And I wait here patiently Lord until it comes…until it happens. I trust and I believe.
“Wait on Me, My princess. My timing is always perfect. I know you’re anxious about many things and I see your passion for all the plans I have put in your heart. I know that you long to fly, and I see your enthusiasm. However, just as a vinedresser nurtures the vine and waits patiently for the right moment to harvest the grapes, so too am I working tirelessly to prepare you to bear much fruit. Don’t run ahead of Me or try to fly before My plans are complete. Your strength will fail you, and your dreams will wither away. Trust Me that My dreams for you are far greater than you can dream on your own. You will run farther and soar higher if you will patiently wait for the season of My blessing. Draw close to Me now, and I promise that this season of waiting will bring you the sweetest of rewards.
Your Kind and Lord of perfect timings”
(Taken from “His Princess: Love Letters from Your King” by Sheri Rose Shepherd)

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  1. I need this blancs Coz my strength is literally failing me with all the work I have to do 24/7 I treasure this long wkend moments

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