I do go out on dates with my husband but often times it is usually a group date or a cosy twosome.  It’s been a long time since I went out on a real date with him alone.  Well of course when we were just dating, we do that often.  By date I mean, being together just the two of us, talking non-stop about anything and everything, holding hands, teasing around, looking at each other’s eyes, sharing secrets, reminiscing, simply having fun and enjoying each other’s company.  It did not happen in a fancy restaurant or in one of our favorite bars.  We did not even dress up for it.  But I can truly say that it was the best date ever.
My husband is great in creating the mood, of setting the tone for an upcoming date.  All the way home yesterday, he can’t stop sharing his plans for this grand date.  I must admit, he got me excited also.  After he picked up my mom from work and the customary dinner with my daughter and mom, we dressed up for our date.  Me in my favorite comfy shirt, pajama bottom and puffy slippers, and he in his favorite tattered white shirt and boxer shorts.  Like I said the date did not happen in some fancy place.  We had it in the lanai of our house.  He was ready not with a full course dinner but with bags of chips.  We did not drink first class wine but bottles of beer.  We did not have a string quartet to serenade us but music coming out from our ipod hooked to our good old speakers.  For the first time after a long time, we were alone…talking, laughing, teasing, holding hands, singing together and stealing kisses.  We’ve never talked as openly as we did that moment and  we never shared thoughts with each other as much as we did last night.   Of course in every date there’s bound to be intruders but instead of spoiling the moment for us our little intruder added a dash of fun to it.  We were visited a couple of times by this little giggling photographer who keeps taking photos of this special moment.  At some point during the evening also I saw little pair of eyes peeking out from the room window, she was snooping and she was smiling widely in our direction.  It was great. I never wished to be some place else last night and I never wished for that date to be any different.  It was for me, just perfect.
Married life demands so much.  There’s always a lot of things happening and a lot of things taking your time. It is a constant balancing act of making sure the circus is running smoothly.  Often times in a day, my husband will just catch me for quick kiss, peck in the cheek, surprise hug or nuzzle in the neck and a whispered I love you. For him and for me those things are enough to pull us out of the chaotic married life for a moment and bring us back to our own little world.  Those things  make up for the dates we planned that did not happen because of  this little girl and old lady we just can’t leave behind. That is why I never love my husband as much as I did last night because he planned our special date that way.  Because he knew that if we had it in a fancy restaurant or in one of our favorite bar, I would never have enjoyed the food, the music and everything for I would always think of the two special persons we would have left behind.  He is that sweet and thoughtful. The night as expected ended in a special way, but of course I would not go into details anymore, it is just too private. hihihi(“,)

8 comments on “My Special Date with My Husband”

  1. MY Spesial date Ne aq Nurul ..tw G’ aq peNgen BnGet Di JumpaIn Ma AnDhika pRatama,,,,,aq Pngen Bnget Karna aq Fans Banget Ma Dia Sumpah!!!!!
    Aq Mohon Banget ma Kru2 My Spesial Date….Kabulin Ya???
    SeBelumNya Terima Kasih
    Nurul Di medan

    • hi thanks for leaving your comment. But i am sorry I cannot reply to it because I am a Filipino, so i only speak and understand Tagalog (our native tongue) and English. My apologies, I hope you understand. Godbless:)

  2. q ingin ikut my special date.rmah q madiun jl.kenanga.q ngevens ma nikita wili.tlong scpat mungkin oke…………………………?????q mintak no. hp nya

  3. My spesial date Ne aq mutia…..tw G’ aq peNgen banGet ktmuan ma riRin dwY ariYanti,,,,,,Aq peNgen banGet karNa aq tu faNs beratnya dia suMpeh deCh!!!!!Aq mohon baNgdu ma kru2 My Spesial Date….tolong kabulin dong??? PliSSSs……..sebelumnya Terima kasih Mutia di Palembang……..!!?

  4. My special date kpn nie di tyngin lg ,aq pngn bngt nie iktn di acra nie,aq Mutia di palembang,aq pngn bngt ktmuan ma mbax ririn dwy ariyanti,aq tu fans brtnya mbax ririn lho,skli lg tlng acrnya di adain kmbli dong pliiis…!^_^

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