Most of you I’m sure have already planned how you will celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Maybe some of you would eat in a fancy restaurant, watch movies together, or have a romantic picnic somewhere. But a good number of people I know will spend Valentine’s day watching their favorite Koreanovelas.
I used to be a fan of Koreanovelas, I remember staying up late just to watch Lovers in Paris, Full House, Kim Sam Soon and of course the totally fierce, All About Eve. But then, since teledramas are not really my thing, I eventually lost interest in them. Even now that everyone still seems to be so into Koreanovelas, I haven’t had the luxury of time lately to fully immerse myself in this whole thing even if I wanted to. But I feel that it will only be for a short matter time now before I will eventually give in and take up my friend’s offer to watch her whole Koreanovela collection.

Lovers in Paris

What really amazed me about Koreanovelas is the way they have quietly seeped into the Pinoy consciousness. They have gained such a strong following among bagets, pabagets and even forgets. Haha. It’s funny how they have managed to collapse social barriers among masa and the elite. I remember hearing a conversation among two people who looked like they came from two different backgrounds one time. They obviously found something in common to talk about–their favorite Koreanovelas! Even people who don’t see eye to eye managed to strike a common ground when talking about what is the next best Koereanovela to watch.:)
All About Eve

When I asked my friend Sheena why she loves watching Koreanovela so much, being the total fan girl that she is, she shared that it’s because their story lines are simple and realistic yet at the same time creative and original. Unlike local teleseryes where a kidnap scene, a shooting scene, hospital scene or bida unbelievably surviving a fatal accident/ threat to his life scenes are always part and parcel of the climax, in Koreanovelas, the ending is often so well crafted that you would not have predicted it at all. Sometimes they even leave it hanging for viewers to conclude for themselves. My friend also liked how they effortlessly managed to weave their culture, values and tradition in their Korean dramas. My friend have in fact learned a lot of interesting information about Korea and how they do things there from these shows.
Full House

What I like most about them though is how the actors managed to hopelessly tickle our hearts silly with just their simple dialogue and minus the pacute and silly smiles or poses. I believe it takes a great skill for an actor to be able do that. I also like how the actors appear to be so natural in the camera as compared to our own teleserye stars who often are fully made up even when the scene calls for them to be in their pambahay.:) I also love how they give importance to modesty. Their love scenes are only implied and they only go as far as a smack on the lips or conservative kiss on cam. Whereas, most of our primetime teleseryes often leave little to the imagination.
Kim Sam Soon

I guess what makes these Koreanovelas click is the way they have managed to purposely create their telenovelas as more of an art that would delight audience rather than just pure entertainment. From creative writing, fantastic cinematography, skilled acting and well thought out direction, these Koreanovelas have indeed set the trend that all other telenovelas should follow.
And now we’ve come to the best part, for Valentine’s Day and for a totally Korean experience, Blancnotes is giving away a top of the line Korean Health and Beauty Gift Set.

Note: Box will not be included when I ship these prizes, only the contents will be shiped.

To join the raffle simply follow these important steps/reminders:
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2. Share your favorite Koreanovela and tell us why you love it using the comment box below together with your name, email add and the facebook URL of your post:
Example: My favorite Koreanovela is Full House because it is full of
funny and kilig moments.
Name: Blanca Dela Cruz
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4. Giveaway ends on February 14, 2011.
5. This is open to Philippine residents only.
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84 comments on “All About Koreanovelas + A Giveaway”

  1. Yey giveaways. But unfortunately, I can’t join again since I’m out of the country. Goodluck to the winners. I love koreanovela too when I was still in the Philippines. Lovers in Paris was one of my faves that time. 🙂

  2. My favorite Koreanovela is My name is Kim Sam Soon because this story is full of funny and sweet moments while I am watch this story, I can relate to her, no matter what happen if you’re cubby, sexy or fat,True Love can be your’s if two hearts know how to respect and to love each other.
    Name: Roselie Padilla
    email add:
    Fb post:
    twitter post:!/KawaiiKittyDoll/status/167836352484884481

