You wake up in the morning still feeling overly tired after a long night of sleep and sometimes with a humongous headache to top it all of.  You do your usual thing and feel little bones snapping here and there as you move.  You also have leg or hip pains especially after a long, tiring day. You just can’t stand being on your feet too long and sitting in that same position for long periods of time.  These are generally  what people with dextroscoliosis usually go through.
It is a burden, literally and figuratively, having dextroscoliosis  because it affects the spine which supports our body and the rib cage which protects our internal organs.  Dextroscoliosis is a slow, sideways rotation of the spine together with the rib cage which results in its curvature.  Well, that’s actually to put it mildly and simply.  If detected early, there’s a big chance for the spine to be corrected back to its proper, normal curve through series of therapy and back braces. But if detected too late, like in my case which is 45 degrees already, series of therapy not to correct the spine but to slow down the progress of the curve is highly recommended.  Spine surgery is also the only way at this point to correct the spine.  There is also dextroscoliosis, like again in my case, where a simultaneous curvature at the lower back or what you call “S” curve happens.  The lower curvature compensates for the curvature in the upper back.
There’s no scientific evidences yet that suggest that scoliosis of any kind is hereditary or is in the genes.  Rehab medicine points out to the kind of lifestyle a person has as the main reason for the development of scoliosis.  Improper posture, constant carrying of heavy loads, lack of exercise, strenuous activities and sometimes accidents are just some of the major culprits.  There are no medicines either that can cure scoliosis.  Change of lifestyle is the only cure for scoliosis.  Daily exercises recommended by your rehab doctor which sometimes consist of: Strengthening exercises for the back such as stretching in the direction opposite the curve, curl ups or crunches to strengthen abdomen which should bear the brunt of the heavy load we carry, and stretching/strengthening exercises for the hips and hamstrings of the legs are highly recommended.  Scheduled therapies for the back and hips for pain management are also required.  The therapy machines which have internal heating capabilities, help relax the bunched up muscles which most often causes the pains.  Adapting a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy food especially those rich in calcium is very important.  Loosing weight or keeping your weight in proportion with  your height should also be practiced because excess weight strains the spine.
A person with scoliosis should adapt a positive attitude.  For without this, you will feel that self-management of scoliosis will just be too hard and will just be too much too handle.  Self-discipline should also be developed because without that all efforts of fighting off the progress of the curve will just go to waste.  For those who have scoliosis like me, always remember that our back doesn’t set us apart from others, what sets us apart is our determination to not let this thing get in our way of enjoying and embracing life and everything that it has to offer…
Vive bene’ spesso l’ amore di risata molto (live well, laugh much and love often)
See my some of my management exercises here : Managing Dextro(Scoliosis) Through Exercise

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    • Hi, I have scoliosis too and I’d just like to know where you can buy a orthopedic brace or at least a publicly available thoracic support belt or posture correcting harness in manila? I feel less back pain and stiffness while siting long hours at work if I tie my waist belt around my thoracic area/torso, so I know it’s worth buying a quality product that properly supports the torso to compensate for poor posture caused by scoliosis.
      The kind of product I’m looking for is similar to this one here,

      • Hi Jin Hao, I have also been in search of that kind of thoracic belt. I found one before from Avon Philippines but then after several use, the snug fit wear off. I kinda liked it snug and tight. If I see one I will let you know right away. Godbless and thanks for leaving a comment here.:)

        • Thanks for the reply Blanca. I happen to find one of those belts in banawe. How did that thoracic belt do for you though while it was still a snug fit. Did you find better relief from pain and discomfort from it? I was thinking of using these belts, including one also for my lumbar curve compared to a costly brace like spinecor. I am a skeletally mature adult anyways so i don’t think a brace would actually help in decreasing the curvature, i just need something for pain relief and posture.

          • Hi Jin, it was uncomfortable at first with my body trying to get used to it, but after a while it didn’t bother me that much at all. I wore metal braces when I was in college because my bones were still growing at that time hence the curvature was still progressing. But now that I am fully grown, I just make sure that I do the maintenance exercise and go for regular check up/therapy sessions when needed. The thoracic belt can help you with posture, as for the pain physical therapy and proper exercise management will help ease if not totally remove that.:)

          • So do you still wear that thoracic belt whenever you go out or sit in office chair working? And then do your exercises for your back on top of that.
            I have problems wearing a rib belt in public as i am self conscious about it, hehe… even when i know it helps with the back strain in the office chair.

          • Also, do you think it would be a good idea to still brace a skeletal mature adult whether or not his or her’s scoliosis is still worsening. You think bracing can still help adults prevent or stop progression of their curves with their curves vs surgery, since i hear some programs on the internet claiming they can reduce the scoliosis through bracing and exercises.

          • If you are a skeletally mature adult already and you have a severe case of scoliosis like me, bracing and exercise won’t be able to bring the spine back to its normal curve. The only ting that they can do is stop the curve from further progressing, bones a this age ave stopped growing.

  1. Hello
    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Recently I was diagnosed with scoliosis and I have been looking on the net for all sort of information on non-surgical treatments for scoliosis. I found the leading provider of the Spinecor brace. Spinecor has changed my life, it’s a soft, dynamic scoliosis brace and I recommend it to anyone with idiopathic scoliosis. Well anyways, I look forward to all the updates. Thanks again.

    • Hi Jessica,
      Is spinecor available here in Manila?? can you pls. give us more details of your experience using spinecor.. tnx. Also thanks to Blanca for your Email.. really appreciate the info.. God bless this Blog!!

  2. Thanks Jessica for your comment and for sharing the link here of scoliosisspecialists. I’ll do more researches that can help us scoliotics and share it here in my blogsite. Godbless.:)

  3. hi. you have just put in words every kind of discomfort that i feel everyday as i also have dextroscoliosis. i hope however that its not too late for me since my curve is still mild based on my previous xray that i took forgranted. ryt now, the pain is getting unbearable. i want to undergo treatment but don’t know exactly what to do. can you please tell me what do do at this point. what kind of doctor should i see and what medical institution herein manila have the best experts and program for scoliosis. hopefully my health insurance will cover for it. thanks.

    • hi,can you send it to mee too? pls I have same problem like ruth and i want to consult to the doctor too,but i dont know what kind of the doctor and where is the good clinic.
      hope you can help me too..tnx and God bless!

      • Hi Mel, I am seeing Dr. Caroline Ynion of Tokyo Healthlink Alabang (7722678), she is there every Friday 4-5 and Healthway ATC, she is there everyday but the contact no. that I have is old, they have a new one. You can go to their website instead to check their contact nos. 🙂

  4. Hi! I’m glad i found your blog it will really help a lot. Just this day i got my x-ray result and me too have this so called DEXTROSCOLIOSIS. I need a lot of friend to consult with. Pls get in touch. I think i got this thing because i use to sleep with my right hand under my buttock. Uuupsss… I’m not doing someting bad my hand is facing down my bed. I’m good girl!!! Wholesome… tomorrow I’ll be going to hospital for my follow up check up… I know I’ll be find. The Lord has a lot of plans for me to be used for His glory… Thanks a lot… The Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ bless us all…

    • Hi there, thanks for leaving a message in my blog and welcome to the club (hehehe)…the good thing about having dextroscoiliosis is you are not alone because I discovered that a lot of people out there have the same case and that you can do something about it…keep the faith girl! and do get in touch..:)

  5. im glad i found your blog.. thanks for sharing.. i just found out 2 days ago that i also have dextroscoliosis.. im trying to be positive with it.. Goodluck and God Bless~

  6. Hi Len, thanks for leaving your comment here..that’s right let’s be positive about our case, there’s a lot that we can do so we can manage it right…hang in there! godbless.:)

  7. hello we found out that my daughter has dextroscoliosis she is 12.
    and she has a large knot in her chest between her breastbone we ask the radioligist and he said he hasnt seen anything like that in 16 yrs we was just courious if that has to do with the scoliosis we have a appt in a few days with the dr. but we are concerned if u read this please email me thanks,
    a concerned parent

      • hello po sa lahat! may dextrosco;iosis din po ako. gusto ko na po sanang ipa opere kaya lang po wala akong pera pang pa opera at natatakot din po ako sa operasyon. ano po b ang dapat kong gawin?
        salamat po! sana po ay matulungan ninyo ako.

        • Hello melissa, salamat sa message mo. Nakapagpatingin ka na ba sa doctor? Siya ba ang nagsuggest na magpaopera ka? kasi hindi lahat ng scoliosis nadadaan sa operasyon, depende sa degree ng curve. Sa ngayon, konti na lang din ang nagpapaopera kasi marami ng ways para mastop ang progression ng curve at marami na din paraan katulad ng pagsuot ng braces na hindi naman medyo kamahalan, pagpapatherapy na medyo mahal kung susumatotalin mo pero masusulit mo naman plus mga management exercises na ituturo sa iyo na kayang kaya mong gawin sa bahay. Ang maganda kumunsulta ka sa isang Rehabilitation doctor (physical therapy department) na magpapaliwanag sa iyo ng mga ibang options mo other than pagpapaopera para masimulan mo na ang pagmamanage ng scoliosis mo.
          I hope natulungan kita. Kung me katanungan ka pa na kayang kong sagutin, feel free lang to leave a message here. Godbless.:)

  8. Hi I was told in Aug. of 2008 that I have mild dextroscoliosis I am 32 now and I am on pain management I was allso told that I may have RH so to say the least I feel like I can’t walk with out looking like I should have a can at times.
    I get stiff alot through out the week and can only turn but so far to either side. I will see a specialist in the afternoon tomorrow and will see what he has to say. I am a mother of four and I have a 2 year old and a four year old and at times I cry because I hurt so bad and can’t really get up right then or my little boy want’s me to pick him up and I can barley get my feet off the floor to go upstairs.
    I just hope he is able to tell me something and do something I have been getting worse over the past year and this is now my second set of doctors about this the last one just up and stopped working did not send me to any one elses for treatment just kept giving me pain meds.
    Thank you all for your ear!

