“So you shall do and observe all they say: but do not do as they do, for they do not do as they say.”
A parent of my grade one mentee before shared one time that everyday she would know what happened in school without even asking her daughter because as soon as she comes home, she would go up to her room and pretend to be her teachers. She would imitate how her teachers talk, from the tone of their voices to their gestures. She would even reenact scenes of what happened that day with her dolls. As teachers, the burden of showing good example to kids falls heavily on our shoulders. Everyday we are like movie stars minus the glamour. Our actions and words are always scrutinized. When kids go home, they “gossip” about us to their parents and regale them with stories of what we did, how we acted, and what we said in class. In some cases, they would even go as far as acting and speaking the way we do. Teachers do play an important role. It is the only profession so far that can make a big influence or can effect significant change in a person instantly. So let us pray for all teachers, so that they will always practice what they preach and walk their talk. Let us pray for them so that they will always teach in the light of grace and of wisdom that come from that Holy Spirit.

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