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Five Basic Things You Need To Know About Acne

I wouldn’t wish to call myself a walking Acne expert but well, I believe that my own personal experience battling this disease makes me credible enough to share some of the things I’ve learned about it from the school of hard knocks.  I can safely say that I’ve survived the latest acne breakout and lived to tell the tale of  the five basic things about this dreadful skin disease, so here goes…

  1. Acne is incurable. Yup you heard it right, it is incurable, meaning it is curable from within. By taking Proactiv Steps 1-2-3 errr  proactive steps I  mean in dealing with your acne problem (*wink*wink), you will have it managed and controlled in no time.
  2. Burning the midnight oil is not always good in the case of Acne. Not getting enough sleep increases the body’s stress level which can then lead to an increase in glucocorticoid production that can cause  abnormalities of the skin including acne. Having  a long restful sleep can spell a big difference in the fight against acne.
  3. Sugar and Spice are not always nice. Certain food cause glucose to rise rapidly causing insulin level to shoot up as well. Excessive insulin in the blood makes hormones and endocrines go haywire.  This in turn cause pores to clog and oil glands to overproduce. Food rich in iodine are  acne inhibitors according to recent studies.  As well as food that are  high glycemic like junk foods, and dairies. It is always best to watch what you eat.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff…or better yet, don’t sweat at all if you can help it. Skin irritation from sweat can lead to breakouts. Here’s a gentle yet firm reminder, remove garments that traps sweat like sports bra right away and shower immediately using Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash (*wink*wink).
  5. There’s no “one” right solution to acne…there’s only that one perfect combination in controlling acne. With the right combination of medicines, people with acne can enjoy clear and healthy looking skin. The key is finding the right combination medicine and skin-care treatment that work best for you. Dr. Rodans and Fields of Proactiv Solution shared that maintaining a smooth, clear complexion requires a combination of acne medicines and skin-care ingredients that should be used in a particular sequence. These ingredients include benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria; glycolic acid and other exfoliants to reduce excess oil and dead skin cells; and natural botanicals to soothe skin. Using Refining Mask with antibacterial sulfur that  speeds healing and calms the skin can work like magic too.

Though Acne is common, complex, chronic, and NOT curable.  IT is controllable. If you are wondering if a perfect combination therapy system really does exist.  The one that  can manage and control a person’s  genetics, hormones and stress levels. The answer is a big mighty YES.
And what’s great about it is that it comes in a 30-Day and 60 Day Kit.  You only have to look for this brand, Proactiv, at selected Watson store or purchase it online at http://my.proactiv., use it religiously  and voila’  you’ll get that clear, smooth, and healthy looking acne free skin in no time.
Well, what are you waiting for? Kiss acne goodbye. Choose Proactiv. 

Buy Proactiv and Get a Chance to Win Tickets to Alicia Keys Concert

Are you a big fan of Alicia Keys? Good news is the American singer/songwriter is coming to the Philippines for a super major concert this November. And what’s more you can score free tickets with your purchase of a Proactiv 30 Day or 60 Day Kit. Here’s the complete mechanics of the promo:
All customers who purchase Proactiv 30 day or 60 day kits from participating outlets between Sept. 16-Nov. 14, 2013 will get a chance to join the electronic raffle to win VIP ticket to Alicia Keys Concert “Set the World on Fire” Tour at Mall of Asia Arena on November 25, 2013.
Purchase can be made from any of these participating Outlets:

  1. Proactiv Online Shopping Site:
  2. Proactiv Door-to-Door Delivery Phone Hotlines: (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888)
  3. Proactiv Mall Kiosks:
  4. Trinoma, 2nd Floor (Telephone: 380-3801)
  5. Glorietta, Ground Floor (Telephone 388-2848)
  6. Marquee Mall, Ground Floor (Telephone: 0935-8341523)

