offerings or better yet, go there during your cheat days to make the most out of your day.:) If there are two things that I hope they can improve on though is their layout so there’s smooth flow people especially during peak hours. Plus, it would be nice if there’s some sort of order in the way the food stalls are set up, like all grilled food on this side, all the pastries on that side, and etc. As it is, they are just scattered all over the place. Other than those two, I must Soderno is indeed fast becoming the toast of the south when it comes to total gastronomic satisfaction.

Here’s the map of Soderno:

SODERNO is located at the Molito Lifestyle Center (the location of the former Big Bang sa Alabang) at the corners of Alabang Zapote Road, Madrigal Avenue and Commerce Avenue (in front of Alabang Town Center and Ayala Alabang Village).

They have the following market days:

*SODERNO LIFESTYLE MARKET every SATURDAY (7am-4pm). The Lifestyle market is the place to enjoy fashion, arts and crafts and food.

*SODERNO ORGANIC MARKET every SUNDAY (7am-4pm). The Organic Lifestyle market is the place to go for food, organic and natural produce and eco-friendly products.

*SODERNO NIGHT MARKET every FRIDAY & SATURDAY (6pm-3am). The vibrant Night market combines the best that each market has to offer: fashion, arts & crafts and, of course, food!

Recipe for Love

I’ve never been good in the kitchen. I am a lousy cook in fact. Somehow, I never got the recipes right which is the reason why I have high regards for people who can effortlessly whip up delectable dishes and fantastic kitchen creations just by mixing stuffs. They just know, like when to add a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Though I know you won’t trust me in your kitchen since I don’t know much about cooking, I say I know enough about relationship from my own personal experience (10 years of puppy love, 2 years of boy-girl relationship and 11 years of marriage, how’s that?) that you would probably believe me when I say that I have created the almost perfect recipe for love. And since I want everyone to be as happy as me in his/her relationship this season of love, let me share my own special recipe for love with you. The ingredients that I used here are all natural even the preservatives since I really want the love to be for keeps.

photo credit: Pinterest

So here’s what you will need:

BASIC INGREDIENTS: (you cannot omit any of these or else it wouldn’t taste as heavenly as it should be)

A hand full of Friendship and Commitment
A cup full of Faith, Loyalty and Trust

FOR SPICE: (you may opt to choose any of these ingredients. But for a more flavourful and colourful taste, I suggest you add all three)

A pinch of laughter
A dash of romance
A smidgen of fun

PRESERVATIVES (it is highly recommended that you use all three so as to prolong and preserve the L-O-V-E)

A bottle of Quality Time
A spoonful of Loving Words
A pack full of Gentle Actions


1. In low heat, melt a hand full of friendship and commitment in a heart shaped saucepan. (As these two ingredients melt, watch your relationship grow)

2. Slowly pour in a cup full of faith, loyalty and trust. ( As you patiently wait for these ingredients to work its magic in your relationship, open your eyes and witness how it will strengthen and mature both of you)

3. Add a bottle of quality time, spoonful of loving words and a pack of gentle actions.
(As you apply these in your relationship, see how you bring out the best in each other)

4. Sprinkle generously with a pinch of laughter, a dash of romance and a smidgen of fun. (As you allow your relationship to be filled with these ingredients, bask in the happiness that you bring in each others’ life)

5. Cover and let it simmer for a while.

6. Serve hot. Don’t forget to drink from each others’ cup.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I am not referring to my cravings at the moment here but the Cravings restaurant cafe that has been around for more than a decade. Last week, my sister and I dropped by their cafe to grab some sweet treats to celebrate her not being sick. She thought she had pneumonia but it turned out that the cough was a result of acid reflux in her tummy (and there we were indulging in food again!).

the inside

I last dined at Cravings when a friend back in college celebrated her debut in one of their branches in Quezon City, can’t remember where was that exactly for it was like ten years ago. Anyway, upon entering I noticed that the lights were too dim, it gave some sort of a subdued atmosphere, I miss the bright and cherry atmosphere of most cafes and dessert places. I guess they were trying to create an intimate atmosphere without succeeding. Upon entering, we were welcomed by the salad bar.

But of course, good girls gone bad that we are, we totally ignored the veggies and ordered two junior size cakes. I wanted to order the Belgian Dark Rich Chocolate Cheesecake but it wasn’t available so I just settled for the Chocolate Medley at random, it was described in the menu as, a luscious cake layered with chocolate mouse and coffee custard topped with chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Medley

Look at all these sweetness!

Sissy on the other hand ordered the Junior size Devil’s Food Cake, a dark and decadent chocolate cake filled with light coffee custard and luscious marshmallow as described in the menu.

Devil's Food Cake

Just perfect!

Okay the verdict, mine is too sweet, I wasn’t able to finish it off while sissy’s cake was delicious. We ended up sharing hers instead. I must admit that I got a little carried away by the title and did not pay too much attention to the description. The fact that there’s already chocolate mouse, coffee custard plus chocolate shavings on top written there should have warned me that it would be too sweet. I left everything to chance since my first choice was not anymore available. Lesson learned, no more impulsive order especially when it comes to dessert. Like they say, decisions even as simple as dessert should be taken with careful consideration. They are just too important to leave to chance.:)

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