    • Hi Tiffany, I am sorry to hear that you are that deep in pain. Have you considered seeing a Rehabilitation Doctor? Here in the Philippines, some physical therapy clinics in hospitals have a resident Rehab Doctor. After a series of tests, they will require you to go through a series of therapy, these therapys will take away the immediate pain you are feeling through the medical equipments that they have such as internal heating ultrasound and electric stimulators and along side that they will give you an exercise management that you have to do everyday to prevent stiffness of muscles that cause the pain in the dextrosciliotic side, increase flexibility to aid you in the movements and strengthening exercises so your muscles can support the loads that sometimes we’re carrying . This management exercise will prevent you from experiencing that much pain. Maybe you should ask your doctor about those options. My dextroscoliosis is at an alarming curve already, it’s 45 degrees and the doctors are recommending spine surgery as an option but since it is costly plus it still has no guarantees, I opted the total management which consists of exercises and therapys.
      Dextroscoliosis can be a burden in our life if we will look at it that way but I tell you, we can do something about it. There’s a lot we can do to manage it.
      I hope I am of help to you. Take care okay and update us with what is happening with you. Thank you.:)

      • Hi! Where in metro manila can i have for check-up? I had dextroscoliosis also, it just happended that ii got pneumonia almost 3 years ago that’s why when i had my x-ray results, it also appears in the result that i have this thoracic dextroscoliosis. i’m worried about it because i always suffered of back & neck severe pain this past few months… the problem is that i don’t know where to go and asked for advise… a specialist for this — dextroscoliosis. Can you please help me….. thanks a lot. Im from quezon city.

        • Hi Ainz, unfortunately I don’t know any doctor who specializes in scoliosis in the Quezon City area. I am seeing Dr. Caroline Ynion, she has clinic everyday at Healthway Alabang Town Center and every Friday at Tokyo Healthlink Alabang. There’s another doctor that you can see at Asian Hospital, he was referred to me by Dr. Ynion also, Dr. Nicomedez. You may inquire straight from these clinics/hospitals of their clinic/hospital hours.:)

    • At least the doctors are doing something for your pain. I have been having increasingly severe back pain for 2yrs now 4 weeks ago I had an MRI done that said I have Moderate dextroscoliosis with mild spondylosis in the C5 and C6 level. I have been complaining about pain for years but my doctor says I don’t need pain managment treatment strangely enough though him saying that has not decreased my back pain in the least and there are days I do have to walk with the help of a cane.
      I will be trying to find a new doctor very soon because after reading some of your posts I realize that the pain I am in is not all in my head like my doctor seems to think and I don’t have to suffer like this every day.

      • Hi Gerald, thank you for leaving a comment here. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing back pains for two years now. Yes, I agree, you should seek the help and opinion of other doctors. It will not hurt if you would try to get another. There are so many pain management treatments that could ease the discomfort that you are feeling. Hopefully you will find the right doctor who will guide you to the proper pain management that is just right for you. Godbless and keep us posted.:)

  9. i just got my xray result this afternoon and i was so shocked to find out that i have this dextroscoliosis in the thoracic spine. at first i dont give any damn on it because our school nurse said that it has no big deal. i tried to google it just right now and i can say that your blog has the best explanation about it. right now, im considering to have it check by rehab doctor so no further problems will eventually occur. thanks for your post. i helped me a lot. please continue to motivate people. you’re such a blessing to us. and please, can we keep in touch always so i can share to you any progress in this condition? i know i can get a lot from you.

  10. Thanks Karen Anne, I am glad to be of help to you…feel free to leave any message here. We will be more than happy to know any update about your treatment and progress. Let us learn from each other. Godbless.:)

  11. Hi! I’m a parent of 6 year old boy diagnose recently with mild dextroscoliosis thoracolumbar spine, angle of about 8 degrees. It’s complicated coz 1st he’s born premature, his motor skills, speech, bone age are delayed and as result of all evaluation and test he’s capability is only between 4 and 4 1/2 y.o. But he already knows a lot of things just his speech and motorskills are delayed. I’ve been reading a lot lately online just to be prepare and gain more information about scoliosis. Now he’s still under speech and occupational theraphy.
    We’re from the philippines and I read about the SpineCor Brace is this already available here and does anyone have idea how much it cost. I know we’re still in monitoring stage but I want to be prepare now as much as possible coz my child’s been thru a lot things and I want him to grow as normal as possible it can be.
    Thanks so much! May God Bless you all!

    • Hi Mr. Cruz, thank you for leaving a comment here. I am afraid that the SpineCor brace is not yet available here in the Philippines. I sent an email in their website inquiring about how much it costs but up until now they haven’t replied yet. But I remember before when I was about 15 years old, my rehab doctor made me wear a brace that was designed based on the needs of my dextroscoliosis. Maybe you might want to try that option also. The rehab doctors usually have contacts to the ones who make the braces for scoliosis so you might one to ask referrals from them. Hope everything goes well with your child. Please feel free to leave/share comments, suggestions and informations here that would help us. It will be truly valued. Godbless.:)

  12. Hi Blanca,
    I’m a mother of a beautiful 12 year old girl. We only found out last year she had a 13 degree scoliosis ( i forgot the whole medical term for her kind of spine curvature) . We’ve gone to 3 doctors and all advised exercise and monitor (x ray) the progression every six months. I’m really am glad that I have found your blog , cause I really am lost with this kind of thing. I don’t know where to go ( what good hospital , good doctor , the best treatment, what’s the do’s and donts and so on. Hope you can email me your referrals on doctors and hospitals .. thanks.. a lot..

  13. Hi,Its been a long time that I always browse the net to see the answer to my question on what type of exercises best fits dextroscoliosis,,I just discovered I have scoliosis last 2008 before the start of my cheering competition but I consulted ortho doctor last July 2009 and I was shocked that my scoliosis has gone too far as in 27 degrees,,I really do not know what to do because I was already 19 yrs.old. May I know what are the different exercises may I perform and I must not perform to prevent further curvature of my spinal bone

    • Hi kendle. Thanks for leaving your comment here. The best thing to do right now is to go consult a rehab doctor because he will be the one who can tell you the best exercise management that you can do with your scoliosis. You need to be evaluated first.. They will give you a PT management that will best suit your needs. The safest and common exercises for us scoliotics though are the stretching exercises, in the direction opposite your curve and some strengthening exercises of the abdominal muscles such as crunches (altho the type of crunches depends on your need also) and some stretching exercises for the hamstrings and legs. But like I said it is best to see a rehab doctor who really is the expert in this field.:) update us okay and godbless.:)

  14. Hello! Just this day i have my result in my xray and found out that i have dextroscoliosis. im really bothered. i havent talk to my husband about it. im having difficulties in breathing. my ecg result will be release next week. Im worried about my kids. i dont know how to cope up with this.

    • Hi vicky, thanks for leaving a comment here. I understand how you feel. It is very hard to be in this situation. The good thing is there are so many treatments for scoliosis now unlike before. Management of scoliosis is much easier now. I suggest that you go see a rehab doctor so that he can give you already the different options in delaing with your scoliosis and the kind of management that you need to do in order to minimize the effects of scoliosis. Do not worry, it will get better with the proper management and treatment. keep in touch.:)

  15. Hi, Lately my wife has been feeling a lot of backpains, headache’s and mild soreness on his right neck. At first, we thought it is just a simple case of mumps. We even consulted a ENT specialist to have it checked and was informed that it was just a lymph nodes, although his explanation is not that clear on why she had those we were given a medication for that.
    But the thing is, it has some bad side effects which includes stomach ache and we also notice that everytime she took a medication she always develops a fever after an hour or so. We decided to had it checked up again but this time with a physician. There were some test that was done including an x-ray. My wife was diagnosed with Dextroscoliosis, I guess that pretty much answers all the symptoms she’s been having lately. We will be having a word with our doctor tomrrow and hopefully it ain’t that bad case of a Dextroscoliosis. I was wondering that if in case we decided to have a therapy, can you recommend some specialist located around the QC or Pasig area. Thank you and this blog really did prove us a lot of information that we need about Dextroscoliosis.

    • Hi, thank you for leaving your comment here. I am glad to know that your wife has finally been diagnosed. I am not familiar with the hospitals/rehab centers in Pasig and QC area. But actually, almost all hospitals have a good rehab center where physical therapies are done. You can also try healthyway branches in malls and tokyo healthlink branches bec. they have the best facilities. The only thing you need is the exercise management that would come from the rehab doctor, detailing the exercises and treatment that needs to be done on her. Hope everything turns out well. Do keep us posted. God bless

  16. Hi
    A few months ago, my daughter 12 yrs old, has got scoliosis at 40 degree. I took her to chiropratic for 3 months, to hope for a natural way of healing but after the recent xray, there wasnt much improvement. So I seek for a second opinion and was informed to put her on Spinecor immediately. I just hope her curve can be corrected without surgery but of course there isnt any guarantee for that. Surgery will be the last resort if her curve gets worst. Today she just started on her spinecor brace. I know it is tough at her age she has to go through such discomfort and pain. Hopefully by then, her curve can be stabilised. I am glad to find this blog and wish to share with you.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this here. I remember when I was her age, I used to wear what I would call an “armor” brace bec. it is made of steel, it was tough, very uncomfortable so I know just how it feels to wear something like that. The good thing is the spinecor brace is I heard is easier to wear altho there is still the discomfort but I guess it is a much bigger improvement than the braces of before. Your daughter is very lucky to have a supportive mom like you. Do update us from time to time, I am sure the readers would love to read something like this. Godbless.:)

    • Can u pls. tell me Mrs. Merina were did u bought the spinecor????Thanks…Because I have also a Dextrocoliosis….
      Thanks for all the information…

    • Can’t believe they are offering spinecor braces here in manila. I would’ve thought I would have to get it from singapore. Any news on where Mrs Medina got hers, and which ortho did she see that prescribed it?

