I was at SM MOA last week to visit the Uniqlo store there.  We’ve been quite excited about visiting the store since we’ve been looking forward to it eversince SM announced that they’ll be bringing it here. And I have to say, the store did not disappoint. We’ve been a great fan of Japanese stores, we are in fact a regular customer of Daiso, Japan Home, and Muji, so naturally we also fell in love with the classic simplicity of the Uniqlo store at SM MOA.

Been wanting to buy one of the shirt from their Laura Ashley floral print collection and I finally had the chance to last week.  As you know, I love floral prints and I am just happy to be able to  grab one from Uniqlo’s Laura Ashley rack.

Anyway, enough of my Uniqlo shopping adventure which is not the purpose of this blogpost . Actually, I want to share the good news that today  Uniqlo announced that it will donate, thru its brand UNIQLO Philippines, 3 million yen to aid flood victims in Metro Manila and the surrounding areas.  That roughly translates to 1.5 million pesos! As we know, weeklong heavy monsoon rains caused great flooding which in turn caused serious damage  to the whole metro and to the other neighboring provinces.

The donation will be made to the SM Foundation, SM Group of Companies’ socio civic arm and also the parent company of SM Retail, which is Fast Retailing’s joint venture partner in the Philippines for proper disbursement.

Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer of Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc., during today’s announcement shared that, “UNIQLO is saddened by the current natural occurrences in the Philippines, and we would like to express our deep sympathy to all Filipinos who were affected by this calamity. We stand together with our Filipino friends in providing a helping hand.”
I am happy and grateful with this news as we need all the help me can get right now, from both both local and international groups/companies.  It is only now that we can really see the enormity of the damage that this calamity has brought on us, and from the looks of it we still have a long way to go in terms of bringing relief to the victims. I am just so glad that foreign companies, like Uniqlo, are stepping up and extending assistance to us in whatever way they can.
Arigatou gozaimasu, Uniqlo!

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