What are the prizes?
One (1) Grand Prize Winner of 2 VIP Tickets worth Php10,560 each
One (1) Winner of 2 Lower Box B Tickets worth Php4,760 each
Three (3) Winners of 2 General Admission Tickets worth Php1,060 each
The prizes though are directly purchased from SM Tickets, official ticketing agent of the event. Proactiv Solution is not a sponsor of this said event nor is it endorsing this event. Concert organizers are not connected to Proactiv Solution.  They just want one lucky girl or gal to witness the amazing concert.
The raffle date will be on November 15, 2013 (Friday).  The winners will be contacted directly with instructions on how to claim the prize.
Here’s how to join:

  1. Buy a Proactiv Solution 30-day kit (Php 2,495) or 60-day (Php 3,995) kit from any of the participating outlets within promo period. Purchase of 30-day kit is equivalent to 1 raffle entry, while purchase of 60-day kit is equivalent to 2 raffle entries.
  2. For customers ordering from, there is no special instruction or forms to be filled out. The system automatically tags eligible customers and the Account Name will be used as official entry. The promo can be viewed at:
  3. For customers ordering via phone hotlines, our Customer Service Representatives shall automatically tag all eligible customers and your Account Name in our database will be used as official entry.
  4. For customers ordering from Proactiv Mall Kiosks our friendly Sales Personnel will assist you and help you fill-out Official Raffle Entry Forms available on site.

Please note these important terms and conditions as well:

  1. Purchases outside the promo period or from non-participating outlets are not eligible to join the raffle.
  2. If a customer avails of the Proactiv Money back Guarantee that comes with every Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit, this forfeits the subsequent activation of the raffle entry. If the customer won and subsequently availed of the Money Back Guarantee after claiming the prize, the actual cost of ticket will be deducted to the refund value

So what are you waiting for? Join now!:)
As per DOH–FDA CDRR Promo Permit No. 102 series of 2013.

World Sight Day 2013



285 million people are visually impaired. 80% don’t have to be. Together, we can raise awareness for visual impairment around the world by wearing sunglasses inside on


With TOMS Eyewear, the One for One™ Company Helps Give Sight Around the World Through Prescription Eyeglasses, Cataract Surgeries and Medical Treatments

This year, to show support and raise awareness for WORLD SIGHT DAY TOMS  challenges people to wear sunglasses inside on October 10th, 2013. Whether you’re at work, in bed, at a restaurant, inside a movie theatre, at the mall, in the library or anywhere your day might take you, “Be Shady” and show your support for WORLD SIGHT DAY.

WSD 2013 - Evite

World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness created to focus global attention on blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of the visually impaired. Blake MYcoskie, founder of TOMS related that, “Nearly every single human being can identify with not being able to see clearly, whether it’s personally or through knowing someone who has had an issue with his or her eye sight.”  He also shared that, “Realizing that so many millions of people are struggling with this issue each and every day, we feel compelled to continue to do our part to raise awareness and help those in need.”

 According to WHO and VISION2020, the magnitude of visual impairment and blindness and their causes have been estimated as follows:

     About 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide.

    39 million people are blind.

    19 million children are visually impaired.

    About 90% of the world’s visually impaired people live in developing countries.

    Globally, uncorrected refractive errors (often correctable with glasses) are the main cause of

    visual impairment.

    Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness.

 Leading up to World Sight Day 2013, TOMS is activating both online and offline through the creation of a dedicated microsite, and will be harnessing the power of social media and numerous events.  Online, TOMS supporters can go to to learn more about this important issue and find out how they can personally participate.  Visitors can also download World Sight Day toolkits that include uniquely inspiring eye charts, and are invited to utilize a new hashtag, #BESHADY, through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To promote this day, TOMS will team up with celebrities and our TOMS com­munity to create collateral with people wearing sunglasses to inform and get everyone excited about the day. Collateral will encourage people to post a picture of themselves wearing sunglasses inside on social media to raise awareness for WORLD SIGHT DAY.