  17. Hi i was diagnosed with mild dextroscoliosis when I was 19 and i didn’t pay much attention to it. Now I’m 31 and i just found out that I gained 1 more degree in my curvature.. I didn’t realize that my curve could worsen… so now I vow to do what it takes to address my condition.
    Is it okay if you share your recommended hospitals/ doctors?
    By the way, thank you for making this blog. It is both informative AND encouraging. Keep up the positivity.

    • Hi Vanessa, thank you for leaving your comment here. I am currently seeing Dr. Caroline Ynion of Tokyo Healthlink in Alabang. She has a clinic there every Friday at 4-5 pm. She is also one of the resident rehab medicine doctor of Healthway clinic in Alabang Town Center, I think she is there every friday and saturday at around 5:30 pm onwards. I like the rehab clinic of Tokyo Healthlink though, their theraphy machines are up to date, facilities very clean and the staff excellent.
      Goodluck to us ! we can do it!:)

  18. Hi.. I received my xray result today and a little bit scared upon discovering that I have dextroscoliosis. Are there any nonsurgical treatment for this? I am 23 years old, and I am not really aware of this kind of disease. As of now, I am overly worried as I will be using the result for my employment. Is it curable?

    • Hi Mariane, thanks for leaving a comment here. First let me assure you that there is nothing to be scared about. Scoliosis is something that is manageable. It will not also affect in any way to your employment as long as the job that you are applying for does not require you to lift heavy weights and do other strenuous activities. The treatment depends on the kind of scoliosis that you have and also the degree of your spine curvature. The best thing to do at this point is to go see a rehabilitation doctor so he can recommend you for physical therapy. They are the best ones who can tell you the kind of exercise that you need to do in order to stop the progress of your curve and also to correct the spine. Do not worry, a lot of people has it and that did not stop them from living life to the fullest. That includes me.:) upate us here okay. Godbless.:)

  19. I was diagnosed today w/ thoracic dextroscoliosis – 12 degrees. I was advised to have therapy to prevent it. Just want to get an idea of the charges for the therapy. Thank you

    • Hi Beth, thank you for leaving a comment here. Theraphy rates depend on the rehab clinic or hospital where you would have it and also the machines that they will use and the management that they would do. A basic theraphy starts at around 500-600 pesos. If you have a health card, you will be covered up to 10 sessions.:) godbless.

        • Hi again Beth, regarding your question, it really is hard to tell. The only person who can really tell us is the rehab doctor, so better go see one. Sometimes I get that too, especially in the lower hips but most often it is always when i do not religiously do the exercises that the therapist asked me to do as home management.:) godbless. keep us posted.:)

  20. Hi Ms. Blanca, just read your blog and its very motivational, thank you by the way. I was diagnosed with thoracolumbar dextroscoliosis last sunday and i found out yesterday that its 36 degree and i am only 24 years old turning 25 next month. I was shocked because according to the ortho that i’ve consulted, surgery is the only way to avoid the progression and there’s no other option. I was relieve after reading your blog because there are therapys that can be done. Thank you for this blog w/c help us to be more positive. I’ll be seeing the rehab doctor that u’ve mentioned to ask for a 2nd opinion. Question, is it really possible that the only way to stop the progression of a 36 degree thoracolumbar dextroscoliosis is thru surgery? Because i do a research online that 50 to 100 degree scoliosis needs surgery. Thank you and GOD BLESS us all. Looking forward to hear from you 🙂

    • Hi Anne, thank you so much for your kinds words, it warms my heart to know that at least my thoughts have reassured you a little. About your question, I am no expert in this field so I really cannot agree or disagree with your doctor about his suggestion that the only way to stop the progression of your curve is through surgery. But let me share with you my case, this might help you though. When I was about 16, that was the time I formally had my scoliosis checked, I had an S curve meaning upper and lower back curvature with the upper curvature having the degree of 45. The rehab doctor suggested two options, one was surgery which was very costly at that time and scary for me and my family, and the other option was therapy. We opted for therapy. I did it for two years religiously and had back braces done but I sort of outgrew the braces and totally stopped the therapy but the management exercise I continued to do right up to this moment. When I started working in the company that I am still in right now, I began to see Dra. Ynion since the medical benefit that we have covered both consultations and therapys to a certain extent. She would make me go for 6 sessions or less depending on the gravity of pain that I would sometimes feel but other than that i am just left with the management exercises at home. Last November, I had the curvature checked, the upper remained still at 45 degrees which was how it was 15 years ago but the lower curvature returned back to its normal degree meaning now I am not anymore S curve but C curve. So in my case, the therapys and the management exercises helped a lot in stopping the progress of my curve. There are a lot that we can do and there are a lot of treatments that are non-invasive in procedure that can help us. It is good that you would be getting a second opinion, the more infos from doctors you can get, the more choices you will have in picking the proper management for you. Just always remember to be positive and don’t let that small thing called scoliosis stop you from enjoying life. Would be glad to hear updates from you again. Godbless.:)

  21. Helo Ms. Blanca, thanks for the reply and all the positive thoughts 🙂 probably by next week i’ll be visiting the rehab doctor, i know God gave us certain things in life because He knows that we can handle it. We just have to be strong and faithful enough. I know things will get better. GOD BLESS us all and i’m really glad and thankful by being part of your blog. You really inspired and helped lots of people, of course including me.

      • yes poh ms. blanca i’ll keep in touch and will send u updates. thanks poh ulit. we will always have a positive outlook in lyf. GOD will guide us all 🙂

      • hi poh 🙂 just got home after I visited the rehab doctor from tokyo healthlink that you have recommended and thank you for referring me to DR. YNION. According to her we will try braces and therapy’s for 1 year and we will see if there’s any progression though 36 degree needs surgery on my part because i’m already 25. Normally its 40 t0 50 degrees w/c needs surgery if we are still on growing age of course i’m already 25 so surgery really an option because i’m no longer a teenager. She also referred me to an ORTHOPEDIC SPECIALIST for consultation as well, but i will still continue with my therapy. I started my therapy today and i have 3 sessions and further observations will be done after the sessions. She also told me that its only part of my bone so i don’t have to worry much w/c relieved me a lot. She also gave me the contact person who do the braces. I’m more positive that everything will be better in the end. Thanks for everything because you helped us to keep going and continue to live a happy life because there’s always a reason for what we have and what’s happening with us. GO!GO!GO! 🙂

        • Thank you so much Anne for giving us an update on your scoliosis management. I am glad to hear that your you and Dr. Ynion have a “game plan” already. 🙂 Do update us from time to time okay, and feel free to leave your message here anytime. Let’s continue to be positive and let’s learn from each other. Godbless:)

  22. Hello poh Ms. Blanca,,, I’m done with my 3 sessions of therapy. After the therapy I went to Dr. Nicomedez from ASIAN HOSPITAL, he’s a spine surgeon dealing with scoliosis surgery w/c was referred by Dr. Ynion. After the consultation, Dr. Nicomedez told me that there’s nothing to worry about my case because i’m no longer with my growing age w/c means that the degree of my scolio will not progress or increase that much,,, Surgery is not recommended by him w/c really made me feel relieved and lessen my worries because 45 to 50 degrees cases usually required surgery. He did not recommended any braces at all because i’m no longer a teenager. We just need to do monitoring every year w/c means I need to visit him within the next 4 years to check if there’s any progression with my scoilio. He advised me to continue with the exercises. THANK GOD because HE always guide us. Thank you Ms. Blanca 4 helping and informing us how to deal with scoliosis and live a happy life with it. Let’s always be positive and keep going with our life. GOD BLESS 🙂

    • Thank you anne, for giving us updates. I am so glad that everything turned out well for you. =) Just always be positive okay and take good care of yourself. =)

  23. Hi, im 22 and find your blog very helpful. Last month I was diagnose with dextro which is about 20 degrees. And now i’m a little bit worried about my condition not for now but for the future effect. I always got back pains even at this moment I’m typing this one. It is really disturbing but I guess i’ll have to accept it then. Before I was wondering why I can’t stand for long using my left leg. Infact I’ve got muscles in my right leg while my left is straight and just then after reading your blog made me understand my condition. I’m planning to see a doctor and getting for a therapist soon. By the way can I ask if it is ok to do push ups as an exercise for dextro? because everytime i am doing such exercise, it helped relieving my back pains. For this information you gave, thank you so much. Your such a big help.

    • Hi Janet, thank you for leaving a comment here. I am glad to know that my blog helped you understand your condition in a way. I agree with you, you should consult a Rehabilitation doctor and start with your physical therapy. The Rehab doctor will outline your physical therapy program and the physical therapist will give you management exercises that you have to do at home. As for your question, push up was never part of my management exercise so I am not really sure if that would be good for your back. Maybe you can do stretching and strengthening exercises for both your arms and legs, and a couple of crunches for the tummmy. The stretching would help relax the muscles in your back and the crunches would make your abdominal muscles strong which is very important. The only thing that usually make the pain and discomfort in my back go away are the physical therapies. So it will be better if you could start with them right away.=)
      You take care okay and update us. Godbless.=)

  24. hi, I really like your blog. im 18 & have scoliosis 35 degrees in thoracic and 20 degrees in lumbar and i’m wearing milwaukee brace for 6 months now. the improvement was so slow and i’m afraid it will take years. Is there any newer kind of brace than can replace my milwaukee ( one that is not noticeable )? i really don’t like my brace at all coz it is eye-catching and im shy about it..=(
    Thank you!

    • Hi Katrina, thank you for leaving a comment here. You can try to research on spinecor brace, maybe it is available there in your state, because here in the Philippines it is not available yet. You can ask your doctor if spinecor will suit your kind of scoliosis because usually the kind of braces you will use depends on the direction of your curves and the kind of scoliosis that you have. I wore metal braces when I was in college so I know exactly how you feel, it is really uncomfortable. The marked improvement when wearing braces takes time. I guess it’ll take a little more sacrifice on your part. Aside from wearing braces, did your doctor gave you other management exercises and additional therapy sessions? because these can help too. Do update us okay, we would love to hear from you. Godbless.:)

  25. Hi, just want to ask what are the do’s and don’ts of having a dextro for sleeping, sitting etc If you have some knowledge about it, hope you can share it here coz for now I don’t have time to go to the doctor. Another thing does the therapy can cure the present curve of the body with scoliosis or it is just some sort of prevention. Thanks.

