Last August 29, we quietly commemorated my husband’s first death anniversary. Yes, it has been a year. I cannot believe that 12 months have already passed since the Day of the Great Sadness. I have come a long way. It has been a tough year but with God’s grace and the support of my loving friends and family, I came through.
At this point, I want to dedicate this page to the people who never left my side these past twelve months.  They made  me realized that happy EVEN after is possible. They made me feel less alone and they were the first to believe that I can make it on my own. I wouldn’t be in this place if not for their support and love. And for that, I will forever be grateful to them. To my loving friends and family, thank you.


My happy ever after ended abruptly but though my life after Nan may not be one for the fairy tale anymore, I will still make sure that when I write the ending. it will be and I live happily EVEN after.

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