Even up to this day, I still marvel at how internet redefined the way we live and do things. It used to be that we have to painstakingly go through different process and steps, and deal with long periods of waiting before we can fully avail of different services. But with the advent of the internet, almost everything can be had in an instant. This has forced companies, institutions and emerging businesses whose main job is to provide valuable services to people to reinvent themselves or come up with innovations to keep up with the changing times.
One such innovation in the field of finance is Lenddo.  It is the world’s first credit scoring system and the first Philippine loans facility that uses an individual’s online reputation to access current credit standing in granting and extending  simple business loans, payday loans and other personal finance services.
Joining Lenddo is easy, all you have to do is complete the registration process by filling in the necessary details such as complete name, email, password, gender, birthday and mobile number.
Once registered, you can start increasing your credit score to avail of the different services. You can build your credit score by making your online presence felt and by establishing a good online reputation.

My credit score after linking my facebook, linkedin and yahoo acounts.

Create good online reputation by simply linking all your social network connections such as email, facebook, twitter, google and linkedin to your Lenddo account. Build your community and trusted network by inviting friends, colleagues and relatives. This will also help increase your credit score. The higher your credit score, the easier for you and those in your network to access the different financial services that Lenddo offers.
My credit score after filling out other details such as employment status, address, contact nos. & after linking it to my twitter account.

Your connections are what Lenddo will use in assessing your capacity to borrow and pay for the personal, educational, small business and even home repair loans that you can apply.
Though I haven’t tried availing any of the loan facilities that they offer, I like the thought of not having to go through the tedious and stressful process of submitting endless documents as well as waiting for weeks for the loan to be approved, especially when urgent financial need arises (ex. medical emergency).
Currently Lenddo provides loans for Education, Medical Emergencies, Home Improvement and Career Based Relocation. Each type of loan has a corresponding list of requirements that you need to complete for your loan to be approved. Generally, you need to be employed and you need to have a credit score of 400+ plus at least three trusted connections to jumpstart your apllication.
As soon as you meet all the other requirements, the loan can be approved and the loan amount can be given as early as one business day. Lenddo offers loans at a minimum amount of php 5,000 to a maximum of php 43,000. Interest rates are dependent on your Lenddo score and terms of payment ranges from 3 months to a year, again depending on your Lenddo score.
Lenddo only provides loans to members with a current bank account. In claiming loans, you don’t have to take a leave from work to personally claim the fund from their office, the loan fund can be deposited straight to your bank account. You can also pick from the many modes of payment that they provide, it can be through direct debit to mobile payments or local bank deposit.
Lenddo is a fast, reliable and efficient way of applying for a loan. It is paperless and hassle free.


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The way I see it, it works around three principles:

  • Improve the quality of life of its members by giving them access to loan facilities for their education, medical, career/business, and home needs.
  • Engage in community building by empowering members to create their network, maintain good connection and look after each other’s credit reputation. Every good or bad financial move such as increasing your credit score, dutifully paying your loan dues or failure to repay your loan dues affect not only your credit score but the credit score of people in your network as well.
  • Develop good sense of responsibility in handling finances among members. Lenddo doesn’t only provide members with funds, it also helps members become wise spenders by providing them tips on how to effectively manage their finances through its blog service. In fact, they also offer online class for Financial Responsibility that members can avail. A member can increase his credit score upon completion of this class.
Lenddo Testimonials

View more presentations from Lenddo

As with any lending institutions, this works well for people who are financially responsible. Lenddo gives each member the freedom to determine their own credit standing. And as with any online activity that you will join, you have to be fully aware of its implication to your online reputation and privacy as well.
Although security measures are very much in place, you have to remember that what will make you financially sound and capable in Lenddo (your networks and connections’ personal & professional information) are what might be used against you too in the event that you decide not to complete your loan obligations. In short it requires huge amount of financial maturity and responsibility on your side.
If you ask me if I will recommend Lenddo to you, I would have to say I do as long as you are fully aware of your responsibilities and the possible consequences of your actions if you decide to join the Lenddo community.
Lenddo  is changing the landscape of financial lending with its innovative response to the changing needs of financial borrowers. It is a successful union of innovative financial solution and social responsibility. If used prudently and wisely this can work well for most of us.
Lenddo is duly registered at SEC (lending services company) and is covered by this regulation, RA No. 9474.