    • My therapist’s advice is that I should try to sleep in a sturdy bed for support, and that as much as possible I should avoid soft beds because it won’t help strengthen the muscles in my back. My sister bought me a memory pillow also and it helps my back in such a way that it supports my neck and spine when I sleep, leaving me with no aches in my neck and back in the morning.
      As for physical therapy, it depends actually on the degree of your curve, if the degree is at a point where it can still be corrected back to its normal curvature, then therapy would greatly helped. If it is at a degree that cannot be corrected back anymore to its normal curvature on the other hand, therapy is still very much important for it will stop the further progression of the curve.
      I suggest that you make time to see a doctor, because that is one of my parent’s regrets, they once said that if they had brought me earlier to the doctor when I was a child then my curve wouldn’t have gone this bad.
      Thanks for leaving your comment here. Godbless.:)

  26. Hi. I just found out that my niece has a 70 degrees idiopathic scoliosis. i dunno much about it but i saw xrays of those with a 70 degree scoliosis. it doesn’t look like my niece has that same curve. she doesnt feel any pain. she’s does have a lump on her back. and her shoulders are not on the same level. but i can’t believe that her scoliosis is 70 degrees. it’s too extreme. is there a possibility that her spine is just not as curved as the other 70 degrees scoliosis patients? or is it possible that the doctor made a wrong diagnosis?
    she was advised to have surgery but my sister didn’t want her to live with that her entire life cuz it will hurt everytime it’s cold. plus my niece strongly opposed to surgery. she was recommended to wear the Yamamoto Brace. Is there a better option than that jurassic-looking thing?
    thank you so much. what you’re doing here is so helpful. you are wonderful. 😀

    • Hi Joyce, thank you for leaving your comment here. I’m sad to hear about your niece’s condition. If you are having doubts about the findings, better ask for a second opinion. There are many good rehabilitation doctors around who can explain very well to your family the best thing to do and your other possible options. 70 degrees is quite alarming. When I was age 15, I was also advised to go for surgery because my curve at that time is at 45 degrees. My family opted for me not to go through with it for fear and lack of money bec. it is costly. Instead I went through numerous sessions of physical therapies, wore braces way until college and did management exercises at home, till now actually. My curve thankfully, did not progress, it is still at 45 degrees and I am now 32 years old. Maybe the doctor advised for surgery because he saw it fit for your niece’s age and condition too becasue not all scoliosis cases can go through that. Your niece might not be feeling any pain now but as she ages, she could possibly develop aches and pains as the body together with the curve is growing. That is why it is important that she has management exercises at home that she needs to do everyday and if needed physical therapy sessions. The doctor recommended for her to wear braces because aside from surgery and physical therapy, it can also stop the progress of the curve because like I said, it will progress as the child grows. It will eventually stop though when the body reached its full development which is at around early or late 20’s.
      I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to leave comments, updates or questions here and I will try my best to respond the soonest possible time. Godbless.:)

  27. Hello Ms. Bianca. I am now your avid reader here. From time to time i check what’s new in here because in here I could say ” I’m IN”. Well anyway with regards to my condition, ngpacheck na ako but in the province. The doctor just said there is nothing to worry about. Goodness gracious! Hindi ako satisfied dun. And since i am now here in Makati, I am would just liike to ask if you could suggest a good doctor here in Makati because i believe the one you suggested eh nasa Alabang. Hope u could suggest some. And paturo nmn ako exercise pra I could do it at home. I only knew 2 excercise. Thanks. God Bless.

    • Hi Janet, glad to know that you’ve already seen a doctor. I am afraid that I do not know of any Rehab doctor in the Makati area. But I am sure they have one in Makati Med. What you can do is probably check in their website first of the listings of their doctors who specialize in bone rehabilitation, if they have a doctor’s directory in their website like the one that Asian Hospital has, you can check their credentials there.:) I am afraid that my present doctor does not hold clinic in Makati.
      I am doing the camel and cat exercise at home, you might want to try this if you haven’t tried it yet:
      To stretch lower back.
      Start on your hands and knees, with shoulders vertically above wrists and with hips above knees.
      On inhale: Arch back upward and lower head. Try to round spine as much as is comfortably possible. Tuck your pelvis under using abdominals and buttocks.
      Hold for 5 seconds.
      On exhale: Lift head upward and push your chest and abdomen toward the floor.
      Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat step 2.
      Repeat previous steps 5 times.
      Move slowly, feeling a gentle stretch in your lower back.
      On inhale, avoid compressing lower back, instead, feel your chest expanding.
      Usually, the management exercises that you have to do depends on the direction of your curve and the degree of your curvature. Mine is at 45 degrees so I am not sure if the exercise I am doing is appropriate for you. The camel/cat is relatively safe for all types of scoliosis so you can do that. Hope I was of help to you. Take care and update us.:)

  28. Sorry for the late reply! 😀 Im also from the phil. . My doctor did not advice me for a therapy.. She just taught me 5 exercises before wearing my brace,, and every 3 months i need to see her for checkup in orthopedic center quezon city(POC), , God! Theres so many people out there! you can actually see all kinds of bone problems aw! Luckily my mom knows someone there so i always skip lines! 😉 And i also saw my “classmates in scoliosis”! 😉 every friday theres a checkup for scoliosis patient wearing milwaukee brace, as in all are wearing milwaukee! Its really nice to know that im not the only one in this world that have scoliosis!! Thanks!

    • Hi katrina, I am really glad everything is working out really well for you. Thank you for giving us updates! Keep in touch, I am always happy to hear from my fellow scoliostics. The world is full of beautiful people like us. 😉

  29. So glad you found a maintenance program and alternative to surgery… you say your lumbar went to 0 degrees, so it corrected itself, and now you have a C curve instead of an S? That’s incredible, how did you do it. I have a thoracic curve of about the same degree as yours, with rib hump and all, i have a lower compensatory curve of less degree, but i am more worried about it, it also humps out and pains me more. Any left lumbar curvature exercises you can recommend? To what extent have you been doing those exercises that have kept your main curvature of 45 degrees the same and stable throughout all those years? I’m also wondering if you have already had children, since i hear a lot of scoliosis getting worse during pregnancy.

    • Hi, thank you for leaving a comment here. Based on my recent X-ray, my lumbar curve is at a certain degree that is considered normal now unlike before. My therapist explained that it was mainly due to the management exercises that I have been doing for more or less 15 years now, everyday for 30-45 minutes. The thing about having scoliosis at middle age is that the degree doesn’t progress anymore, unlike when you were growing, because well, the body stops growing at that age. So it is easy to manage. I gave birth 10 years ago when my scoliosis was at its peak against my doctors’ order. But then, I didn’t have a hard time during the whole 8 month pregnancy, it was during my childbirth when I encountered problems. They had a hard time inserting the epidural anesthesia because they were to insert it in my lumbar curve is. =) But other than that, it was a breeze. No backpains and all. Just make sure that you are not overweight during pregnancy so you won’t have any problem.

      • hi, i’m curious to know of the exercises you’ve done to reduce your lumbar curve to normal degree(if it isn’t at 0, then i am guessing it be less than 20 degrees)…. and if you started doing the exercises to reduce the curve when you were already done growing and are skeletally mature. Is it also a left lumbar or right curve? I’m hoping to see if the exercises can work for my lumbar curve of 35 degrees. If you don’t mind, hopefully i can ask for a pic of your xray as well.
        Here is a link of what my spine looks like
        hopefully if your lumbar is about the same before those exercies you did, it may probably also help mine.

        • Hi, my back xray pretty much looks the same like your xray. The lumbar curve is within normal range now, I am now a C=curve. I do clapps, cat and camel exercises for my back everyday plus lower extremity stretching and abdominal strengthening exercises. I did it religoiusly during my growing years plus physical therapy sessions. Now that I am skeletally mature, the thoracic curve stopped progressing already, it helps that I still do the maintainance exercises for it to stay that way. 🙂

      • i see, so you’ve been doing these exercises that reduced your lumbar curve during your growing years. I would’ve thought you had done it after those years, as it would be impressive to see that you’ve managed to reduce your lumbar curve at that point. Anyways, it still won’t hurt if i give it a try, do you mind if you can upload those instructions of the exercises you’ve been doing specifically for your lumbar curve, or let me know where i can get the step-by-step instructions here in manila?

        • I started my management exercises when I was 17, I believe that muscular/skeletal growth are not complete yet by that age, together with physical therapies. It took years of exercises and more sessions with my therapist before it went back to its normal curve. It was only a couple of years back that my xray showed no lumbar curve anymore . So I guess you could always try.:)

      • thanks for the reply. i could try those exercises if i knew where to start, but i have no idea what those exercies are and how to do them. That is why i am asking if you could either upload instructions for those exercises you do, or refer me to your physical therapist who trained you to do those exercies.
        hope it is not too much to ask 🙂

  30. sorry to add once more, but does any of your maintenance exercises involve bracing or expensive form of therapy that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own without the assistance of someone else or equipment? How many hours per day do you feel you have to do it, to keep the pain away so you can work and enjoy life?

    • I used to wear braces when I was in college but not anymore, I only do the management exercises at home everyday for like 30-45 minutes. As for physical therapy I only do it when I experience back pains which happens like once a year now unlike before when I wasn’t doing the exercises religiously. The therapy sessions doesn’t really cost that much, they have medical equipments that would do intensive healing of the pain so it would really go away. Usually, there’s a physical therapist who will do the treatment which can last for like 5 to 7 sessions.:)

  31. hello bianca..thank God…nabrowse ko itong site nato…alam mo worried talaga ako sa dextroscoliosis ko….diko alam anong klaseng sakit ito at anong cause nito. im 24 yrs old now, napansin ko lang nung 1st yr hyskol ako pansin ko tabingi yung katawan ko akala ko wal lang yun hanggang nagcollege na ako at pansin na talaga ng karamihan ang di pantay na likod ko sa right side po hndi po xa pantay parang may naka umbok…lagi akong nag seself pity dahil ito..huhuhu nalaman ko lang na dextroscoliosis pal name nito nung ngpa pre med examination ako 4 my employment…natuklasan ko rin yung dalwa kung nakababtng kapatid meron din cla…..ano ba dapat namin gawin. lalala paba itong sakit ko? ano gawin ko, plano ko pa namn mgbaby soon….thanks im not alone.. God bless everyone.

