I chanced upon a friend who I have not seen for a long time the other day and she remarked how she’s been missing some of my selfies in Instagram. I hate to admit it but my struggle with adult acne have put my face off social media for a while.
It’s true that acne tends to create a wall between you and the world. When you have acne, you avoid social events and shy away from situations that would put your pimples on spotlight. Case in point, I cannot count the number of times I have to save myself from an embarassing conversation that started out as nice but ended up awkward because the person I was talking to cannot help but remark about my breakouts. I know its rude but I mean, how can they help it when I have big angry pimples screaming, ACNE!
Anyway, Acne influences a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence in ways a person with a perfect skin won’t even understand. Even mild breakouts have a negative impact on how a person with acne feels about herself. Trust me, I know.
But for the Acne warriors out there like me who’s been battling with this skin disease for a long time, here’s a word of advice. Carry on, don’t give up because Proactiv Solution is here to help us win the fight! Proactiv Solution is the only acne management system that successfully combines medicated ingredients to treat and control acne. It uses several ingredients in one system to address the blemishes you have now and help keep new ones from forming. With Proactiv, you’ll get back the control you once have over your skin in no time.
Here are some inspirational stories from ordinary people who have won over acne and who are now enjoying the life-changing benefits of clear, beautiful skin.
Alex Gonzaga
alex gonzaga
I’m really thankful I gave it a try. I use Proactiv everyday and it’s amazing. It really works! It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean especially after a long day at the studio. Now, I have balanced skin and my acne is under control. No more oily cheeks, no more dry skin and best of all, no more pimples.”
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Nolin Dela Cruz
Nolin Dela Cruz
“After six weeks of using Proactiv, my skin improved. Ngayon, mas confident na ako…”
Watch Nolin’s full story here: NOLIN’S STORY
Lourdes Agcaoili
Lourdes Agcaoili
“Nakita ko agad ang resulta. Nag-heal ang mga pimples at na-lessen ang oiliness. And then nung umuwi ang husband ko from abroad, he said, Wow ang ganda mo ngayon. You look great!”
Watch Lourdes’ full story here: LOURDES’ STORY
Mark Chuahiock
mark Chuahiok
“After using it for three months, my friends began noticing that my skin was improving. Then after six months, my face cleared. I recommend Proactiv to my friends. Now, I am the one inviting them for photo shoots.”
Watch Mark’s full story here: MARK’S STORY
Mike Irapta
Mark Irapta

“Of course I will recommend Proactiv, talagang effective siya. Makikita nyo naman wala na yung acne ko.”

Watch Mike’s fullstory here: MIKE’S STORY
Start your own succes story, use Proactiv now!:)

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  2. When you have blackheads, besides the regular cleaning of the nasal area, you should avoid the hands because it will make acne worse, which can cause inflammation of the skin. Instead, apply nasal blackheads with toothpaste or blackhead treatments at home using local beauty treatments from the ingredients available in your home.

  3. I too suffer from acne and skin problems
    But i got to know your proactiv , I wil use it!
    and yeah I have small micropores on my face that looks so bad. please help me out!
    I will be thankful

  4. one thing more, I dont want any laser treatment or costly product !
    I feel your proactiv is within my pocket so i will definitely look for it.
    but please suggest me more

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    I have another blog on healthy skin like this hope you share your views!
    Deepika@secret to beautiful skin tone!

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    I would also encourage you to read carefully all the information to avoid the questions that you have written as well as make it difficult to read when interrupted reading because all parts are interrelated.

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    You can use a facial steamer to steam your face.
    Acne causes when pores of the skin are clogged with dirt, oil and sebum. When we use a facial steamer, it produces steam to our face.And it helps us to open the pores of your skin so that you can clean the dirt, makeup dirt, oil and sebum of your face.
    Thus steaming prevents the formation of pimples.
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  8. This is a sensitive topic for most , me too. Men have a hard time with this to, while it is not accepted for men to talk about this, we have to internalize everything. But it is something we need to talk about. I am looking for something to get rid of my acne scars, which is all over my body.

  9. I’m glad the article helped.Here’s the truth: a lot of people suffer from acne and blackheads. This is very helpful to cure the acne as well scars.
    Thanks for sharing…………….

  10. I\’d like to share my funny experience ( but that is the truth)to you.If you miss your teenage years, there is one thing you probably never miss: acne. In my teenage, my face had a lot of acne and they caused me a lot of trouble. One day, I was stung on my face by a swarm of bees and badly swollen. After few days, the swollen of my face receded and miraculously, the hateful acne has gone away too. Hooray, lovely bees!

  11. Thanks for sharing the review.
    Acne is any girl’s nightmare, we dread acne more than ghosts or crawly creepies! 😛
    My recipe to an acne free and clear skin was given to me by one of my close mates who is a dermatologist.
    She suggested using few drops of tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil twice or thrice a day and I have now made it a part of my daily routine. I don’t need to use any moisturizer or any other chemical laden cosmetic stuff. I suggest this to anyone with blemishes and acne or any other skin problems.

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