56 comments on “Lenddo: The Answer To Your Pressing Financial Needs”

  1. I also like the thought of getting rid of submission of requirements. I think this would be a game changer in the credit and reputation management of the financial field.

  2. “Credit is good, but we need cash” sounds less effective nowadays wherein everyone needs finances for his/her business venture. Credit is the lifeblood of the business, I remember this line when I was still studying my commerce course in the college. A business stands out against all setbacks and failures when it is properly managed. This Lenddo could be answer to this, I think.

  3. Wow this is great. Yeah Internet is a good help for us life is way easier now than before but being dependent on it also has its disadvantages. I’m curious how they go through with credit investigations specially in our country where it is so easy to run away from your obligations. At the end of the day this about being responsible and knowing your financial limitations.

  4. I think this the second time I read about this in the blogosphere. I would love to try on this. I hope this will go a long long way because it only aims to help.

  5. This may be a better alternative than
    availing loans through banks and some financial institutions.
    It’s more convenient because the whole process is online.
    You need not go to any place and wait for your turn.

  6. This is a nice option..
    I don’t really take loan if I can help it..
    Just imagining being chase by creditors is kind of nightmarish..
    But I sure will keep tab on this, I just recently applied for loan with my SSS
    all done with a few clicks online. tadan!
    nowadays, its easy to get things done.
    I applied for NBI clearance online too.. it was such a breeze, all I had to do was to have pity on those people who’s falling in line and taking the whole day to do it

  7. I keep on seeing this Lenddo everywhere. I think I saw it first in a forum. I only understood it through your post.
    Looks like it’s a pretty legit alternative to getting loans. Government loans are a problem. ATM collateral loans businesses are risky and you can’t expand on it. And banks want credit histories.
    But then, this won’t work on those people who need loans but do not have easy access to the internet.

  8. I’ve heard of such things before but most of them are not as big as Lenddo. I think this is a better option. Might want to check it out next time.

  9. The internet is really revolutionary.. just imagine… using your online connection as basis to assess of you have the capacity to pay… This is really something… I just hope that it works smoothly because this can really help a lot of people

  10. Wow! This is a good financial venue, given the fact that they’re already offering this kind of service online. Everything gets more accessible and convenient every day, which is really a great advantage.

  11. i agree with Mai, it is a good financial venue especially at times of emergencies. i have been reading a lot about it over the net 🙂

  12. this is an interesting post, though i’m not really big on credits because it only create trouble for me, too much trouble, it’s a nightmare i don’t want to be in anymore. but at least we are now keeping up in terms of financial services. i wish i could say more, but i do agree that at some points there is an advantage to having a good credit standing. 🙂

  13. I could use this one. I’ll try to apply later so I can have something to use when I go out of the country for work. Thanks for this 🙂

  14. This is a very inspiring article. I really am truly impressed when reading your article. You offer useful information. Keep it up. looking forward to reading your next article.thanks

  15. Great post dear! You really posted a great article and it will help all the person. Who are wanting help form someone. Your information is very helpful.
    Thanks for writing these type of article.

  16. Hi, I hope I can ask someone to confirm me for the trusted connections. I am looking for someone who has a good lenddo score. I have 486 score so I can process my loan application. I hope I can include you on my list. Thanks.

  17. I wish more people would post valuable content like this. This is the first time I’ve been on your website, but after this, I doubt it will be the last time.

  18. Evеrything is ѵery open with a really clear clarification of
    tһe challenges. It was definitely informative.
    Your weƅsite is very useful. Thank you foг sharing!

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