So on October 10, 2013, let’s join TOMS and “Be Shady” together to raise awareness for visual impairment. Keeping the same momentum and excitement of ODWS, we will focus on World Sight Day as the day to rally together to bring awareness and ultimately an end to preventable blindness and visual impairment by wearing sunglasses inside. This campaign will help educate the world that visual impairment is a serious problem and we can start fixing it today by purchasing TOMS Eyewear. Every eyewear purchase helps give sight to a person in need.

Since its launch, TOMS ( targets to help give sight by the end of 2013 to over 150,000 people in need in 13 countries through the purchase of TOMS Eyewear. TOMS helps give sight through sustainable eye care organizations worldwide that use TOMS’ support to provide patients with prescription eyeglasses, sight-saving surgery, and medical treatment. TOMS’ giving program is supported and administered by the company’s lead sight giving partner, Seva Foundation (  Based in northern California, Seva has been implementing sustainable blindness prevention and sight restoration programs for over 30 years. Seva programs and partners have helped nearly three million people worldwide to see again.

About TOMS: In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One™. Last year, TOMS evolved from a shoe company into the One for One company,and is now addressing an entirely new need in addition to shoes through eyewear – helping give sight to people in need around the world.

Product Review: Proactiv Refining Mask

If you are like me who is prone to breakouts during mid cycle and post menstrual cycle, you will be happy to note that aside from the Proactiv Three Step Combination Therapy System, there’s another Proactiv product that can help reduce redness and inflammation associated with acne, the Proactiv Refining Mask.
Proactiv Refining MaskThe Proactiv Refining Mask is a rinse-off mask  that perfectly complements the Three Step Combination Therapy System.  It comes free with every purchase of Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit.  It has a powerful concentration (6%) of antibacterial sulfur  which is a proven acne-fighting ingredient; Kaolin clay which helps absorb excess oil; Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals and soothes and nourishes the skin: and Vitamin F Complex which helps retain skin moisture.
Its vitamin-enriched formula helps give a brighter, younger looking complexion. It also refines texture and tone of skin. The tea tree oil in this mask provides antiseptic and cleansing properties, while the geranium and lemongrass extracts provide overall skin conditioning.
The Proactiv Refining Mask works best with the Proactiv Three Step Combination Therapy System as it deals with the inflammation where it reaches deep into pores to help reduce the redness and the swelling associated with a breakout. It clears away the small impurities that are still sticking on the skin pores after doing the three steps. The mask also aids in improving the
smoothness of the skin, making it appear suppler with continued use.
It is very easy to integrate the Refining Mask in the Proactiv® 3-Step System. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Cleanse face with Renewing Cleanser.
  2. Apply Refining Mask to dampened skin.
  3. Leave on for 10 minutes.
  4. Rinse with water.
  5. Follow with the Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment.

For those starting out with their Proactiv treatment, or any time you need extra control (like before an important event, or during times of increased breakouts), try using the Refining Mask nightly for a week, leaving it on for only 10 minutes and rinsing immediately with warm water. For maintaining acne-free and radiant skin, use the Refining Mask with your 3-Step System 2-3 times per week. Refining mask can also be used as Step 4 after the Proactiv Repairing Treatment, as a leave-on spot treatment to the problem pimple overnight.
Proactiv Refining Mask is recommended to be incorporated with the Proactiv® 3- Step System. You may use it everyday for the first week of use, and then 3 times a week for maintenance. A gentle reminder though, excessive usage such as leaving it on for more than 10 minutes is not recommended as some people may experience hypersensitivity to sulfur.
refining 2
refining mask 3
With consistent use of the mask after the Renewing Cleanser, you should see a progressive improvement in your acne and a reduction in facial redness due to the antibacterial properties of the sulfur, the drying action of the kaolin clay, and the skin – soothing formula. The sulfur in the Refining Mask is an important ingredient in Proactiv® Combination Therapy® because it helps reduce the tender redness associated with a breakout. Sulfur is also a mild, natural antibacterial and a keratolyic agent which helps reduce acne bacteria and unblock clogged pores. The white kaolin clay also present in the Refining Mask, helps absorb excess oils, improves the look of pores and creates a smoother, more matte and calmer complexion.
The Proactiv Refining Mask is scientifically proven and has been used by millions of customers worldwide, including athletes, superstars, and ordinary people. Its ingredients are carefully developed to complement the Proactiv 3-step system. It is convenient and easy to use. It can be easily applied and rinsed off with water while other masks can be sticky during application, can be time-consuming and can be very messy. It also effectively reaches all parts of the skin and penetrates pores unlike traditional facial sheets. It is economical. It comes FREE with any Proactiv 30-day or 60-day kit, and one tube can last for a month. It can be used as your regular mask, and doubles as an emergency blemish treatment too!

