After an engaging discussion in my history class today, I asked my students to draw how they pictured the “Kingdom of Maynilad” in their minds. Two of my students came up with these drawings.
I was so delighted when I saw these because they were able to creatively draw and express in full detail their ideas. This is rare among 8-9 year olds nowadays. 5 or 6 years ago, our gradeschoolers were engrossed in drawing, reading, and writing, penmanship wasn’t even an issue and writing simple journal entries, not a struggle at all. If we could just go back to basics, and mindfully replace our children’s gadgets with pen and paper so they can draw and write more, imagine what these little critters can create and do.

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  1. The greatest thing to decide is the age of the kid that will utilize the pastels or pencils. The age of the youngster will decide their fine engine capacity and also their capacity to take after bearings and know where it is fitting to shading, and also where it is not suitable to shading. So try to consider how old the kid is that will shading

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