I always prided myself for having the gift of foresight. Between my husband and I, I usually am the one who always had a clear vision of our future. In most cases, I managed to get us where I want us. I managed to make things happen for us. To me the future was so certain that absolutely nothing can mess it up…or so I thought.
The hardest part of losing my husband is losing sight of the future as well. After his death, I can’t seem to look forward into the future. No matter how desperately I try, I can’t seem to get a good grasp of it. And this has left me feeling scared.
That was a year ago. Fast forward to today, I am now living the future that I feared the most last year. Things surprisingly have been better. Yes there are still bad days but like always, the good far outweighs the bad.
It was when I allowed myself to live in complete abandon and to stop obessing about “tomorrow” that the future became less intimidating. Though it still appears vague most of the time in my mind, I don’t bend myself backwards trying to figure it out anymore.
After having been in the receiving end of God’s abundant grace, love, compassion and generosity the past year, I know for certain now that He will continue to walk me through it till the end. All I simply need to do is to continue to, with deep faith and trust, let go and let God take over.
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4 comments on “Let Go and Let God”

  1. Everytime I read ur blog it always crosses my mind that at times u are typing the words to express yourself, I guess you are teary eyed or maybe crying. I can’t seem to imagine my life also having lost somebody who had been a part of me. But as I read along your letter of encouragement for oneself I felt proud for the fact that there is a woman that strives to keep herself stronger each day. Not just a woman who depends on herself alone but for most to Our Almighty God. I hope God will always empower you with His wisdom not just for you to bear but to share it with us ur readers.
    We are blessed – knowing there is You who is a living testimony that God will never let go us anyone whose been so dear to Him. May God be praised!

  2. Hi Blanca,
    I really admire how strong you are as a woman. I know you’ve been going through a lot after what happened to your husband. But despite that, your faith in God never ceases. Just stay strong and never doubt the plans of God for you.

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