  3. Name : Mayla Lagrimas
    My Favorite Korea Novela is ” It Started with a Kiss”..last 4-5 years ago buntis ako sa 1st baby ko lagi akong nanonood talaga nyan kasi sobrang nakakatawa ung mga moments nila Jeanie at michael sa channel 2 pa nga un at ngaun meron na sa channel 7..kaya sigurado tatawa na naman ako pero now 2 na kami ng baby boy ko..he’s now 4 yrs.old and a very happy baby ko talaga manood ng mga Korea novela..pati sa YOUTUBE nanonod din ako addict talaga…
    Email add:
    FB Link:
    twitter link: https://!/maymaxnin/status/167872989977788416

  4. All of the choices! I’ve already watched them 🙂 Babad na Babad ako sa T.V,Mapatagalog o kaya sa Dvd sa subtitles even the replay,Wala akong pinalalagpas :)).But Ang pinaka favorite ko sa lahat ay Kim Sam Soon :)) It made me laugh all the time lalo na nung first time nila mag meet at gusto nyang papalitan ang name nya dahil kapangalan nya ang isang brand ng electronics SAMSUNG 🙂
    Name: Janina Laurice Dumali
    email add:
    Facebook post URL:

  5. omg, this post/giveaway is definitely for me. i looove koreanovelas. i’m actually very busy these days (you can’t really tell because i’m procrastinating :p) but i still find time to watch my k-dramas. my all-time favorite would be Sassy Girl Chunhyang. there isn’t web streaming yet those days so i bought vcds so i can watch undubbed koreanovelas, and i remember almost breaking our dvd player because i watch my chunhyang vcds everyday. LOL.
    there has been a lot of great k-dramas lately. i like JIW (a lot) and i want pretty boys in my k-dramas (always a requirement); thus, i was hooked to Flower Boy Ramen Shop. (there’s a second koreanovela from the same flower boy concept, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band). and of course, City Hunter; which i was verrry fond of way back when it was not yet popular in the Philippines. i endorsed it to my friends, a lot. i gave (soft) copies so they can relate when i start raving about it. but now many people know about my lee yun-seong, so.. hmp, it dropped a few notches. and then there was Dream High 1. superrr loved it (extra points because of my Chansungie’s cameo). 1 <3 suzy. and now there is Dream High 2, which was a big disappointment. subpar compared to DH1, imo. there's also Ppadam Ppadam (or Padam Padam). it's an adult k-drama and the sweet scenes are waaaah!! <3<3<3 it's a sad story, too. but hey there's kim bum. he has grown into a very lovely man, he's a boy no more.
    oh oh, i just thought of my #2 favorite next to chunhyang. BEST LOVE!!! seriously. dok go jin!! if you haven't seen it, then please make sure you do. it is awesome. it's also an adult koreanovela. it's a yummy metaphor soup. there are no classic, cheesy lines; just cheesy lines wrapped up in a crunchy metaphor. it's perfect.
    i could go on forever. i have a lot of favorites!! the recent ones include MGIAG, 49 Days, Spy MyungWol (despite the bad last few episodes), SOaW, The Musical, Protect the Boss, Me Too Flower, etc.
    i know my comment is like a novel.. but this topic is right up my alley! it got me excited, sorrreeee. =P
    Name: Lorsh Co
    FB post:
    PS: just contact me if you want to talk shop. outside of the giveaway. =^.^=

  6. It’s not strange when I say I almost like ALL Koreanovelas. What’s not to like with them? Who doesn’t like them? Almost all of Koreanovelas are filled with funny and kilig-to-the-bones moments. Perfect Match doesn’t break this trend! Yes, I loved Perfect Match the most! Topbilled by my hunky, fafable Lee Min Ho also known as Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers now back on air as Lee Yun-Seong on an action romatic drama City Hunter! And to prove my addiction on Perfect Match, here’s the album wherein I compiled those kilig scenes after I had watched the said comedy drama.
    Kristine Joy de Vera
    FB Share:
    Twitter Share:!/kirsten_dayne/status/168681832735449088

  7. My favorite Koreanovela is Temptation of a Wife because it talks of suffering, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness. Dramang-drama haha. Honestly, it is the only koreanovela I’ve seen on TV. My mom got sick at that time and I was at home, tending to her. I wasn’t able to watch all the episodes. My mom was an avid fan of this koreanovela and she narrated some of the episodes to me. If I had time, I watched it with her 🙂
    Name: Lea Ducay
    email add:
    Facebook post:
    Twitter post:!/cloverleaf123/status/169436735137251328

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  10. Most Korean dramas present really interesting stories to follow so the audience is curious and wants to keep watching
    Not least the full house that became my favorite korean drama

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