Two weeks ago, I was invited by Mr.Roland Allan De Vera, Marketing Manager of Teleserv, to attend a Bloggers’ Breakfast at Harvest Gastro Pub in BGC. Mr. Raffy David, Director for Marketing, was also present to give us a brief background of how Teleserv works to provide citizens with fast and reliable government services.

Teleserv has been partnering with NSO, DFA, and POEA for the past 12 years in providing citizens with an efficient system of securing important travel related documents such as NSO birth certificate, passport, and OFW Exit Clearance. Gone are the days when we have to endure the long queue at NSO when securing copies of our birth certificate or waiting for long hours at the DFA for passport processing and claiming. OFWs can now also make the most of their vacation and need not show their face at POEA anymore and waste precious vacation time just to secure an Overseas Exit Clearance. All these can now be delivered right at our doorstep through Teleserv’ Citizens Tele Services.
To request for a copy of your birth certificate from NSO, simply call 737-1111 or chat online at

For returning OFW, secure your Overseas Exit Clearance by logging on to or calling 737-777.

To secure an appointment sechedule for passport processing, all you have to do is log on to or call 737-1000.

With just a phone call or a few clicks of the mouse, we can now enjoy convenient and hassle free transactions with these government agencies, thanks to Teleserv.
Teleserv is the premier citizen service provider in the country. Currently it has three major contact center facilities. They use a system called Teleserv Maestro which provides for Voice, SMS, and Web Chat service among others. Their software is more streamlined making it possible for their customer service agents to respond to calls efficiently. With their strong manpower and top of the line equipments, requesting for a service from Teleserv takes only a few minutes to complete.
Teleserv has continuously proven itself to be a driver of growth and change by providing no less than excellent citizens services. It is indeed an example of world class service quality at its finest. It continues to bring professionalized and improved government services to citizens by empowering every Online Pinoy to take the lead in their affairs and become more involved.

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  1. This is a “blueprint” of the best service ever I’ve known as far as I’m concerned. – an excellent vehicle for a fastest and reliable facility and a “world class quality service”. Two-thumbs up for this!

    is one easy way to get documents faster and more convenient.
    This is really of big help to Filipinos who preferred to acquire
    pertinent docs online than going to certain government offices just to secure

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