An attempt to understand how fate, destiny or whatever you call it work.

Create your future map.
Decide on how you want your future to be like—the kind of life you want to live and the kind of person you want to be in the future. Put them in paper, write them in your journal or better yet draw them.
Plan your moves. Make a list of the things that you will do that will help you get to the kind of life that you imagine yourself living in the future. Make specific action plans on how you will go about becoming the person you want to be.
Make them happen. Set the wheels in motion. Get started with your journey. Some people never get to their future because they wait for it to come to them. Act out what is in your list and execute your action plans one by one (at the soonest possible time).
Follow the signs (even the tell tale ones). God will send you dozens of them to guide you on your way, to lead you to the right path and decisions, and to affirm your actions. Tune in to them.

Learn from other travelers.
Take advices from seasoned travelers who are almost at their future. Listen to what they have to say. Pick up helpful tips from them that you can use in your own journey.

Trust your instinct when you are faced with an uncertainty.
If you suddenly find yourself unsure of which way to go, ask your heart and your heart will know. Your instinct is actually God whispering to you, do not ignore it.
Forego shortcuts. You will definitely encounter many as you continue with your journey to your future. Though they promised to deliver you to your future the quickest way possible, you will later on realize that although you are living exactly the kind of life you want for yourself, you have not yet become the kind of person that you want to be. It is because you missed out a lot of those important turns along the way that would help you become the perfect you. You technically have not arrived yet.

Take advantage of Pitstops.
To get to your future, you need to learn to stop and slow down once in a while. To recharge, to give yourself a little break, to fix and mend broken heart, bruises and scars that you will surely get along the way. The journey to your future is not always smooth. It can get really bumpy and rough at times. Give yourself time to heal.
Enjoy the stopovers. Smell the flowers, pause to watch the sunrise and sunset, stop for a quick play, enjoy a nice long drink with your partner, pamper yourself and relax. Lastly, do not forget to be a mom, a dad, a friend and a partner to your loved ones.
Never leave yourself behind. If at some point in your journey you decided to ditch your true self and pretend to be someone you really are not then you will not arrive to your own future. Worst, you will end up living out another person’s future. Major heartbreak.
So how will you know if you have finally arrived at your future? Only the heart will know, only the heart will surely know. =)

41 comments on “How To Get To Your Future”

  1. To get to the future, I start with dreaming for something and then proceed to the crucial first step of going forward…and then on and on towards the goal.
    This post is a must read.

  2. Great tips.. Dun talaga ako nag-agree sa 2nd and 3rd. Plan your moves and set them in motion. You’ll never achieve something if you’re stuck in planning. Dapat merong action. Make them happen. Make things happen.
    And yeah, enjoy the stopovers. Even the little things matter.. 🙂

  3. Nice list. Bookmarked already 🙂
    One hindrance to achieve the person who you want to be is procrastination. People seems to study a lot. Read a lot. Learn a lot. Plan a lot. Then they realized that what they have learned, studied, and planned is not 100% they want it to be. So they tend to study more, read more, learn more, and plan more.
    For me, I can just go ahead and take action even if the plan is 70% complete. Then I could go back later and fix the remaining 20%, then the next 20%, and then the next 20%. What is important is that I have taken the plans into actions. And taking actions bring far more results.

  4. never leave yourself behind is true!! go for your future self journey not because someone else told you to. Make your own decisions start living your life. great advices dear! xx

  5. No matter what road I take, no matter how long, no matter who I encounter, no matter how many plans I draw… all of it will take me to my future and that is with you my Lord God, Jesus Christ…

  6. Correct! I always set goals too I even write them down with the corresponding ideas how to achieve them. We should not be scared to take some risk too to achieve our goals.. Firs step forward after planning is always the hardest! 😉

  7. Planning for the future is easy but making sure we follow up on what we think is best is easier said than done 🙂
    I hope you are now living the future you planned.

  8. Oh WoW Genius!You got a great post. I agree that we have to plan our future. The saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” And now, who wants to fail on the future? They should follow your tips!

  9. I am already in my future. After a lot of place,stop over and detour ,i finally reached my destina tion but not yet coz i am still building a strong foundation .as a newcomer ,i still need a lot of adjustment and map drawing again to be stable.thanks for this nice post

  10. Thanks for sharing, great and informative!
    Life is a journey….It may not be that easy but there is always another road to choose from.
    It is how you take life challenges but we must not give up. And yes Plan as you travel.

  11. I am still working on my dreams and I believe I am taking tings one step at a time. Like what you said, take a stop for a while and mend things that are broken, so after that, you have made yourself whole and more ready to face your dreams in the future. Great post! 🙂 Thanks!

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