Last night while I was surfing the internet, I heard my 10 year old daughter and husband give out loud guffaws. So I got curious and checked out what they were watching. I was surprised to learn that they were watching Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. It was our first time to watch the new PBB Teen Edition but I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately, mostly negative feedback. I have to tell you honestly, I was shocked at some scenes.
I don’t want to judge but if this is some sort of a gauge of how our teens are turning out to be these days, then this is really a cause for alarm. The show is running for just merely two weeks and already there’s a lot of teen pairing and rowdiness going around in Big Brother’s house. If you are an outsider watching the scenes, I wouldn’t be surprise if you will conclude that these kids are definitely lacking in good morals and values formation. My heart particularly went out to the parents of this girl, Karen, who shared last night in National TV how she had kept all her love relationships a secret from her parents. My gosh! And she’s only 15! I wonder what her parents felt while watching her disclose this information in National TV–hurt? betrayed? angry?
Some were saying it’s all scripted. If that is the case, then that makes it all the more worst. Imagine using these children, these teens, to attract viewers. Imagine using what could have been teen issues, problems,and conflicts best processed in the home and by the parents just so you will gain high viewership. I understand that they want to depict big brother as somebody who can straighten out these kids but really, does it have to be at the expense of these kids? I also understand that upon joining the show, the parents were asked to sign a waiver of some sort, and probably right at this this moment, they don’t have any right anymore to make a protest. But I also believe that if your intentions are good, then you would rather create scenarios that would put this kids in good light rather than have people questioning their upbringing. I understand the nature of the show, that its reality TV, but I guess its high time we review our regulation of casting teens in reality TV. A study has to be done if casting them in this type of show will prove to be beneficial to them or not. Unlike taped show where the parents can really see and review beforehand how their teens or children will appear on the show, in reality TV, the family is left with no choice but to deal with the “surprises” as they come since they don’t have that kind provision. This somehow makes the teen/child and his family vulnerable to abuse.
I am a fan of some ABS-CBN shows like May Bukas Pa, 100 Days and the others. I am not questioning their capacity to come up with excellent shows that promote and highlight good values. I just hope that in this case, they will be all the more discerning, conscious, and vigilant in injecting these in their shows like PBB Teens. Especially now that a lot of kids are glued to the TV, day and night since it’s summer break. It would be good if all the networks, not just ABS-CBN, can provide them with shows that will not only entertain them but form their values and character as well. For really, for media to become an effective tool of communication, it must somehow convey a message that will influence and move a person to do positive actions.
What about you, what’s your take on this?

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  1. actually for me maganda naman yung ngaun although may mga scene pa parang di pude ipalabas sa tv like what happen last epi kung saan nag kiss yung dalawang lalaki o about dun sa isang girl na nag confuse about marriage..
    for me its an eye opener sa mga parents na dapat talagang gabayan nilang mabuti ang kanilang mga anak…

  2. I have been watching this PBB Teens Edition. Yeah, some really shocked me. And with our Filipino culture, sometimes, it seems to be not good and very inappropriate. There are also times that I felt bad for their parents. I’m sure they’re hurting on what they see on national tv. But the fact that they allowed their child to join the show, they must be prepared too. I just hope ABS-CBN will be there to provide proper guidance for the teens.

  3. yah, i dfntly agree with u.. they shud b mor sensitive on sum aspects they wud air since nation/globalwide wud see it. how wud sum culture/foreign c us, r next gen if thats so.. i reli hope and stick to the fact that we Filipinos r mor decent and respectful to r parents and to elders by doing gud and protecting the name of d famly. it shud b a culture/behavior we shud cherish and practice tl generations to cam. but i gez these things r too blurry for this generation already. how much mor to the upcoming? sad to realize this. πŸ™

  4. I’ve heard of this show too, though I haven’t watched any and they don’t air it here, perhaps TFC but we don’t have it (lol). One close friend once told my daughter that if she’s older, she can be cast to PBB lol, I didn’t knew then what it means but reading your review on it, I’d probably discourage her…

  5. I agree with your post. Iba talaga ang generation ngayon. Siguro nga I agree with one of your commentor na siguro para maging aware mga parents about sa mga situation na ganito. Iba iba ung mga approach sa atin but for sure PBB teens could help people! πŸ™‚

  6. hindi ako nakakapanuod nito ng madalas.. misan nakakanuod lang if nasa sala din ako. hindi ko napanuod ang part na ito.
    ang napanuod ko lang is yung si Meritol na yun at Claire..kung saan parang kinumfornt nya si Meritol ni Claire na bakit ito lumalapit ky Yves ba yun eh alam naman daw na mahal nya na si na daw sya gosh! sabi ko nga almost 2weeks pa lang ito taposma-iinlove na sya..funny kasi parang mang aaway pa talaga si Claire eh..hahaha..
    kainis na mga bata yan..nung kabataan ko halos hindi ako makapagsabi kong sino crush ko eh..
    kids now really needs close supervision and guidance from the parents kasi ibang iba na talaga ang panahon.. i just hope my daughter will grow na close talaga kami.. especially she’ll grow having no father..kaya now pa lang I am thinking of ways na talaga na maging okay kami ng anak ko.

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