Loudbastard: For The Love Of Music

It is not everyday that I come across a product that I would really love and rave about. Though it doesn’t take much to please me, it actually takes a lot for me to write about something.
I am an avid music fan and like any other music buff, I give much importance to the way I enjoy my sound. It is no secret as well that I have always been very vocal about my support for anything local and sustainable.  To actually find a product that marries both is a pure joy in itself. So let me share with  you this amazing local company that is behind this genius of a product.
Loudbasstard is a local company that was formed in Cebu last October 2012.  Their products, specifically their sound amplifiers, are made from natural materials and are created by skillful and talented Cebuano artisans. This company came about because of the founders’ passion to spread and share the love of music.

The Loudbasstard bamboo amplifier is a genius in itself. Made from homegrown bamboo, it merges evolving technology, industrial design, and sustainability. Each piece is organically hand-treated, hand-cut, hand-dyed and hand-packaged in Cebu, Philippines.  Check out this video to see how this amazing product is made:

A Loudbasstard amplifies the sound from a mobile phone about two times its present volume.  It fits most mobile phones and comes in eight colors.  What I like about the loudbasstard sound amplifier is that it isn’t just a piece of technology, it is an excellent piece of handicraft. It pays homage to our local artisans in Cebu whose talents are simply remarkable. To me, its beauty lies in its simplicity, ingenuity and sustainability.
To know more about Loudbastard, visit their website here (CLICK HERE).  And if you want a Loudbasstard of your own, you may purchase them at the airport, Republic of Banilad Town Center, and at The Give Project store in SM North Wing.
Let’s support our local artisans, lets enjoy our music with Loudbasstard, and buy Pinoy.:)

Review: Proactiv 60 Day Kit and Deep Cleansing Wash

I recently finished the Proactiv 60 Day Kit and I must say, I couldn’ t be any happier with the results. I have been battling with acne eversince I can remember. I have been in constant search of the perfect acne cure. I have tried a lot of acne products on my face  hoping they would do their magic  but none came close to giving me the flawless skin than  Proactiv.
photo 13
I have to say Proactiv is definitely God’s gift to women like me suffering from acne. Its combination therapy system works perfectly well in clearing my face of pimples.  I like how it is hypo-allergenic and gentle to the skin too. It doesn’t leave a stinging sensation and redness unlike the ones I previously used. It contains just the right amount of medicated solution so you wouldn’t have to worry about having adverse skin reaction after every application.
60 day kit 2
Here are photos taken during one of my breakouts and the result after a day or two of continued use of the 3 step combination therapy kit.
photo 8photo 3
Proactiv generally stops the puss build up and inflammation by getting to the root cause, killing the bacteria and destroying its cycle. It also effectively  lightens the dark spot where pimples used to be right away.
Another Proactiv product that I like also is the Deep Cleansing Wash which is good for both face and body.  Since I love running, I often develop pimples in my body particularly around the chest where I sweat a lot. I like how it effectively eliminates pimples in this area after I start using it as a bath wash .
deep cleansing wash
Here are some pictures showing how the Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash eliminated the pimples in my chest leaving no scars after just a day or two of continued use.
photo 11photo 12
Incidentally, Proactiv has an ongoing promo right now.  You can get a free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash if you purchase a 30 Day or 60 DayKit online using your credit card. To read more about the promo, CLICK HERE. If you want to try the Proactiv Combination Therapy kit yourself this is a good time to buy online since you’ll get the deep cleansing wash as freebie. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Not just acne free face but acne free body as well.

