Last week my mom decided to changed the color of the room she shares with my daughter from pink to beige. Since my mom was not satisfied with the way the paint color turned out from the last painting project in our house about a month ago, we decided to purchase the paint from Ace Hardware this time.
When we dropped by Ace Hardware in SM last Sunday, this sign welcomed us. I was aware that they have this kind of service before but we haven’t tried it yet so we were very curious about how this works. We purchased the paint that we used last month in the hardware store near our house and they did manual mixing that is why it took a lot of hits and mixes before they got the color right, well almost.

The salesman showed us swatches of colors. I chose the Whisper of White from the Cosy color collection, a shade of lemon beige. After that, the salesman encoded it in the computer to get the right color combination and amount of paints that should be added. After the computer came up with the correct formula, the salesman started adding colors from the paint dispenser using the computer data as reference.

color swatches

paint dispenser

My husband and I were surprised when we learned that they have a machine that will do the mixing as well. My husband, who was all prepared to do the endless mixing heaved a big sigh of relief when the saleman announced that he does not have to that. After three minutes, the paint was ready to go. No sweat and stress.

I highly recommend this service because, although a bit expensive, it would save you the trouble of having to buy different shades of paint to achieve your preferred color mixture. One whole gallon of Ace’s Essence Flat paint cost php 990. Not bad considering that the paint can both be applied on hardiflex plywood and stone wall. Another plus factor is, it doesn’t emit a strong smell, in fact the paint is odorless, perfect for asthmatic like us. The mixture quality is also good, not too thick and not to runny either, consistency is just right. Here’s one side of our room’s newly painted wall.

Thanks to technology, home improvement like house painting is now made easy. You don’t have to have an eye for color or be good in the art of mixing colors in order to achieve that perfect look for your house. All you need is an innovative technology like this and you’ll be all set for a house make over.

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  1. Ace sales person are very approachable .On our last vacation ,we went to Ace Festival mall to look around ,they were very accommodating answering to my hubby’s questions.

  2. i’ve seen this in ace hardware too but never really paid attention to it.
    this is a great innovation and i hope that i’d be able to try it out soon if i decide to revamp my space.

  3. Digital technology is really a great help in any field. For sure, computerize paint mixing higher accuracy rate than manual. Perhaps, similar concept is being used with digital printers. ^_^
    Thank you for sharing this idea. Godspeed!

  4. We need to spend much in order to achieve the quality that we want. Sometimes quality comes with the price so it’s better not to settle for less but with poor quality.
    I also prefer odorless paint.

  5. oohh.. this is nice. I didnt know Ace had this.
    this is a great post since im planning to change the colors of my walls at my room.

  6. Nice huh? I was pretty amazed myself when I saw them use the technology when we bought a gallon of paint here!
    Your mom must be pleased with how the room turned out! 🙂

  7. now the hassle of having to wait for the perfect shade to appear after continuous mixing manually is over, thanks to this invention. I’d love to try that when i have to repaint my house.

  8. Wow! That’s really new technology. This is the first time I’ve heard about this and I’m really surprised at the new technologies popping up. This one is really helpful! I sure will look for it when it’s my turn to buy paint. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. Hi the great thing about this method of mixing paint for me. Is if they mix it and your not 100% sure you can always ask them to change it slightly while you are still in the store.
    Good product thanks lee

  10. Could you write another post about computerized paint mixing into a little bit more detail? I had some questions that weren’t answered here but I liked what you had to say on the subject. Love to hear more of your perspective.

  11. I wish more people would post valuable content like this. This is the first time I’ve been on your website, but after this, I doubt it will be the last time.

  12. Wow. I did not realize that Ace had this machine. I’ll have to see if they have one close to my house/work. It would be a godsend if they have one. Usually I have to wait quite a long time to get the shades just right. I dread going to the paint store because it takes so darned long. I own a Mold remediation company in Houston and we use a ton of blended paint for touch-up. I get tired after a long day. Thank you Blanca for this article. The local Sherman Williams, Lowe’s and/or Home Depot does not have this machine… Thanks again!

  13. Awesome Post. This Post is very meaningfula and informative. It helped me a lot.Hope you keep it up in future also by providing informative post.This Post is very much handy.Best of Luck & Cheers.
    Thank You

  14. This is awesome and really useful. ACE Hardware is innovative technology and computerized paint mixing provides higher accuracy than the manual paint mixing method.Thanks for sharing such a informative content.

  15. This is awesome and really useful. ACE Hardware is innovation and computerized paint mixing provides higher accuracy than the manual paint mixing method.Thanks for sharing such a informative content.

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