Christmas Gift Ideas: Airees Creates

I have been meaning to write about this artist I have been following in IG and her beautiful watercolor creations. To say that I am a great fan of her work is putting it mildly. I am fascinated with her artwork because one, she paints from the heart and it reflects in all the character figures she makes with her brush. Two, I have never been good in Art and well, she paints the way I used to wish and imagine myself painting had I been an artist myself. And three, she’s a busy mom like most of us yet she deliberately finds time to pursue her passion.

I am talking about Airees, the artist behind @aireescreates in IG. I do not really know her personally and we have not met yet. So, I am just sort of like a fangirl here writing about her girl crush, or in this case, art crush. What’s not to like about Airees?! I mean, the art journals and paper wallets she creates are all made from abaca fibers that were treated organically so they become tear resistant. And, she not only creates with her hands but also supports local women, specifically artisans from Mindanao, who used to be fisherfolks and housewives. All her products are fair traded too and promise to be sturdy and durable. I am an art lover and a sucker when it comes to social enterprises and anything handmade and sustainable, so I support Airees 100%! You guys should too.




Recently, she launched her very own She Calendar for 2016 which features some of her beautiful artwork. It is a desk calendar that you can put on top of your office, study, or bedside table at home. Each page contains a unique watercolor painting of a girl that Airees herself joyfully and lovingly created plus an inspiring quote from a famous personality to get you motivated. It definitely has good vibes written all over.








If you are looking for a perfect gift to give to a friend or loved one this christmas, this is it. Her products are not only creative, eco-friendly, and proudly-pinoy made, they bring delight to anyone who receives them. If you want to see Airees’ complete product offerings, head over at or follow her in Instragram (@aireescreates). You can choose from a wide variety of artsy journals and wallets there plus of course, the super nice She Calendar 2016. Merry Christmas shopping!

Photo Credit: @aireescreates

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  3. Ruth
    December 20, 2017 at 12:39 pm (2 months ago)

    Hi Blanca!

    Let me first say that I love your blog profile’s picture;it speaks volumes. Airees’ artwork is really beautiful and completely original. It reminds me of the beauty in nature. Thank you for introducing Airees’ artwork to us, especially me.


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