Proactiv Promo Has Been Extended

Great news from Proactiv Solution, the promo “Upgrade Your Proactiv Kit and Get your Add-on at 50%-60% Discount!” has been extended until December 31, 2013. Proactiv users should take advantage of the promo as the Add-ons perfectly compliment the combination therapy kit. These extension products are all designed to further enhance the Proactiv treatment as each is suitable to your own personal needs.
The Add Ons

If you want a no shine face, Proactiv Solution Daily Oil Control in 50 ml can do the magic for you. Considered as a dramatic breakthrough in skin care, this is the only product that allows the skin to balance its own natural oil levels thereby keeping excess oil in check.
Original Price: Php 899
New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 449.5o.  Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 359.60
For those with dry skin, the perfect moisturizer is no doubt this featherlight Green Tea Moisturizer which comes in 30 ml bottle. It is designed to deliver deep hydration to dry and tired skin. It is formulated with concentrated botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants that leave skin feeling healthy and refreshed.
Original Price: Php 1,099
New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php549.50
Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit:  Php439.60
Those who would like some anti aging while fighting acne would benefit from the 30 ml Proactiv Solution Clarifying Night Cream.  It is a skin clarifying pore treatment that combines acne fighting salicylic acid with retinol’s powerful anti-aging benefits. It is the perfect night cream for acne-prone skin.  Salicylic acid is proven to remove most acne blemishes and prevents new breakouts while Retinol  improves the clarity of the skin and reduces appearance of fine lines. It’s the perfect night cream for acne-prone skin.Original Price: Php 1,199. New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 599.50. Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 479.60
For those who love the outdoors, the light and oil free Daily Protection plus Sunscreen in 118 ml will always come in handy. It  protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Known for its patented micro sponge technology, this daily protection not only shields you from the sun but helps ansorb extra oil as well.
Original Price: Php 1,099
New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 549.50 Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 439.60
If you want a moisturizing suncreen though to help keep your oily skin hydrated, balanced, and healthy, try the  Proactiv Solution Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15.  It comes in a 50 ml bottle and is designed to provide moisture without added oil.  This lotion also offers protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays that may age and damage skin.
Original Price: Php 1,099
New Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 30-day kit: Php 549.50
Best Price, as an Add-on to your Proactiv 60-day kit: Php 439.60
How the Promo Works

If you purchase a Proactiv kit (60-day or 30-day kit) at participating outlets you have the option to upgrade their kits with an additional Proactiv product at 50% discount (if purchase is 30-day kit) or 60% discount (if purchase is 60-day kit).  Promo is ongoing until December 31, 2013, under FDA Permit No. 1229 s 2013.
How to Avail
This promo is valid only within Philippine territory. Customers can place their order at any of the participating outlets:

  1. Proactiv Online Shopping Cart: browser doesn’t work, simply add www at the beginning).  Choose the upgrade prior to completion of the online transaction.
  2. Proactiv Door to Door Delivery Hotlines:
  • 729-2222 Metro Manila
  • 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444 Provincial
  • 0917-801-8888

  The friendly Customer Service Representatives will be glad to assist you.

Why Take Advantage of the Promo
Getting these amazing products at 50%-60% is a deal too good to pass up.  I am a Proactiv user myself and I can honestly say that it is the only acne treatment that works effectively in controlling my pesky pimples.  I highly recommend these Add Ons as they are designed to work perfectly well with the Combination Therapy Kit. So what are you waiting for, head over to the nearest store, log on at the proactiv website, or call the hotline and start building your Proactiv skincare regimen so you’ll get that perfectly healthy skin in no time.

