Our love story started with mentos candy,
Something that didn’t really catch my fancy
Everyday he would give me three,
Hoping that these would impress me.
He wasn’t handsome and far from being nice
But then I would always notice his happy, sparkling eyes
I decided at the start that he was not the man of my dreams
He’s more like a character straight out of the movie Scream
We are as opposite as north and south poles
When we’re together we are more like Calvin and Hobbes
I was grumpy, grouchy and always whiny
But despite all these he always made me feeel that he loves me dearly.
Love is really weird or just being true, because after 3 months,
I surprised myself by telling him I am in love with you too.
It must be (I kept telling my friends) that he spooked my drink with a love potion
For me to have that (sigh!) kind of reaction.
Was looking for fireworks? drama? music? or even magic?
But then he made me realize that true love doesn’t have to be so melodramatic
Right after that we tied the knot,
And oh boy! we did go through a lot.
Married life I realized is not a walk in the park
It was more like making that trip to heaven, hell and back
But then again, I would gladly walk those same paths over and over again
As long as I am with my husband and am wearing my Fitflop.:)

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