In case you are wondering what the big fuss about Proactiv Solution’s all about, let me tell you that it is the world’s no. 1 Anti-Acne treatment in the market today.  Even Hollywood A-listers can attest to that.  Though I am not a hollywood celebrity, everytime I use Proctiv Solution’s Combinattion Therapy on my skin, I feel like one.
Proactiv Solutions was developed by Stanford-trained dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields in 1995. They were the ones who pioneered the Combination Therapy, the revolutionary acne management system that made Proactiv Solution the most effective treatment for acne today. Recognizing that the chronic acne process is so complex, they developed a combination of acne medicine and skin-care ingredients which when used in a particular sequence is proven to clear skin of pimples and blemishes, and prevent future breakouts.
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60 day kit 1
Since I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and my hormones have completely gone haywire, my acne is back with a vengeance.  Good thing that Proaciv recently sent a  60 Day Kit which I have started using. In two weeks time, my face has completely cleared out of acne. It is that fast acting. I still do get the occasional pimple sprout but since I’ve been using Proactiv, it quickly dries up. Proactiv stops the puss build up and inflammation right away since it gets to the root cause by killing the bacteria and destroying its cycle. I easily get scars and dark marks on my face after a bout of pimples too but since I started using Proactiv Solution again, the scars and blemishes left by my pimples are not as visibly marked as when I was using other anti-acne treatment. I  like how it effectively lightens the dark spot where the pimple used to be right away. I also love touching my face (though I know I shouldn’t) lately after each wash.  I like how the microcrystal prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide makes my skin smooth and squeaky clean to touch.
Here’s a step by step guide in using Proactiv Solution’s Combination Therapy which are available in 30-Day and 60-Day Kits:
1. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) works by removing dead skin cells, ensuring that the pores don’t get clogged.
2. The Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) removes excess oils too, eliminating food for bacteria.
3. The Proactiv Renewing Cleanser (Step 1) and the Proactiv Repairing Treatment (Step 3) kills the bacteria and prevent proliferation
4. The Free Refining Mask helps reduce the inflammation and swelling.
If you are suffering from acne like me, I encourage you to try Proactiv Solution’s Combination Therapy, I promise you you won’t regret it. It is that confident that in giving you the smooth, clear skin that you so wanted that it offers a Money Back Guarantee just it case you are not happy with it. To know more about Proactiv or to purchase the kits online, visit now!

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  1. been a user of proactive for over a year now and has completely gotten rid of my pimples! I scrub and scrub away at my face to ensure no dirt and grime is left behind on my skin I do only use a pea sized amout for my face and one bottle really does last me at least 6 months. My current bottle has lasted about 8 though Its prettty pricy but well worth it!

  2. was designed to help unclog pores and attack bacteria that causes acne, leaving you with clear skin. For best results, use the 3-Step Pak every morning and evening, and make acne blemishes a thing of the past! Prevention is the key to clear skin for years, not days.

  3. When I was younger I used more intense medications (prescription mostly) and they would make my skin beat red and turn it so dry and flaky that it wasn’t even worth it in the end. Proactive has never had this type of effect on me and I consider myself to have very sensitive skin. Since I have such sensitive skin, my skin tends to have a bit of redness in general. Proactiv makes my skin beat red and very shiny looking. The acne was still there but you couldn’t really see it because my face was so red the acne blended in. It is weird because it would go in phases. Sometimes, it would eliminate the acne and other times it seemed like it was worse.If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend tea tree oil, 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil FREE Blemish Roll-on Stick with Tea Tree Oil . It’s something I only discovered about a year ago, but literally have only used this and Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser with Bursting Beads, 8-Ounce Pump Bottle , and for a full year I haven’t had one break out, or even a pimple for that matter. I do recommend using a moisturizer along with the proactiv if you’re going to try it out. It made my skin too sensitive without one. Other than that, I would say if you can afford procativ definitely give it a try. It doesn’t work for everyone but if it works for you then that is great.

  4. I had severe acne for years and tried a lot of over the counter products but I never tried proactive. I never knew it existed. Now when I think back, how much money I could have saved if I used proactive to treat my acne from the beginning…

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