Proactiv Solutions' Combination Therapy

In case you are wondering what the big fuss about Proactiv Solution’s all about, let me tell you that it is the world’s no. 1 Anti-Acne treatment in the market today.  Even Hollywood A-listers can attest to that.  Though I am not a hollywood celebrity, everytime I use Proctiv Solution’s Combinattion Therapy on my skin, I feel like one.
Proactiv Solutions was developed by Stanford-trained dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields in 1995. They were the ones who pioneered the Combination Therapy, the revolutionary acne management system that made Proactiv Solution the most effective treatment for acne today. Recognizing that the chronic acne process is so complex, they developed a combination of acne medicine and skin-care ingredients which when used in a particular sequence is proven to clear skin of pimples and blemishes, and prevent future breakouts.
60 day kit 2
60 day kit 1
Since I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and my hormones have completely gone haywire, my acne is back with a vengeance.  Good thing that Proaciv recently sent a  60 Day Kit which I have started using. In two weeks time, my face has completely cleared out of acne. It is that fast acting. I still do get the occasional pimple sprout but since I’ve been using Proactiv, it quickly dries up. Proactiv stops the puss build up and inflammation right away since it gets to the root cause by killing the bacteria and destroying its cycle. I easily get scars and dark marks on my face after a bout of pimples too but since I started using Proactiv Solution again, the scars and blemishes left by my pimples are not as visibly marked as when I was using other anti-acne treatment. I  like how it effectively lightens the dark spot where the pimple used to be right away. I also love touching my face (though I know I shouldn’t) lately after each wash.  I like how the microcrystal prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide makes my skin smooth and squeaky clean to touch.
Here’s a step by step guide in using Proactiv Solution’s Combination Therapy which are available in 30-Day and 60-Day Kits:
1. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) works by removing dead skin cells, ensuring that the pores don’t get clogged.
2. The Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) removes excess oils too, eliminating food for bacteria.
3. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Repairing Treatment (Step 3) kills the bacteria and prevent proliferation
4. The Free Refining Mask helps reduce the inflammation and swelling.
If you are suffering from acne like me, I encourage you to try Proactiv Solution’s Combination Therapy, I promise you you won’t regret it. It is that confident that in giving you the smooth, clear skin that you so wanted that it offers a Money Back Guarantee just it case you are not happy with it. To know more about Proactiv or to purchase the kits online, visit now!

