I have the most boring wardrobe. I tend to go on fashion phases and usually it takes a while for me to snap out of my current fashion phase. So far I am done with my all-things-black phase, I remember my mom would say everytime she sees me before, “ano ba yan para kang pupunta lagi sa patay.” Haha. What the heck, I am living out my black chic drama. I’ve always felt that you can never go wrong with the little black dress and pearls.:) I am also done with my all-things-checkered phase. It was cut short because one time, we attended a gathering and the table cloth looked screamingly like my top so that sort of did the reality check for me. Funny, but I went through all-things-animal prints too, but that didn’t last long too. Even I realized that yes it looks good on some people but definitely not on me:) As for my all-things-flowery prints, I am sort of not over that yet, but it isn’t totally consuming me as the other ones, and I mostly like them on bags and pouches.
Right now, I am currently in my all-things-striped phase. There’s something about stripes that makes me so drawn to it. I like how seamless and fluid it is. I like how clean it makes you look. I like how when you pair it with red, my favorite color, you’ll still get away with it. I don’t care how the horizontal lines make me look fat, it just make me feel good every time I wear stripes. They say stripes is the new black, and I totally agree!:)

love the contrast

the belt did it!:)

"smart casual" in stripes

stripes + red = fab

And at any given day, I don’t dress for fashion, I dress for myself.:)

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  1. I’m basically a T-shirt and jeans type of gal. I also like striped shirts ( the horizontal ones coz I’m slim; vertical stripes make me thinner LOL). And yes, I believe that black dresses are stylish πŸ™‚

  2. I used to wear stripes too kaso tumaba na ako e and i hate it pag may na meet ako na kakilala and bigla ka sasabihan nang “OMG antaba-taba mo na”… kaka-loka! hehe.. kaya i stopped wearing those type of stripes that will make me look wider.. but i still have them in my closet… πŸ˜‰

  3. Stripes could be helpful. For chubby and small people, vertical stripes could make look you taller and slim. While horizontal stripes could add volume to your body,
    Hey Blanca, wanna see you wear those stripes too :))

    • Hi Edmaration, I don’t follow convention even if horizontal stripes make me look fat, I still wear them because I like! hahaha. That’s why I didn’t pose my pics here kasi I don’t look good in stripes, but then I feel good in stipes which is much important to me than looking good. Haha!:)

  4. Oh gawd, you think you have the most boring wardrobe? Think again! hehhee.. Ako na yata ang number 1. Kaya nahihiya akong iblog ang wardrobe ko kasi alang kwenta. LOL. joke!
    I love stripes! I used to wear them, kaso sabi nakakataba daw tingnan yung horizontal stripes. I look for vertical stripes sa blouses and shirts, pero konti lang din nakikita ko. :p

  5. “And at any given day, I don’t dress for fashion, I dress for myself.” loved the line… this should always be the attitude, if you’re confident enough to what you wear… maganda lagi ang kalalabasan. Yahweh bless.

  6. Horizontal Stripe is great for thin people like Dg. But for tabachingching like me we need Vertical stripes to make us look thinner. πŸ™‚
    I love your one liner: And at any given day, I don’t dress for fashion, I dress for myself.:)
    That is exactly should be the mind set of everyone!

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