    • Hi Joy, thanks for leaving a comment here. Ang unang una nyong dapat gawin magkakapatid is to see a Bone Rehabilitation doctor, meron nito sa halos lahat ng hospital and pati na rin sa mga clinics like Healthway na nasa mga malls, under sya ng Physical Therapy department. Pagbata pa kasi there’s still that big chance na macocorrect pa yung spine to its normal curve with the proper treatment. So dapat talaga maassess kayo ng doctor. At a certain age, the bone stops growing kaya pati progress ng curve nagstop na din like nung katulad sa akin, it has been at 45 degrees for the longest time. Kumbaga, dahil di ko nga sya napacheck agad ng maaga, ang treatment na nangyari sa akin is istop na lang talaga ang further progression of the curve unlike other people I know, nakuha pa sa exercise and physical therapy.
      Before, ganyan din ako, nagself pity but then dumating na din sa point na siguro I got tired of feeling sorry for my self and began to see that my back doesn’t define me as a person, there’s still a lot more inside me that are good and beautiful din. It helped that I have very supportive family and friends. We have to choose to be positive about our situation because for one thing there’s so many treatments and resources available now for scoliosis that weren’t there before so we can really do something about our situation.
      Just because you have scoliosis doesn’t mean also you wont be able to give birth na, my scoliosis is at an alarming rate but I still managed to give birth to a healthy baby girl. See it’s not self-limiting. With the proper management given by a trusted doctor, you and kapatids will be just fine. So, go see a doctor na and update us okay.:)
      P.S. You might want to see my Rehab doctor, Dr. Caroline Ynion, she has clinic at Healthway Alabang Town Center almost everyday. 🙂

      • thank you so much for giving us strength na marami din pala tayo, na di lang kami may ganitong cases..huhuhu im here at gensan city po kasi di ko po sure f meron po ba specialist sa mga ganitong cases….now im applying as a medrep…they asked me if meron ba akong sakit or wat then i admit na my dextroscoliosis ako…i dnt know if they are going to hire or not due to my situation..huhu pero i know it’s not hindrance naman dba?…. hmmm npapasin ko rin sumasakit likod ko kapag tag ulan or cold yung panahon bakit kaya….
        ask ko lang po f sa mga parties or formal gatherings…ano po sinusuot nyo po just to feel comfortable, kasi always kasi akong conscious sa likod ko kasi hindi pantay….what should i do po ba? kasi i know hndi na talaga po ito gagaling… isa pa po ang curv ba ng likod ko lalala paba ito f incase di ko po ito mapacheck up? it could lead me to death po ba? 🙁 im so confused and no idea about this case..huhuhu help.
        thank you and God bless you!

        • You know joy, before I used to have my hair really long like up to the waist para di mahalata ang curve ko and I don’t wear tight fitting clothes. But then, dumating na lang yung point na nagsawa na rin ako sa kakatago. So I wear the usual clothes even with my hunchback, of course yung iba napansin yun likod ko but then I was surprised that after i tell them I have scoliosis they didn’t make a big fuss out of it. Meaning all along nasa isip ko lang pala yun, yung mga “baka isipin nila..” So my advice is, try to be comfortable with the idea na you ahve that kind of back na, and don’t limit yourself from so many wonderful things that you could experience just because you have scoliosis. Enjoy life, wear your hair short, put on that beuatiful tight fitting clothes or that cute mini dress, if people take a second look at you bec. of your back, well, just indulge them, and then get on to enjoying life.
          i am sure there’s at least one bone specialist there in your place or in a nearby province, start researching. You have to do that now so you and your kapatid can start with the PT management. It is can be pricey at the start but then after a while you’ll just be left with the PT exercises and would go to therapy as needed na lang.:)

  32. mahal po ba mag pabone rehab or mag pa pt for my back?ano bang mga gamot or something milk bah na pwede ko daily intake para di sumakit likod ko… 🙂

    • There’s really no medications that you need to take for scoliosis because its idiopatic meaning no known cause plus there’s really no stopping the curve except proper management which may include therapy sessions, braces, managemant exercises dn in some bad cases surgery. The back pain that you are feeling is not really due to the curvature of your spine but the strain that you put on your muscles. It could be because of bad posture, trauma, weak muscles due to lack of stretching and strengthening exercises, not necessarily because of scoliosis. Even a person without scoliosis can feel back pains, so never put all the blame to scoliosis. hehehe:)

  33. Hello Ms. Bianca. I read your blogs and it helps me to regain my self esteem again.I’am 24 yrs old and i was 14 when i started to know that i have thoracolumbar dextroscoliosis. I know almost all about this, because aside from I’am a registered nurse, since then i started to seek some information regarding this.
    I hope you could also help me with my problem. I’am planning to work abroad as a nurse, what makes my application so miserable is my medical!! I already tried to have it but most of them did not consider my condition. Right now i feel hopeless..
    Have you encountered this kind of situation before? Anything that is relevant in this matter?
    Thank you for reading my concern.

    • Hi kikay, I am sorry that you are having problems getting employment abroad because of scoliosis. I have a friend who has the same case as you, she was turned down twice when she applied for employment because of scoliosis. It is a sad reality for some but it is something that you have to understand also because usually they based their assessment based on the nature of the job your are applying for. Like in your case, you will be required to sometimes transfer, lift or assists patients which can put a strain in your back. Sad to say that is something that people with scoliosis cannot do often, lift heavy weights. It is the same case as somebody not being hired as a pilot because he doesn’t have 20/20 vision. But then, this thought shouldn’t really stop you still from trying. That friend that I was telling you about who was turned down twice by different companies because of scoliosis, she now flies with Luftansa airlines as a flight attendant. You see, eventually you’ll be able to right employer who would give you that break despite your scoliosis. 😉

  34. hi,,,,po im leila 28 yrs.old,,,actually nagpamed.ako last jan.and i found out that i have a dextroscoliosis of throcic spine,,,magaabroad po sna ako uli,,,ask ko lng po hindi po ba kaya maka2apekto ito sa magiging employer,,ala pa po kasi ako pera na pngtherapy kaya po gusto ko po sana muna magabroad para magkaipon ako ng pangtherapy ko,,ask ko lng po hindi po ba ito maka2apekto sa kalusugan ko.pls!antyin ko po reply nyo sa email ko tnx a lot po…and God bles!

    • Hi Leila, first of, thank you for leaving a comment here. It really depends on the nature of the job you are applying for, and the qualifications that your prospective employer are looking for. Dextroscoliosis or scoliosis of any kind can be limiting in a sense that there are some activities that you cannot do simply because it might aggravate the degree of your curve such as lifting heavy weights and other activities that might put a strain on your back. But then if the employment you are seeking doesn’t really require that much lifting then I guess there’s hardly any reason for you not be employed. As for kung makakaapekto ito sa kalusugan mo, well only if your scoliosis is at the severe case na like it is causing you discomfort or difficulty in breathing etc. I hope nasagot ko ng maayos ang tanong mo, feel free to leave any comments here anytime. Godbless.:)

  35. hi.. just want to ask if is it really ok if Im not already attending my scheduled therapies.. i stopped na kc .. almost 6mos rin ako ngpatherapy. but then, im doing my daily exercises they taught me naman.. hmm.. i talked to one of my guests kc who is a therapist abroad.. en she told me na .. d nman daw kylangan na patherapy ako.. because i can do it nman daw by myself at home.. by just doing my exercises regularly. is it really true? im bothered pa rin naman kc.. :)) ill w8 for ur reply po.. thanks.

    • Hi, normally the Rehab doctor will give you a specific time table as to how many sessions you should have based on the degree of your curve and pain you are feeling, and the possibility that the curve will go back to its normal degree. When I was in college, I had therapy for like a year and had to wear braces so that the progress of the curve will stop and it helped a lot. The management exercises that you are doing are just a part of the whole PT management. Certain modalities such as internal healing ultrasound and the likes need to be administered to help relax and strengthen the muscles at your back that can help stop the further progression of the curve. I really cannot say that it’ll be best for you to just do the exercises alone because I don’t really know your case. It will be best to consult your doctor. I still go to therapies now almost every year when the need arises but then my doctor has been very specific with her orders as to how many sessions I should take them. In some cases, she gives me the liberty to stop once I’ve felt that I can do without it. Update me okay. would be glad to hear from you again.:)

      • ate no bang klaseng exercises pwede namin gawin since hindi kami nakakadalaw sa mga therapist namin. 🙂 pwede din po ba ako magpapamassage sa mga spa kc sumasakit yung likod ko everytime natutulog po ako. di po ako comfortable..thanks po. may fb po ba kayo ms blanca? God bless po.

        • Hi Joy,
          Here’s an exercise that is safe for you to do even without PT’s adivse. This is the camel and cat exercise:
          To stretch lower back.
          Start on your hands and knees, with shoulders vertically above wrists and with hips above knees.
          On inhale: Arch back upward and lower head. Try to round spine as much as is comfortably possible. Tuck your pelvis under using abdominals and buttocks.
          Hold for 5 seconds.
          On exhale: Lift head upward and push your chest and abdomen toward the floor.
          Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat step 2.
          Repeat previous steps 5 times.
          Move slowly, feeling a gentle stretch in your lower back.
          On inhale, avoid compressing lower back, instead, feel your chest expanding.
          You can go to the spa, I do it all the time, just to help your muscles relax, make sure though to inform your masseur that you have scoliosis ahead of time so they won’t put too much pressure on your back. To avoid getting back pains during sleep, use a tight pillow and position it in such a way that not only your neck would be supported but your shoulders also to maintain alignment of the spine. I do have a facebook account, just leave your email addy here and I’ll add you.:)

  36. sorry to add once more,do you have any idea if how much you xpend money in bracing….pwede po ba mkuha yun adress at contact doctor nyo sa bone rehab.thnx po…waiting for your reply…

    • Hi leila, I don’t have any idea on how much bracing cost now. Last time I wore braces was like 14 years ago. I am seeing Dra. Ynion, rehab doctor. She holds clinic almost everyday in Healthway Alabang Town Center and Tokyo Health Link also in Alabang. You may contact these clinics for her updated schedule.;)

  37. i have 32 degrees scoliosis and been having the series of therapies, last year pa ang last x-ray ko, hopefully hindi nag progress ang degrees, i even had this pulmonary functional test that my doctor asked me to take, ang sabi sa result restrictive something.. sabi ng doctor medyo hirap na din daw yun huminga, so meaning affected na din lungs ko dahil sa scolio.. 🙁 .. i dont wanna do surgery.. 🙁 is there any success story about surgeries for people diagnosed with scolio? or it just worsen the situation?

