Let me share with you my four must haves this 2012.

PLANNER. I used to admire my friends who would really take the time to write their TO Dos for the day in their daily planner and then tick off each and every tasks after they were accomplished. Last year I had 2 planners, a Belle De Jour and a small one, but as the saying goes you can’t serve two masters at the same time, so these planners ended up with more blank pages than filled ones. I used to take pride in the fact that without my TO DOs all neatly jotted down in a daily planner, I still get things done. But then last year, due to aging I guess, I had cases of important things left undone or bills that slipped past the due dates because I had completely forgotten all about them. I finally accepted the fact that I really need to make good use of my planner if I want to put some sort of order in my life. This would help me focus more on urgent matters that need my immediate attention.:)
POCKET DAILY GOSPEL. If there’s one thing that I love to do with my body, it is to feed and nourish it with good food. And since I had pretty much succeeded in that part already as evidenced by my ballooning weight, I had to give much attention to feeding and nourishing my soul too in order to keep the balance in myself. A daily dose of God’s word from the Daily Gospel will do the job perfectly for me. It has, by far, the most generous serving of food for the soul.:)
ROSARY. Praying the rosary everyday gives me so much consolation. There is faith in knowing that Our Lady is looking upon my family and interceding for me in heaven everytime I pray the rosary. That she is embracing my whole family in her cloak of love and protection. There is also strength in knowing that she fully understands what my heart needs for she is a woman, a mother and a wife too.
DREAM JOURNAL. The idea is not my own. It is some sort of a bucket list or dreamboard. I started this project about a year ago. I would cut pictures from magazines of things that I wish to have for myself or words that represent the states of being that I would like to find myself eventually. I started sticking them on a little black book. Slowly and surprisingly, things from my dream journal began to happen to me. I found myself experiencing the very same things that I wished for. I also started having some of the things that were just mere pictures in my dream journal. Through generous gift from families, and well deserved purchase and win from online contests, some of these dreams came true. It made me think that this line from my favorite book, The Secret, really holds some truth to it, it goes something like, “ Make a command to the universe. Let the universe know what you want. The universe will respond to your thought. The universe will rearrange itself to make it happen to you.” There are still a lot of dreams waiting to happen in my journal, but I am really in no hurry for them to happen. The dreams can take their own sweet time in coming, maybe this year or the next. I am willing to just sit it out and wait because I am sure eventually they will come.:)
These things may not be as fancy as the iPhone 4s or as techie as a Samsung Tab but I believe these tools would help me lead a more organized life, attain a deep sense of well being, possess an unwavering faith and dream more big dreams for myself–which in essence are my goals this 2012.
Ooops, I promised my daughter that I won’t insert a giveaway here but I just can’t resist. In keeping with my January as a month of giving, I will be giving this simple planner/journal/book mark set and this Notebook Journal/Belle De Jour Chronicles and Forget-Me-Not planner inserts set to one two lucky commenter commenters. You can plan your own life and start your own dream journal with these.

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Updated: January 13, 2011

39 comments on “My Four Must Haves This 2012”

  1. What are your four must haves this 2012?
    1. My Belle De jour Planner – . This planner helps me organize the things I need. It is a designed based on time management principles to help Filipina live life to the fullest!
    2. Rosary – I can’t live without my rosary. I always bring it everyday.
    3. The Secret Book by Rhonda Byrne – By practicing positive affirmation will also help me nourish myself with positive views every day. I will live my life to the fullest to achieve my goals and have strength to believe that I will have it, and it will come.
    4. Prayer Book – It serves as my strength and guidance.
    Name: Mirzi Sarte
    FB name: Mizi Sarte
    Twitter: @mizichic

    • Mirzi, The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes is sort of like a bible to me too. Whenever I want a perk up, I read excerpts from the book.They say a bead of a rosary is one rose offered to Mama Mary, Let’s offer a “million roses” to Mama Mary this year:)

  2. hmmm….it’s kinda hard to sum up all the things that i “think” i need must have. hehe 🙂 but since i want to win your nice giveaway, will try to come up with my best four 🙂
    1. my little pink book – sort of a sketch notebook for all my accessory designs, future projects, business priorities and sources. i decided to start this habit this 2012 because i’m having a hard time keeping up with the fashion trends and sometimes “due to old age”, i need to list them down or draw my inspirations to be more productive 🙂 in relation to this, i also MUST HAVE my planner for deadlines and orders – which i often forget! haha! i plan to change that this year 🙂
    2. ipad/laptop – i am an internet freak, i must admit. hehe…i like browsing to blogs for i learn so much from the different writers – both local and international. i like keeping up with the trends, whatever is out there 🙂 i also need to update my shop’s page and finances, designs, everything about bedazzle 🙂
    3. everything about my craft – craft kits/boxes, craft magazines, craft gadgets – actually my craft box is my entire house. in every nook of it, you can find beads and pins, forgotten threads and fabrics. hardly no time to fix my materials due to a very hectic schedule. this 2012, i’m slowly organizing my growing collection of beads, fabrics, chains and other knick knacks. i want to have my own craft gadgets too like a laser cutter (hihi,,,a shout out to my fairy godmother or father 😉
    4. a good pair of shoes – for i am always on the go. need i say more? 🙂
    cat limson
    FB: catherine limson
    TWITTER: catsudon

