First, thank you for joining my simple giveaway. I enjoyed reading your entries. More than thinking of the perfect answers, I do hope I made you reflect on what you really need to have this year to make this a greater than great year for you.
I wish I could have more winners but my prizes are only for two and I wouldn’t want to shortchange anyone.:) But, I am happy to share that it looks like my month of giving will not end this January, I’ve a couple of giveaways lined up in the coming weeks so keep visiting this page.
So here are the winners. Congratulations Ms. Mae Galgo, you won the simple planner/journal/book mark set.

Ms. Luningning Arabiran, congratulations too because you’ve won for yourself a notebook journal and Belle De Jour planner inserts too.

Again, thank you for joining everyone!:)

4 comments on “And the Winners Are…”

  1. hello ms. blanca. i got a hard time pasting my URL from my Facebook and twitter post since it all appears is my profile URL. I really wanted to be qualified for the giveaway entries. your blog is an interesting one. I will be busy reading your post then. been looking for a good and reliable blog..and thank God i found 1. wish and prayers you will blog more interesting posts (and giveaways, too!) and rest assured here i will be sharing more of your blog stories to my mom friends too! God bless you more!!

    • Hi Arianne, thank you for this wonderful note.:) I will try to write more interesting stuffs and plan more fun giveaways. Thank you for supporting Blancnotes, feel free to share your thoughts in my future blogs, they are very much welcome.:)

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