    • I really cannot say if it will worsen or ease your scoliosis iyah for I forego surgery also. I know of someone who underwent surgery and regretted it but then I also met someone who went ahead and was happy with the result. It really depends on the person. I have 45 degrees scoliosis, worst than yours actually, I also have mild restrictive lung disease now but then, so far, PT sessions and management exercises for me work just fine. What you can do is probably go for a second opinion. You can go to Dr. Nicomedez of Asian Hospital to ask for a second opinion, his team specializes in spine/bone surgery, my Rehab doctor and some other patients I know say he’s really good. He can probably enlighten you more.:)

      • thanks blanca for replying! 🙂 i stopped running since sabi ni doctor hindi daw pwede.. pero gustong gusto ko na mag run since yun lang ang sports na nagagawa ko.. 🙁 pinag bawalan din ba kayo ng doctors?

        • Actually no, the only thing she told me was to avoid lifting heavy weights and activities that would put much strain on my back. Actually I run, walk, swim, bike, play badminton etc.. All of these exercises are good for us. Your doctor probably has some valid reason for refraining you to do such activities.=)

      • Hi there, would that experience of you knowing someone who regretted and somebody else who felt gratified for going through surgery performed in the philippines? Do you know any surgeons with a proven track record of satisfied scoliosis patients even long after their surgeries? I always suppose if i had it done, it’d be in abroad like singapore or hongkong, the states, Canada, UK are just too expensive.

        • There’s one doctor here in the Philippines whose team specializes in bone surgery. I have been hearing good feedback about that doctor. His name is Dr. Nicomedez if I’m not mistaken, he is affiliated with Asian Hospital. You can google his name and read his background there.:)

  38. hi po.. uhm. may friend po kasi akong my thoracic dextroscoliosis.. uhm. tanung ko lng po mkakasama po ba sa kanya yun pag laki??. . . at anu po bang kelangan nyang gawin? para pa prevent nya na maging proper n ung kanyang spine?.
    what kind of doctor should i see and what medical institution herein manila have the best experts and program for thoracic dextroscoliosis here in manila?.
    please answ. po i really need to tell this to my friend thankz

    • uhmz one thing p nga po pla.!!
      anu po dapat ng kaibigan kong iwasan??.
      mga pagkain?. mga dapat gawin?. like po ng mga ganun??.

      • Hi again armand, definitely lifting heavy weights and also activities that can put too much strain on the back. As for food, she can eat just about anything. tell your friend to exercise daily and consult a rehab doctor as soon as possible.:)

    • Hi armand, I am seeing Dr. Caroline Ynion, she has clinic in Tokyo Healthlink Alabang every Friday 4-5 and at Healthway Alabang Town Center almost everyday. Your friend needs to be assessed by a Rehab doctor, who can best explain his condition to him and also advise him on the kind of treatment that she needs to undergo. Read through the other comments and my replies on this blog post so you will more or less understand your friends condition. Thank you and godbless.:)
      I would be happy to hear from you again!=)

  39. Hi ms Blanca!
    im planning to visit your doctor at alabang….im quite curious if affordable sa tokyo clinic?

  40. Idiopathic scoliosis is primarily a neurological condition that has its primary effect on the spine, rather than “just a spine condition”. With that in mind, it is no wonder scoliosis brace treatment and scoliosis surgery are becoming obsolete rather quickly. The advent of break through prognostic technologies like Scoliscore (genetic testing) and the soon-to-be-released scoliosis blood test are only going to increase the push for early stage scoliosis intervention scoliosis treatment technology as well. Fortunately, we are already well on our way towards prevention of the condition and hope to prove we can alter the natural course of the condition in even high risk genetically predisposed patients soon. Feel free to check out the neuro-muscular based rehab programs we have specifically designed for idiopathic scoliosis.

    • Dovoranydoc, thank you so much for leaving a comment here. I am glad to hear that finally, new researches and treatments are being done to address scoliosis. For quite some time, nobody can give us a clear picture of what this condition is all about and if genetics play a big role. For a while there, it was just plain bone condition. Thank you so much for sharing your link, I am sure fellow readers and scoliotics out there will benefit much from this valuable information. Keep up the good work, you are doing the world a whole lot of good.:)

  41. Hi! I was diagnosed with dextroscoliosis last September 2010 and the pain is getting worse everyday. Do you know websites where I can buy braces or any support that I can use for it? Do you know a doctor from Angeles City that you can recommend to me? I had a medication before but I stopped since the doctor (not the specialist for a dextroscoliosis) said I just need to correct my posture. Btw, I read your blog.. it was great and imformative. Now I knew that all the pains that I had from the past and now were related to it.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Joy, I suggest that you see a Bone Rehabilitation doctor. I only know of someone here in Manila. My doctor, Dr. Ynion. But almost all big hospitals have a Physical Therapy/Rehabilition Department, so I’m sure there’s one in Angeles City too. The pain is actually coming from stressed muscles that needs to be relaxed and strengthen. Rehab doctor will explain it to you.:) Correcting your posture will help but the management exercises that the PT will teach you based on your needs will hep more. Hope I was of help to you. Read up some of the comments here, coz some readers have also shared infos that can help you too.:)

  42. Hi! I was recently diagnosed with dextroscoliosis and since then I have been anxious with how it will progress painfully. Just want to ask you ma’am if there are therapy centers here in Quezon city (possibly near in Diliman). And another question ma’am, will engaging in swimming improve my condition? Thank you very much and I really appreciate this blog. Thank you very much 🙂

    • Hi Joe, swimming will help strengthen your back muscles which is very important in stopping the progress of your curve. I am not really familiar with the Quezon City area since I am living here in the south. You can go to St. Luke’s though if you like, they have excellent facilities there, you just bring the order from your Rehab doctor on the kind of management that needed to be done on you so they can accommodate you in their Bone Rehab department for therapies. 🙂

    • Hi Judith, the first thing you need to do is consult a Bone Doctor specializing in Rehabilitation Medicine (Physical Therapy Department) so your daughter can be fully assessed and be given the right management treatment. 🙂

  43. hi, i have been diagnosed to have a mild dextroscoliosis, one of the symptom po ba nito ay ang frequent migraine, nape and back pain…cause i resigned from my work due to my frequent migraine, and i really wanted to know the reason behind this, then i found out i had this dextroscoliosis, is this really the main reason for all my migraine sufferings…thanks

    • Hi Rina, thank you for leaving a comment here. The back pain possibly but the migraine and neck pain they’re unlikely due to your mild dextroscoliosis. I have a severe dextroscoliosis and it hasn’t caused me prolonged migraine and neck. Neck and back pain might be due to bunched up muscles that needs to be strengthened and relaxed. I suggest that you go see a bone rehabilitation doctor for proper management.:)

  44. Hi there! I found out lately that I had the same case too…to be honest, I’m a bit scared. But, thanks GOD I found this page… those words I’ve read lately….which gives me some relief! Million thanks for the exercise tips! I KNOW IT’S NOT TOO LATE…WE GONNA BE FINE SOON!. 🙂

  45. Hi po!!! sobrang lungkot ko po nung nalaman ko na may scolio ako, I really need help. gusto ko po sana malaman kung pano maiibsan ang sakit sa likod ko. Nalaman ko po na may scolio ko nung highschool pa ko, pero natakot ako mag paopera kaya ngaun nag suffer ako sa consequence. 25 degree na ang curve ng lumbar part ng spine ko and 20 degree naman sa lower part. pwede po ba makahingi ng tips para maibsan naman ang sakit? and may alam po ba kayong hospital near Dasmarinas, Cavite or Manila area na nag oofer ng reahbilitation. gusto ko po kasi talaga malaman ang tamang exercise or therapy para dito. talagang hopeless na po ako, buti na lang po natagpuan ko itong blog site mo po. Marami pong salamat.!!! di po ko madalas mag net, pwede po pa forward na lang po sa email ko. salamat potalaga!!! malaking tulong po kayo sa akin…

  46. Greetings! Just want to inquire the contact no. of Dr. Ynion sa healthway atc. Thank you for the info by the way, I learned a lot from this blog of yours. I really would appreciate your reply. Thank you and God Bless!

  47. hi po ms blanca, matanong ko lang po if ok lang na magcontinue na magweight lifting kahit may dextroscoliosis? alam ko po na di advisable na magbubuhat ng mabibigat pero may mga weight lifting exercises naman po na hindi stressful or at least minimal lang ang effect niya sa likod or spine, or pwede naman din po siguro na bawasan ko yung bigat ng mga weights. What do you think po. Thank you!

  48. sad for this… im 28 now and i juz knew i had dextrioliosis since i was in highschool… 🙁 yess that’s right fighting for this sickness and to have a positive aura can reduces all our pain! life is important and let’s all give important…. have a healthy lifestyle 🙂

  49. hi ms bianca. found your blogs informative. I just learned today that I have dextroscoliosis. Is running or brisk walking good for me? I hope you can help me on this query. Thanks!

