I don’t know about you but I am starting to note down the senators who are deserving of my vote come election next year.  I vow to myself  after some senators proved to be such a disappointment that I will be a wise voter next time around.  As most of the candidates seem to be making their presence known again in different media after successfully managing to fade in the background after the 2007 election, I thought it wise to share some of my thoughts here.
An online article written by Janette Toral on top senatorial bet Chiz Escudero caught my attention. It referred back to an earlier post she wrote about him in 2007 where Chiz Escudero laid his cards on the table. He spoke of his plans of working on a legislation that would “guarantee accessibility of education to all Filipinos up to college and not only up to high school.”  He also mentioned of creating programs for the “protection and security of our nationals working abroad, fair terms of employment and forward looking policies to predict labor demands from abroad” among other things. Five years later, I dare ask,”What happened to all these plans?”
I tried to search in the net for some information about legislations or bills that he authored, co-authored, presented or seen to the very end in relation to his supposed political plans and programs, but sad to say I didn’t find any that can be attributed to him as the father or primary proponent. Although Lexi Fenando in her article, Senator Chiz Escudero for 2013?, did mention that she found  a number of bills and resolutions he sponsored, co-sponsored, co-authored, these are not easily available in the internet for reference too.  There was  a law that he voted to be approved, the Cybercrime Law, which he later admitted was a mistake and oversight on his part since he missed reading the part about libel.  This has attracted much criticism on his part as being a senator, people expected him to thoroughly review documents with razor sharp eyes before approving it.  It didn’t help also that in one interview he disclosed that, “Nakalusot sa amin yun, nung pumirma naman kami nun wala pa yun.  Inamin namin yun agad kaya nga amendatory bill ang agad naming ifile,” (see complete story here).I can’t help but wonder again, Ano pa kaya nakalusot sa kanila? and Ano na kaya nangyari sa ammendatory bill?
Sad to say, among the top results of my searches on Chiz was that of his current relationship with showbiz princess, Heart Evangelista and his annulment to his then wife, Chistine Robles Flores.  And then there are those articles that called him a fake and a traitor too.  Since I am not privy to his personal affairs, I will take his word that he found true love with Heart at face value and believe that it is real and not politically motivated like how some believe. They seemed genuinely in-love and I know for a fact that love is not easy to fake.
I understand why he is the top choice as senator, he’s articulate, he has proven to be an engaging conversationalist, he can keep up and exchange quick fire ideas in a snap of a finger and he’s pleasant looking. The youths love him because he can relate with them like no one else can never mind if he was vocal in his support for the abolition of Sangguniang Kabataan before . He was able to successfully established himself in the online community as well in the boob tube by aggressively using these two media as tools to reach the “generation connect” which  admittedly will be the driving force this coming election. What seems to be lacking though  is an effective machinery, may it be in print or online, where people can easily refer to to know how far he has accomplished his supposed plans and programs  (more than his rising popularity in TV hosting and guesting). As of the moment, there seems to be none of that, his official pages sad to say are not up to date.
As a mom, working professional, and citizen hungry for leaders with thick professional portfolios and impeccable track records, it makes me wonder yet again if Chiz Escudero truly deserves my second vote? As it is I only have his TV appearances,  guestings, and interviews as basis for now.  What do you think, I will be happy to read your thoughts here.

5 comments on “Chiz Escudero: Will You Vote For Him Again?”

  1. It’s too soon to decide. Nevertheless, things are all in advantage for Senator Chiz Escudero (for now). I voted for him last election but let’s see in 2013.

  2. I am also having a second thought if given a chance to vote for him. I like him when he is co-hosting with Kris maybe because I find the tandem refreshing. I do admit that I am one of those who were mesmerized by his appeal the first time I heard him talk. Giving me an impression that he might bring some change if elected. But the realization is that it’s really about time that we change our standards in choosing our government officials if we want change. So for Chiz is still a big question mark for me if I will cast my vote to him.

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