I believe that true love happens only once, my little infinity with Nan taught me that. If by any chance, a person comes along, a person who has the capacity to love with the same passion and intensity as (if not more than) Nan..a person who also knows exactly how to make her girl feel adored, cherished, and loved…a person who would love and care for me the same way Nan did to my mom, I wish him not for myself but for my daughter, Bianca because I had more than enough of that kind of love from Nan.
Today, I remember the beautiful love, the special bond and the deep connection that I shared with my lover, bestfriend and better half. There’s always that sadness and longing in remembrance but there’s also that extreme joy in knowing that I was lucky enough to have found my true love at a time God deemed perfect and that the little time we had together amounted to the happily ever after that I always dreamed of for myself. Happy Hearts Day everyone, wishing you all the same special love that I shared with my husband. Wherever you are, I hope you are spending this day with your one true love, if not, you still have the rest of the 364 days to make up for today. #chroniclesofareluctantwidow

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    • I almost made myself burst into crying with your blogpost.. I always see to it I could open my email every morning before heading myself to start my daily routine. You are an inspiration. I know your husband was grateful having you as his wife. I just wish he had stayed longer with you, I know you deserve to be happy. You are truly becoming a blessing to my everyday life. You inspire me to love and to have courage in every trials that may come along my way. You are superb. Thank you for sharing your heart to your readers. God bless you, more! I pray always for your good heart.

      • Thank you Gea, thank you for your kind words. I am happy to know that somebody like you finds inspiration in my writing. Godbless you too.:)

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