“For human beings it is imposible, but not for God; all things are possible with God.”
This passage reminds me of the letter I received from my student on my last birthday last year which reads: Dear Mrs. Dela Cruz, Happy Birthday! I remember when I was Grade 2, I saw you in your Grade 3 classroom. You were teaching so when I went home I prayed and wished that you be my S.S. Teacher and now I remembered you said, Impossible will be possible if you pray. Then my wish came true. Wow! You are a teacher who has faith. Love, Bianca Lazaro. Though the probability that I will be her teacher this year was quite high at the time she saw me teaching, the fact that she attributed it as a work of God and some sort of a miracle made this letter so endearing. And it is true, I experienced and witnessed it a dozen times, how deep faith can turn things around, how things you can’t even imagine happening even in your wildest dreams happen all because you pray for it, believe that the Lord will give it, and you ready your heart to receive it. Miracles, though products of the Divine are also consequences of our willpower to hope, believe, and trust in the power of the Almighty.

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