I never wear make-up except during those very few occasions where I needed to paint my face a decent hue in order to look presentable. Unlike my sister who have mastered the art of painting faces, I usually have to struggle with the eye liner, mascara and eyeshadow. The only thing that I never fail to put on is my red lipstick. Eversince college, I have this thing about red lipstick. I’ve always felt that I am ready to take the world as long I am wearing  red on my lips. This is like my perk up everyday, my happiness in a tube.  I carry this notion  that the only thing that I need to look good and feel good is red lipstick. Call me weird but I feel bare and vulnerable without my red lipstick on.

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There’s this funny story about me and my red lips. We used to rent an apartment near UST, as you know in that area, there a lot of crazy people in the streets.  So there I was waiting for a taxi one day, in all my pregnant glory, feeling pretty satisfied with myself because I had the perfect shade of red lipstick on when suddenly a crazy guy came up to me and said “PENGE PISO!”. I was so nervous I frantically searched inside my bag. He had a ballpen pointed aimingly at my pregnant tummy, while on the other hand he was holding a rolled up newspaper. I was so afraid that he would hit my head with it and punched my tummy with his red ballpen that I gave all my coins to him which was like a handful. He grabbed the coins and was starting to walk away when he stopped and looked disgustingly at me again. I was rooted in my place, waiting for him to do something bad. Then he screamed and said  “WALANGHIYA KA, ANG INIT INIT NAKA-RED LIPSTICK KA PA!!!”, then stormed away. I was left there staring after him with my mouth wide open while people around me who clearly heard what the crazy man said were laughing and snickering. It became a standing joke between my husband and I, whenever he sees me wearing a new shade of red, he would say the crazy man’s line.:)
I am currently using two shades of red lipstick. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red which is in Matte so I usually put a lip balm on top to keep my lips moisturized. I have been a fan of Revlon since college. I like how they stay on for hours and how they don’t crack on your lips as the shade fades even without putting on balm.

                                                                  Source: fragrantica.com via Blanca on Pinterest

I am also using Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Burnt Red. My sister is a huge fan of Bobbi Brown and she gave this to me when she came home recently. I love its orangy red shade. This is matted also so I put on lip balm with it too.

In between Revlon lipsticks, I use Maybelline’s Moisture Rich Lipstick in Red Wine or Very Cherry. I like that it has that moisture component already and it is very cheap too.


A few years back, a cousin gave me a Channel no. 5 which I absolutely love, love, love. It’s quite expensive so I am waiting for the perfect ocassion (and excuse) to buy one.:)

If you ask me what my fashion statement is, I would probably say, forever red lips drama. Stessed or not, sick or well, as long as I’m wearing my red lipstick on, everything is right in my world.

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  1. Like you I wear make up occasionally but I love to collect lipsticks and eyeliners. I am not a fan of powders cos it gives me an allergic reaction. Atleast now, I know that I am not just the one who doesnt wear MUCH things like this. Love your colour pick! RED FOREVER! xxx

  2. Ahaha, that anecdote was both funny and scary. Inggit lang yun sa red lipstick nyo. LOL
    i’m still on the lookout for the perfect red lipstick (and also for the perfect red nail polish). I have a warm skin tone with yellow undertones (Ikaw po, what’s your skin tone?), but it seems like all the red lipsticks I find are for people with cool skin tone. =(
    Until I find that shade of red that’s perfect for me, I’d have to settle for peaches and pinks. =^.^=

    • Hi Lorsh, did you receive my package?:) I am a little fair skinned and most of the time, red faced ako parang hihikain lagi or nasunog nasusunod ng araw kaya bagay siguro red. ahahaha.:)

  3. haha Now that! that story cracks me up! kakalurky! lol anyhoo, I wish I have the confidence to wear red lipstick. I never had the guts to do so. maybe soon.. but I dunno. I still have to find that perfect red lipstick for me though. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Good choice of lipsticks. I like Bobby Brown. My cousin’s wear red lipstick everyday. Kahit nasa bahay lang or magtinda sa palengke. Kailangan red lips talaga. That’s her trademark. She is known as Riza-Red-lips. Lol

  5. I haven’t tried using red lipstick, or any lipstick at all. I’m more of a lipgloss user. But I really liked your post. Haha. If I was in the same situation, I would have also freaked out. 😀

  6. Compared to you, I’m rather shy to wear red lipstick. I think it’s just too loud. Not unless I’m really going for the glam look. Haha! To each his own, I guess.

  7. I also love red lipstick, but I tend to stick to the mauve side of red. However, I do carry RED! by Red Apple Lipstick in my bag, just in case the need arises. All girls should have at least one red lipstick in their collection!

  8. I’m like you. I wear make up occasionally! Haven’t tried red lippied too. Just the nude one. Haha but I wana try it sometime! Anyway, t’was funny and scary situation! 😀

  9. Hi! Like you am an occasional make up wearer and must say I am really not good at it! But in contrast I am really shy about red lips! I just can not go out with a red lipstick on even though I want it! I have tried it once or twice but just could not gather enough strength to step out with it 🙁

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