Jack’s Loft at Festival Mall

March 31, 2012 · 38 comments

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My husband and I love to go on a food trip. You guessed it right, our favorite past time is eating. The other day, we were at Festival Supermall to try out Jack’s Loft. We were surprised to note that Jack’s Loft, My Thai and Phoa shared a common dining area. We opted to be seated at the My Thai/Phoa area since it has a more vibrant feel than the Jack’s Loft corner. I was immediately attracted to the pink and green chairs.

Jack's Loft

Jack's Loft

pink and green chairs

I just love how pretty the place looks like. One side of the wall is decorated with drawers and there are two fab white couches against it.

Jack's Loft

Since we were not up for some Thai and Chinese food, we ordered two main dishes from Jack’s Loft as originally planned. My husband had the Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff. This is beef tenderloin sauteed in mushrooms and red pepper, and topped with stroganoff sauce. The beef is chewy and tasty. I love the stroganoff sauce, it taste heavenly. I am a sucker for creamy sauces on top so this dish definitely goes well with my palate. They had medium size serving for this one though so it is good for one person only, if you opt to share with someone, it will be bitin.

Jack's Loft

php 315

I had the HK Style Baked Pork Chops. This is fried rice topped with baked breaded pork chop, cheese and tomato sauce. The porkchop was crunchy and fried to perfection. I loved the tomato sauce and cheese combination. This can be shared by two persons as they have generous serving of this.

Jack's Loft

php 230

In the end, we were too full to order dessert but of course, dining here wouldn’t be complete without paying the dessert window a visit.

Jack's Loft

tempting dessert

We will definitely be back for a slice or two of these sinful desserts. Jack’s Loft/My Thai/Phoa’ is at the 3rd level of Filinvest Festival Mall, near the Madrigal entrance. Do check out their food offerings, they sure taste good.:)

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