Here’s something to cheer me up and hopefully you guys too. Her name is Bubbles, and she came into our life just when I swore I didn’t want to have anything to do with dogs. But then she arrived at our doorstep, tiny and cute. Slowly my stone heart melted and I gave in to this wonderful feeling of having a small puppy around.

She's so tiny

my daughter, proud owner of this small thingamajig.:)

can't let go of her bones.:)

trying to look cute. haha!=)

She is 8 months old now, a little bigger but still quite a handful. We tried to train her with a few tricks but somehow all commands fall flat on her, so we just let her be the makulit doggie that she is. I never planned on having a show dog anyway, just a dog that would welcome my family with happy yelps and jumps of joy when we reach home.:)

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