If there’s one part of the meal that I always look forward to, it’s dessert. Good thing there’s so many dessert places around right now whose main agenda is to hand us our small (or our big) slice of (sigh!) hApPiNeSS.
My patch of heaven here on Earth is this small dessert place at Greenbelt 5 called Classic Confections.  Eversince our friend Eimee introduced us to this place, I simply just have to give in to my cravings of their sweet desserts a little more than “once in a while.” I love how this cafe has a bright and cheery atmosphere, it looks inviting even from the outside. I also like how small and cozy it is, just perfect for a small get together of friends or for an intimate afternoon date with a loved one. I simply adore their cake display counter. My eyes widen in delight everytime I go over their wide selection of cakes. They all tastes delicious, not overly sweet, just the way I want my desserts to be. The Tiramisu and Cheesecake particularly top my list. Prices are reasonably worth it too.:)
If you happen to be at Greenbelt 5, do check out their yummy treats, they’ll surely make you drool.:)

17 comments on “Classic Confections”

  1. OMG! I love Classic Confections too! What I love about them soooo much is their rum cake! Try that one! 🙂
    And I don’t usually dine there because their added service charge is insane; I usually just go for take out

  2. I haven’t seen this yet in GB, pero I don’t really frequent the area naman kasi.. XD Will definitely look for Classic Confections when I’m in the area. I love cakes! 😀 Kinda scary lang what Aileen said. I’ll try dining in muna, then if the service charge is really that insane, I’d go for takeout the next time.. ^^

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