  3. Must Haves this 2012:
    -shoes, shoes, and more shoes
    -fashionable clothes
    -make up
    – new bag
    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  4. My four must haves this 2012 are a planner, a pocket daily gospel, a rosary, and a dream journal. I have the first 3, and will get the last one as you suggested. It’s a good idea. Thanks!
    Cindy P. Dominguez

  5. My four must have are:
    1. rosary- so i can feel safe everyday
    2. cellphone- so i can connect with my loved ones
    3. planner- so i can track and list all the things that happen in my life.
    4. camera- for capturing memories

    • Camera is a good one for the list also Joy. I remember regretting a number of times those moments when I wished I had a camera with me to capture the priceless moments.:)

  6. My four must haves this 2012 is..
    1. Planner – to help me this college year of mine, that will be able well organize.
    2. New Cellphone – because mine is too old, and will be better for the new one.
    3. Camera – i love photography and it can capture my everyday memories.
    4. New Immaculate Conception Pendant to my necklace 🙂

  7. My 4 must haves for 2012 are:
    (1) A good pair of running shoes – I have started running/jogging since last year and I can say that it is a lot of fun. It is not only good for the body, but it also helps me focus. Whenever I feel upset or stressed after work, I run for about an hour. It is my stress eliminator and a good outlet of my emotions too.
    (2) A trusty alarm clock – My newest best friend. Haha. I need to be early for work! No more late for 2012.
    (3) A good book – I still have lots of books to read..I’m currently reading The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies.
    (4) A bag – a girl can never have too many bags. 😉 I love bags!

  8. My four must-haves this 2012
    1. cell phone — so I can stay connected with my loved ones all the time
    2. laptop — this is a necessity for me, really; for doing all those reports and beating my deadlines
    3. thank-you journal — this will remind me to be thankful for all the little things around me; this will also teach me to become more appreciative of life and become less jaded. (this could also function as my dream journal — to always remind me not to give up on my dreams and do things that would help me realize them, one day at a time)
    4. eyeglasses — I should stop kidding myself that I have 20/20 vision 🙂
    FB name: MariaLea Ducay
    twitter name: cloverleaf123
    e-mail: l_ducay@yahoo.com

  9. My 4 must haves this 2012 are:
    1. Vitamins — I should stay healthy for all the people I love and who loves me
    2. Alarm clock — never to be late this year
    3. Evernote App on my cellphone/PC — I started using this app last year and helps me a lot, I need to use it more this 2012 to help me organize my docs/schedule/daily personal prayer/finances and basically everything
    4. A great Cellphone Plan –that will enable to call and text the important people in my life in the most convenient and budget friendly way
    fb name : Nestle Martinez
    twitter name : @DPrincessNestle
    email : nestle.martinez@yahoo.com
    Thanks a bunch and have a great 2012!

  10. four must-haves this 2012
    1. planner- i love planner becase it will helps me remember the important moments in my life
    2. cellphone– to communicate with my family always
    3. lipgloss– i used it for unexpected GALA with friends
    4. camera- i love to capture momments with my loved ones
    FB name: Regine Joyce valenzuela
    twitter name: @reginejoyce

  11. What are your four must haves this 2012?
    Must haves… i really have a lot.. ^_^
    1. sony ebook reader- I load tons of ebooks here. When I have free time, i try to catch up on my reading. From classics to romance and even self-help books.
    2. HTC Athena-I always want to catch up on the news, email, twitter and facebook on the go. Globe has some pretty nice deals in mobile internet. I only load up php100 a month and it seems to get me through the month. I constantly get lost so I installed google maps in here. Really helped me through some tough times in the metro. ^_^ I wouldn’t trade this baby for any of the iphones. ^_^
    3. Pen and paper- back up in case everything goes haywire.
    4. WD Passport- I always, always, always back up my work. You’ll never know when something might happen.
    And forgive me if my next few sentences will be a lot emo… I think my must haves for 2012 and for any year as a matter of fact will be my family. Any possession that I have and any success that I might and have achieved seems paltry compared to the support and love of my family.
    Happy 2012! ^_^
    facebook name: luningning arabiran
    twitter name: @yingying27
    email address: luning_ning(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. Answer the question: What are your four must haves this 2012?
    1. my laptop – ALL important files and memories are stored in it plus it keeps me connected to mt loved ones outside the country
    2. my cellphone – USED to stay connected with important people in my life
    3. supply of food and groceries – I am stressed out if I saw our fridge lacking of foods I am craving especially during midnight 🙂
    4. my wallet – it has all my VALID ID’s and money
    facebook name: jenifer santander balatico
    twitter name: @itsme_JHENZtine
    email address: jeniferbalatico@rocketmail.com

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