    • Hi Lyn, thank you for leaving a comment here! Yes brisk walking or running is good for you. I’m doing both and so far they haven’t given me any back any problem. Just make sure that you are wearing the right shoes for these activities.:)

  50. i just received my x-ray result and it says i have dextroscoliosis. it feels so unfair because i go to the gym, drink milk and eat health foods yet my spine is having trouble now. i do remember feeling some pain on my neck and back but i always do some stretching on my own and somehow it disappears.
    i have not yet shown the x-ray film to a doctor. i am a member of healthway and they do have an orthpedic surgeon. im not sure though if they have a rehab doctor or PT.
    i am happy to see that it is okay to do some running but it is also good to do swimming? i used to lift weights in the gym few months ago. i had been going to the gym to do some weight lifting exercises and i was supervised by a PT during the first few months. did that contribute to the development of dextroscoliosis?

    • Hi Froiland, at this point it is best to see a Rehab doctor for scoliosis and not an orthopedic surgeon. I suggest that you go see Dra. Ynion, she has clinic almost everyday at Healthway ATC. She is a Rehabilitation Medicine doctor and she’s the one taking care of me. Bring your xray with you so Dra. Ynion can give you advice on what type of management you will do for our dextroscoliois based on the degree of your curvature.
      Yes, you can do swimming, in fact that’s one of the best exercises for scoliosis. As for the lifting weights, as you said you started that only a couple of months ago so I doubt if that caused it but then we cannot rule out that possibility also. The best way for you to do really is to see a rehab doctor now so you can start managing your dextroscoliosis right. Update me!

  51. Hi i have a friend of mine who was diagnose with Scoliosis. She felt numbness at her back, in line with the spinal cord especially when it’s too cold. I’m so afraid too because i feel it sometimes on my upper right back portion. By the way, thank you for posting, it’s so informative, i should not use soft bed and discipline myself to seat properly. Though i’m not yet sure if it’s really a Scoliosis, never been with the expert yet. Hope i can visit them soon.
    All the best.

  52. Hi Ms. Lyn,
    We have our annual physical exam and my x ray results says that I have mild dextro of 14% degrees, can you suggest any doctor specializing as such near Quezon City.
    I want to be treated earlier. Many thanks for your blog and Godbless.

    • Hi Maui, I can only recommend my present Rehab Doctor now, Dra. Caroline Ynion, as I don’t know any doctor that specializes in Rehabilitation Medicine in the Quezon City area since I’m from the South. Dr. Ynion has clinics everyday at Healthway ATC and every Wed and Fri at Tokyo Healthlink Alabang. If you want you can go and consult with her if you are in the area.:)

        • Hi Mhelai, I am not familiar with hospitals in Bulacan but so long as they have a Physical Therapy department they have Rehabilitation doctor as well. Causes of scoliosis is still relatively unknown, could be from a lot of reasons, congenital, accidents, trauma, bad posture, lifestyle etc.:)

  53. hi good day,my 16 yr.old daughter has been rejected from enrollment in college due to her x ray result that she has a thoracic dextroscolliosis. i was disppointed coz that this type of illness should i say illness is not the serious for her to prevent from entering college.pwede namn mag theraphy since june 18 pa start ng class?can u give me som advise kc sayang po e..thanks

    • HI Ms. Jebbie, this is the first time that I heard of such case. I am a teacher by profession and as far as I know, schools and university cannot to that on the basis that she has thoracic dextroscoliosis. No child should be deprived of an education due to her physical disability. I am suffering from severe thoracic dextroscoliosis and so far it did not prove to be a liability while I was in high school and in college. You can probably go to CHED to submit a formal complaint against this college or university on the basis of discrimination. Please seek medical advise also for your child so that she can get proper medical treatment and management for her dextroscoliosis. See a rehabilitation specialist doctor (Physical Therapy unit).

  54. hi po… ask ko lang po, ung gf ko po kc ay merong thoracic dextroscoliosis, nagpa xray xa nung kamakailan lng at nakita ito, slight lang po ito pero pa2loy pa din syang gumagawa o nagtatrabaho sa bahay, (naglalaba, naghuhugas ng pinggan, naglilinis etc) tanong ko lang po kung dapat pa syang kumilos sa bahay o ndi na po? lagi pong sumasakit ang ulo at batok nya, pati ang balakang pero mild palang naman po, pero sigurado po ako sa blog nyu na ito, sa nakita ko palang dapat na po talagang magpahinga sya at magtherapy, anu po ba ang recommended nyu? orthopedic po ba? mga nagthetheraphy? 17 yrs old n po xa at marami pa po kaming pangarap, sana naman po makapagbigay impormasyon po kau, tnx…..

    • Hi Jorem. Ang pinakamaganda nyong gawin is magpaconsult sya sa Rehabilitation Doctor, halos lahat ng malalaking ospital meron nito, pumunta kayo sa Bone Rehabilition Department or Physical Therapy dept ng ospital. Ang Rehab doctor ang best na makakapagsabi kung ano ang manangement na dapat gawin para maaddress yung scoliosis nya. Kung dapat ba syang magpatherapy or kung anong exercises ang dapat nyang gawin. Ang scoliosis ko is nasa severe na 45 degrees but so far naglalaba ako, naglilinis ng bahay etc. Napapagod din ako sa physical activities. Di naman bawal na kumilos ang importante lang hindi mastrain yung likod masyado like magbuhat ng sobrang bigat. Para hindi mastrain ang likod kelangan mapalakas ang muscles nito which is maaaddress with the proper exercises na ibibigay ng physical therapist. Yung pagsakit ng ulo, batok and hips, maaaring dahil sa scoliosis, maaaring di din. Ang best na makakapagsabi nyan is ang Rehab Doctor. Ang dextroscoliosis is a condition na maaddress pa lalo na sa kanya na mild lang. It is a limiting condition if you let it be. Just because your gf has scoliosis doesn’t mean that she’s doomed for life, don’t let it stop her from enjoying life to the fullest.

  55. Hi, Blanca. I’m isaac here. i have a question. if i have a mild scoliosis problem. may i still apply for the flight attendant position? i still can stand straight, walk straight, carry thing. * i very often go for swimming and gym.
    i really worried i can’t get through the medical check up session.
    Hopefully u can give me some advise
    Isaac Liew

    • Yes Isaac, you can still apply for that position provided you meet the airline’s employment requirements and unless they specifically stipulates that they won’t be accepting applicants with physical condition such as scoliosis. As far as airlines here in the Philippines are concerned, there’s no such thing.

  56. thanks for sharing ur article, i just got the result of my APE yesterday and found out that i have 52 degrees dextroscoliosis. i knew back then that i a have svolio, i just dont know the degree, irs good thing to know now the exact degree of the curvature. our company doctor advised me to visit a doctor and brng my xray result but he was even surprised to see me because i have a straight body and never looked like i have a that very severe case so he was telling me if it was really my xray and i said yes, i thank God that it doesnt look like physically that i have a very severe curvature but i’m interested now to check it with the doctor but i still say no to surgery. btw, im from south too, im just wondring if my intellicare card will cover the expenses, do u hve any idea

    • Hi Yumi. If your card covers pre existing conditions then the xray, consultations, and 6-8 pt sessions will be covered by your health card. I’ve been using my health card for the past 7 years also. My Rehab doctor is Dra. Ynion, she is affiliated with Tokyo Healthlink and Healthway in ATC. You might want to see her too. Both accepts HMO cards.:)

  57. Hi Ms. Blanca,
    Thanks a lot for this very informative blog. I just would like to know what is the health insurance company covering your rehab for scliosis. Thank you.

    • Hi Anne, I used my previous Eastwest and Maxicare card for my physical therapy sessions (up to 10 sesions) and consultations (unlimited). Now I am using Insular medicard.:)

  58. Hi Ms. Blanca, thanks for the very wonderful post about dextroscoliosis. I will do that exercise everyday. Great tip!! I am planning to work abroad. Do you have any idea if I can work there even I have dextroscoliosis? I’m a bit confuse if I will pass the medical examination because of this. Hoping for your reply. God Bless!!

    • Hi Bolet, it depends on the nature of the work you are applying for. If its the kind of job that requires you to be physically fit for strenous activities then it might affect your application for employment. Goodluck and godbless too.:)

  59. Hi blanca,
    My mother is already 63 and has a mild thoracic dextroscoliosis, its curve is 41 degrees, she already had some therapy sessions but nothing happened, the pain is still there. Do you think in her age it still can be treated?We’re planning to have an Mri at pgh, and hopefully to find a good doctor there, do you have any other doctor to recommend (manila area) aside from the mentioned above?
    Thank you so much! Your blog is so informative! God bless You! 🙂

    • Hi Tin, I’m sorry but I dont know any doctor from the Manila area that specializes in Bone Rehabilitation. MY doctor who was from PGH when I was in college passed away already, Dr. Mancao. Right now I am seeing Dra. Ynion at Tokyo Healthlink/Healthway Alabang. The pain can be from a lot of things, an MRI is a good way of finding out what seem to cause the pain coz based on my experience, the back pain I experience usually goes away after several PT sessions. Take care of your mom, bones gets brittle at this stage especially in those with scoliosis. Would love to hear updates!

  60. I recently failed my medical test just because of scoliosis at 25 degrees. The medical results wrote “Unfit to work”. I am healthy and nothing hinders me from carrying weights or standing up for long periods of time.
    I would like to ask, how can I have thos changed? I applied as an FA and they told me its company policy but shouldn’t they at least see if I can do the job without any difficulties?

    • Hi Juan. I’m sorry to hear that you failed your medical test. That’s one of the occupations that has the strictest standards when it comes to health/medical requirements. I think if you go take your medical exams elsewhere, it wouldn’t result to that but I doubt if it will be acknowledged by the company you are applying for.

  61. Hi,
    I have mild dextroscoliosis as per my readings in my most recent X-RAY.
    What should I do next?
    And, if I get it straightened by doing things, will I get any taller? Thanks

    • Hi Dee, next you need to do is see a Rehab doctor, he’ll tell you what you need to do to manage your dextroscoliosis. As for the getting taller though, I am not sure.:)

  62. hi ma’am blanca im just asking for my result of my x-ray my remarks is chest pa. and then, thoracic spine with Cobb’s angle of 13 degrees that is mild ma’am Right!!!what should i do ma’am please help me!!!

