I recently finished the Proactiv 60 Day Kit and I must say, I couldn’ t be any happier with the results. I have been battling with acne eversince I can remember. I have been in constant search of the perfect acne cure. I have tried a lot of acne products on my face  hoping they would do their magic  but none came close to giving me the flawless skin than  Proactiv.
photo 13
I have to say Proactiv is definitely God’s gift to women like me suffering from acne. Its combination therapy system works perfectly well in clearing my face of pimples.  I like how it is hypo-allergenic and gentle to the skin too. It doesn’t leave a stinging sensation and redness unlike the ones I previously used. It contains just the right amount of medicated solution so you wouldn’t have to worry about having adverse skin reaction after every application.
60 day kit 2
Here are photos taken during one of my breakouts and the result after a day or two of continued use of the 3 step combination therapy kit.
photo 8photo 3
Proactiv generally stops the puss build up and inflammation by getting to the root cause, killing the bacteria and destroying its cycle. It also effectively  lightens the dark spot where pimples used to be right away.
Another Proactiv product that I like also is the Deep Cleansing Wash which is good for both face and body.  Since I love running, I often develop pimples in my body particularly around the chest where I sweat a lot. I like how it effectively eliminates pimples in this area after I start using it as a bath wash .
deep cleansing wash
Here are some pictures showing how the Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash eliminated the pimples in my chest leaving no scars after just a day or two of continued use.
photo 11photo 12
Incidentally, Proactiv has an ongoing promo right now.  You can get a free Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash if you purchase a 30 Day or 60 DayKit online using your credit card. To read more about the promo, CLICK HERE. If you want to try the Proactiv Combination Therapy kit yourself this is a good time to buy online since you’ll get the deep cleansing wash as freebie. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Not just acne free face but acne free body as well.

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