I found the ultimate flat shoes paradise in Singapore. There is this funky shop, Rubi, that sells comfortable, durable and stylish flat shoes at a bargain. Think ultra chic flat shoes that come in many fabulous colors for 2 for $25 or a pair for $10 or $15 dollars.

I love flats!!!

I felt like I’ve died and gone to heaven while shoe shopping there. Rubi shoes are also available at this (sigh!) fab shop called Cotton On, both stores are all over SG. You definitely won’t miss it because if you are a certified flat shoes addict like me, you will just know that it is THE SHOP just by looking at the displays.
with my goodies!

That distinct heartbeat when you pick up a pair is something hard to miss. And that sudden rush of excitement that flows through your body which signals you to BUY is something that is hard to resist. In no time at all you will find yourself walking away with a pair (or two) and a big big smile pasted on your face.
My little, as in, very small collection of Rubi flats.
my flats

Looking forward to my future additions (sponsored by sister dear).:)
CLICK HERE for my latest blog update on Rubi Shoes.:)

14 comments on “My Love Affair with Rubi Shoes”

  1. The store in your photos were pretty big! i went to SG last year, but the Rubi store i found was pretty small and lack of size stock.
    Where is this store you took a pict with located exactly?

    • Hi Jessica, Ion Orchard. If you get off at the Orchard MRT station, you take the Ion exit. You will see Rubi store immediately from the exit.:)

  2. I also love rubi shoes because the sizes fits me so well, besides their style is also my taste. that is why right now I just shopped one rubi shoes online.

  3. Rubi shoes are excellent! I love rubi shoes because of their design and color amazed me. Amazing choice of Rubi shoes. Next time I’m shopping for sneakers, I’m definitely going to look for Rubi!

  4. Great Blog!!
    Buying shoes really is a difficult task and shoes are the most eye-catching accessory to get attention.
    I really like ruby shoes. This is actually very versatile and comfortable.
    Thank You for sharing….

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