  63. hi miz. blanca.. =( im sad kc poh knina bumagsak aq sa medical qoh im apply work 18 years old npoh aq tga caloocan city.. nkita sa xray q.. mild dextroscoliosis anu poh b un kc poh ngayon q lng poh nlnman na my ganun pla.. anu poh b sintomas nun.. anu pnu poh un ggling?? kc poh gusto q mgwork na peru dahil dun maapektuhan.. sana poh mbsa mo 2.. wait q poh reply mo salamat.. T_T nlu2ngkot aq kc bkit poh gnun?? plz. bigyan u poh qoh ng lakas ng loob..
    Godbless poh..

    • Hi Jovelyn, ang scoliosis is abnormal curvature of the spine, no definite cause, can be lifestyle or congenital. Ang maganda mong gawin, pumunta ka sa doctor, Bone Rehabilitation Medicine doctor para maexplain nya sa yo mabuti yung tungkol dito and maadvice nya sayo ang mabuti mong gawin. Since mild lang sya, malaki pa chance nya bumalik sya sa normal curve given the right management exercise.:)

      • ok poh.. salamat =)
        llkasan q nlng poh loob q..
        mgeexercisse nlng then pgmycash
        na poh aq.. mg ppkunsulta na poh aq
        sa bone rehab.. hbang maaga pra
        maagapan,,.. =)
        ahmm.. tnung q lng poh ok lng poh b q
        uminum ng anlene?? pra daw tumibay buto q..
        at anu poh b?/ mgandang exercise ang gwin q??
        tnx.. mam. blaca..

    • Sorry but I have no idea. In any case naman, basta the nature of the job wouldn’t require you to lift heavy weights (ex. preschool teacher, nurse, PT etc.) and be in correct posture at all times (ex. FA, front desk/rceptionist etc.) usually it wouldn’t matter.:)

  64. Hi Ms Blanca!
    I am a 23 yrs. old and I have found out that I have a mild dextroscoliosis. I haven’t consulted a Rehabilitation Doctor regarding my case since it is a mild one. Early this 2012 I had another x-ray which is better than the x-ray I have back in 2010. This Nov. I had an xray again but it seems my scoliosis worsen. I would just like to ask is zumba a good exercise for someone who have dextroscoliosis? ( I have started a zumba class just this last quarter of the year, I also drink anlene since the time I got to know that I have Scoliosis).
    Thank you!

    • Sorry for the late reply. I was caught up in the holiday craziness. Yes zumba is okay, been doing that only. But not hiphop abs coz when I did that I had to go on a 7 session therapy coz the moves are a bit heavy at the back. Zumba is better. And you know what, you better consult na a Rehab doctor so he can give you the right management exercise that can bring the curve back to its normal shape. Merry christmas.:)

      • Thank you very much for that! I was a bit worried about the zumba exercise. I will surely follow your advise and update you again!!
        Thanks again!!!

  65. hi po im romarie 20 yr old,high school po ako nung malaman ko na may scoliosis ako,nang patingin po ako sa orthopedic po ata un,bali wala namn po siya nmasyado sinabi bsta hayaan ku lang po,di na daw un mawawala,gusto ku po sana mgpatngin sa ibang doctor,snu po pwede ku hanapin o anung doctor po.?
    natatakut po ako mgasawa kasi sabi nila bka mhirapan daw po ako manganak totoo po ba un?
    tsaka po balak ko po uminum nang anlene?maganda po ba un sa akin?o kahit anung gatas pwede na?salamat po
    sana mbasa atn mtulungan nyo po ako.

    • Hi romarie, if it will make you feel better, I suggest na magpatungin ka sa ibang doctor. Ang scoliosis pede pa mabalik sa normal curve pagdi pa ganon kagrabe ang degrees with the proper exercises. So mas maganda talaga kung magconsulta ka ukit sa iba pata mabigyan ka ng advice savtamang exercises na gagawin monsayang din kasi aka lumala at least alam mo na gagawin para di sya magprogress pa. Ok naman uminon ng gatas para lumakas buto mo pero di ito sapat para maadress ang scoliosis mo.:)

      • ah salamat po sa mga information nyo.mapapatingin nalang po ako sa ibang doctor.
        Mam,ask ko lang po ntural po ba na mgiba ang porma nang paglalakad ko?parang feeling ko po kasi umiiksi ung right leg ko,o umaangat po?
        tsaka po kahit ano gawin ko di po kasi tumataba,e ang lakas ko naman po kumain and khit anu vitamin nainum kuna ata.dhil dn po ba un sa scoliosis ko?
        salamat po.

        • Hi Romarie, usually maiiba porma ng body structure mo as your curve progresses. It might affect the way you stand and I guess walk because the hip bone’s connected to the spine. Better consult with the doctor din kasi Im not an expert naman. Hehe. As for you not gaining weight I dont think its because of your scoliosis, I think its the fact that you have a very fast metabolism. I used to be liked that but then as I aged, ayun na nagslow down na metabolism ko. Enjoy slimness while it last.:)

  66. Hi, Ma’am I am already 17 years old, I have a severe Thoracic Dextroscoliosis tanong ko lang po besides surgery maari pa po bang maayos ang right curvature sa likod ko?, actually when I am 15 I have this brace but I rather insist na isusuot ko lang sya pag gabi and I know its my fault but I can’t wear it sa labas dahil madalas tinutukso ako, kaya hanggang ngayon hindi ako madalas lumabas. Thanks kung may maipapayo ka po :'(

    • Hi Jacob, if its severe like mine, there’s big possibility that it won’t go back to its normal curvature but then better consult a rehab doctor just the same. The only thing that the brace and therapy can do is to stop the progress of the curve. Yeah, I understand what you mean about the braces. I felt like that too when I had to wear mine. Eventually, I just stopped feeling so overly conscious about it and learn to live with this condition. But yes, it’s tough dealing with the teasing and endless explanation. I feel you.:)

  67. Hi, meron po akong lumbar scoliosis with 36 degress,last week lang po ako nag pa xray and nagpaconsult dahil din po madalas na naman sumasakit ang back ko especially in my lower back. Advice po saken ng doctor na mag undergo ng surgical operation para makabitan ng brace, i ask for another options kase im not ready pa for an operation and especially it costs very high po and the doctor told me pwede naman po akong magpatherapy. Can you give me some rehabilitation centers here in quezon city na may mga PT for lumbar scolioses cases? Please response. Thanks a lot! Godbless.

    • Hi almost all big hospitals have a bone rehabilitation department which provides physicsl therapy services. Just go to the nearest tertiary hospital in your place and inquire there. I am from the south so I usually get my therapy services from here. I am not familiar with the quezon city area.:)

  68. good pm mam . im 21 y.o and 3mos pregnant nadiagnose po ko ngaun ng dextroscoliosis . maapektuhan po ba ang panganganak ko sa kalagayan ko ngayon ? and anu po ba ang rich in calcium na vitamins na pwede sa buntis inumin para po maging strong enough ung bones ko . kase po pag pregnant di ba lalo bumababa ang calcium and im wondering baka this entire pregancy ko eh lumalala po ung d.scoliosis ko. thanks mam

    • Hi Jarixah, I can only speak based on my own experience. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didnt experience any backaches at all. In fact di ako nagkaproblema the entire pregnancy, maybe be cause I was very particular na wag magballoon ang weight ko because if that happens baka maaffect yung back ko dahil mabigat si baby. My food intake was watched and monitored by my OB. I was advised to drink milk but since lactose intolerant ako, I was given calcium tablets instead. It was during childbirth that I experienced difficulty because They had to do an emergency C section and they were having a hard time injecting the epidural anethesia in my spine since at that time I had a lumbar curvature also. But all went well. It’s a case to case basis actually. I guess the key is inform your OB about your condition and work closely with her. 🙂

  69. I’ve been diagnosed with dextroscoliosis last year. Reading this is very inspiring and made me a bit teary eyed. Having been diagnosed with the condition is hard to accept at first and made me feel weaker and less-capable of doing this that I used to do. But as time went by, I learned to accept my condition and do things that will help alleviate the pains and the condition itself. I practiced yoga, changed my lifestyle (still trying to improve until now, tho) and improved my diet and food intake. In 6 mos. time, my curvature went down by 4 degrees which, according to my doctor, is a very significant improvement. I will have another x-ray in a few weeks time and I’m hoping to get better results.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Hi J, I am happy to hear you’ve been proactive in dealing with your situation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience here, keep it up. You are an inspiration to others.:)

  70. ms blanca fit po b mgwork as elem public school teacher ang may mild dextroscoliosis (thorasic spine is slightly curve).gud day,tnx. ill wait ur reply..

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  80. Hello mam.
    Meron po akong dextroscoliosis.
    hemidiaphragms and sulci are intact and the rightward deviation of the thoracic spine.
    Delikado po ba to? magiging worst ba?
    What are the food na dapat i-avoid?
    Proper exercise?
    Thank u po sa pag sagot..

    • Hi. Hindi naman sya delikado. I was diagnosed with the same condition when I was 15, I’m now 35. It will become worst if you don’do something to prevent the progression of the curve. In some cases proper managemt exercise and therapy can bring the spine back pa nga to its normal curvature. I suggest you go see a Bone Rehabilitation doctor for proper management.:)

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  82. Hi Blanca,While limited evidence exists for conservative treatment of Adult scoliosis, there is rational for the selective use of Scoliosis specific exercises (and bracing) in moderate adolescent scoliosis AND also now in adults with either adolescent scoliosis in adults or with degenerative or De Novo scoliosis. Success with exercise programs is greater in flexible unbalanced curves with large postural displacement. In “Progressive Degenerative” adult cases, there is less evidence in the literature justifying conservative treatment. Surgical referral is the best management in cases of postural collapse. However, where patients have significant co-morbidities, conservative treatment may play an important role.To learn more please see the Hudson Valley scoliosis website

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