Understanding Acne and It's Cure

Back when I was a gangly, pimpled face teenager, I thought acne was a just a natural consequence of the monthly period growing up process. Information about acne was scarce back then and treatment costs a fortune. And so I just resigned myself to the fact that I would be stuck  with these spots on my face forever. Teenagers and adults (including me of course) burdened with Acne need not fret what with all the information and affordable treatments that are available in the market now.
In case you’re wondering what exactly is acne and what would be the best treatment for it, here’s a quick guide from Proactiv Solution.
An acne blemish begins approximately 2-3 weeks before it appears on the skin’s surface. So while it may seem like you get a pimple overnight, what you’re actually seeing is the final stage of a much longer process. It starts in your sebaceous hair follicles – the tiny holes you know as pores. Deep within each follicle, your sebaceous glands are working to produce sebum, the oil that keeps your skin moist and pliable. As your skin renews itself, the old cells die, mix with your skin’s natural oils, and are sloughed off. Under normal circumstances, these cells are shed gradually, making room for fresh new skin.
Dead skin cells may block the pores, resulting to over-accumulation of oil underneath. Bacteria that live on the skin naturally begin to grow and multiply in this site, triggering an inflammatory response causing a red, angry pore that we see as pimple already at the tail-end of the acne formation process.
I’ve tried dozens of acne medications and even sought medical treatments for it but so far the only one that worked best for me is Proactiv Solution. Other treatments are reactive. They spot-treat pimples only when they are visible and inflamed, an indication that they are already at the tail end of the acne formation process. These treatments often leave scars or dark marks, and do nothing to prevent future breakouts. Proactiv Solution’s Combination Therapy prevents acne at the root cause and destroys the acne cycle. Here’s a step by step guide.
1. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) works by removing dead skin cells, ensuring that the pores don’t get clogged.
2. The Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) removes excess oils too, eliminating food for bacteria.
3. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Repairing Treatment (Step 3) kills the bacteria and prevent proliferation
4. The Free Refining Mask helps reduce the inflammation and swelling.
What I like about Proactiv is that it contains only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, a safe and effective concentration which makes it OK for daily use and may be applied to the whole face. With Proactiv’s Advanced Microcrystal technology, eradicating bacteria is faster and gentler than common spot treatments. Spot treatment is the most commonly used method of treating acne because these are cheap, easy to apply, and more often than not promises miracle cure overnight. These products mostly contain high concentration benzoyl peroxide at 5% or 10% which although kills acne bacteria, may result to redness or irritation as well. These products may also cause hyper pigmentation (dark acne marks).
I have at some point been given topical medications to control my acne. The problem with it is it needs close doctor supervision since long term use of antibiotics in general may cause bacterial resistance – making the person “immune” to the benefits of the active ingredient.
Another good thing about Proactiv Solution is that it will never have bacterial resistance because it does not contain an antibiotic, but rather an anti-microbial agent. It is safe for long term use for the treatment and prevention of acne.
When acne is severe, dermatologists sometimes prescribe oral drugs like isotretinoin or hormonal pills. Though I didn’t have to go to that extent, thank God! Studies show that although these methods are extremely effective for severe cases, there are side effects that make experts think  if the benefits really do far outweigh the cost. For example, there were reports in 2010 linking suicidal tendencies and psychotic behaviors among acne patients on isotretinoin. Hormonal pills, which are mainly indicated as a contraceptive sometimes causes water retention, weight gain, mood swings, and in the long run, even breast cancer. Proactiv Solution does not have these side effects.
I have also bore the brunt of painful acne injections in my never ending quest to control my acne. Recently, The Philippine Dermatological Society is campaigning for awareness among Filipinos to patronize only the services of highly qualified doctors, and not to be too trusting of attendants who may not have the proper training and experience to do this. This type of procedure is extremely painful, and when done by inexperienced hands, may cause scars for life. And because acne is a cyclical condition, recurring acne imposes recurring painful injections.
I have found the perfect cure for acne with Proactiv Solution because it is gentle on the skin. My journey to clear skin need not be painful what with the advanced micronized benzoyl peroxide and ingredients designed by Doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields.
The promise of acne’s miracle cure comes in different shapes, sizes, and prices. It doesn’t have to be designer packs that costs Php 10,000 in expensive clinics. Proactiv Solution is the world’s number 1 anti-acne treatment because it does not only effectively cures acne but it is cost effective too! Millions of customers worldwide can testify to this including Hollywood superstars. Since it is confident that it can give you the skin you want, it dares you to try it risk free – you get your money back if you’re not happy.
So what are you waiting for, try Proactiv Solution now!:)

Winner: Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash

Thank you to those who joined the giveaway. I used to pick the winner for this giveway because I want the universe (or is it cyberspace) to intervene. I am so glad that the universe or in that case the cyberspace chose the winner’s name because her answer to my question tugged at my heartstrings. I once felt the same way when I was in my tween years too. I hope the Deep Cleansing Wash will do the trick and give her the super glow that you get only when your face is flawlessly smooth and pimple free!
So without further ado,  here’s the result of the raffle.
Congratulations Kim! Please message me your complete name, address, and contact no. 🙂